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Conversation Roll Ups

Jun 29, 2011

by moxiemk1

Today we're releasing a feature in Conversations to help navigate long threads.

Now, when you view a conversation thread that is made up of many messages, we've "rolled-up" ones you've already read to save space and help you focus on the newest message. To read conversations that have been rolled-up, just click on the "view-more" box.

If your thread has less than four messages, the one's you've already read will be "collapsed" instead of rolled up. To expand collapsed messages, just click on 'em.

We'll be ramping this up to everyone shortly and looking forward to your feedback.

Please let us know what you think in this discussion thread:


* * * * *

Ahoy there everyone! We've just pushed out a change that makes it clearer that collapsed messages are expandable individually. 'Collapsed' messages are messages that you've already read in a conversation that have made a bit smaller to highlight the most recent parts of the conversation. Clicking on them will expand them to full size!

We've also increased the number of messages that will come back from clicking on a "view more" box.

Let us know what you think in this thead: