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Coming Soon: Free Shipping Coupon Codes

Jan 27, 2011

by ericds

Hi all,

We're happy to report that you will soon be able to create free shipping coupon codes.

When you create a free shipping coupon, you can choose to make the coupon only valid if the shipping address for the order is domestic. A shipping address is considered domestic if the country matches the ship from country for all listings in the order. For example, if I ship from the United States, any shipping address in the United States is considered domestic for my shop.

This feature is now live for a small percentage of shops, and we plan to ramp it up to everyone over the next week.

If you haven't created a coupon code yet, you can read our coupon code help guide to get up to speed:

If you have questions, please post in this thread:

Thanks, Eric

* * * * *

Hi again,

To clarify, Free Shipping Coupon Codes are available to international shoppers. A Free Shipping Coupon Code can be either:

domestic only (free shipping if the recipient is in the same country the seller ships from), or…

for everyone (free shipping to any country regardless of where the seller ships from).

* * * * *

Free Shipping Coupon Codes are now live for everyone.

If you have questions, please post in this thread: