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Etsy Statistics: July 2011 Weather Report handmade and vintage goods

It’s been a muggy, humid summer across the East Coast, with record highs pushing us inside to the cozy, air-conditioned comfort of our homes, offices, and movie theaters. With numbers up across the board, the only thing hotter than Etsy this month was the scorching July heat. Here’s the rundown straight from the community.

The stats:

  • $40.7 million of goods were sold by our community in July, 5.9% higher than June’s $38.4 million.
  • That represents 2,036,278 items sold for the month, 6.4% higher than June’s 1,913,151.
  • 1,870,832 new items were listed in the month, 4.4% higher than June’s 1,791,604.
  • 418,974 new members joined the Etsy community in the month, up 28,427, or 7.3%, from June.
  • 1,065,319,125 page views were recorded on the site in July.

The $40.7 million of goods sold by the community represents a 71% increase from July 2010’s total. At the same time, items sold were up 45%.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Etsy community in July!

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