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December Grant Winners Announced

Dec 28, 2011

by Cheyne Little handmade and vintage goods

2011 has been an exciting time for Etsy Teams. As we wrap up the year, we hope you’ll celebrate the many of victories of each Etsy team — the total number of which now clocks in at over 4,000! Eighty-two grants were awarded over the past year. You can read about the execution of the various projects in these blog posts. Four more exceptional teams were added to the list of honored applicants in December. Read on to find out where they will be spending their money…

AREtsy Team members are scattered across Arkansas. Funding will enable them to have a series of meet-ups throughout the region to allow members to get together in person. In anticipation of their third annual paper swap in March, the Etsy Papermakers Guild will receive funding to help ship their handmade paper sets to and from their international artists.

The Maryland Etsy Street Team is planning ahead for team events in 2012, including their second annual spring craft show. Last but not least, The Brisstyle Team was awarded their second grant to support their ongoing workshop series in 2012. Congratulations to all the Team Grant winners throughout 2011. Go Team!

The Etsy Team Grants Program has retired. Check out the Etsy Teams Fellowship Program for more information on how to get your team involved. Stay in the loop with what teams are up to by signing up for the Etsy Success newsletter.

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