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Changes to Prohibited Items Policy

Jan 14, 2011

by Lauren Engelhardt

Hi, everyone.

Etsy's COO, Adam, has just posted an announcement on the blog about some changes to our Prohibited Items policy in the DOs & DON'Ts of Etsy that take effect today.

Please read the announcement:

You may review the new policy here:

If you have questions about how this policy change impacts your shop or listings, please write to and our Support Team will help you.

* * * * *

Adam is traveling at the moment, and he doesn't have a continuous internet connection. Despite that, he is keeping tabs on the comments and reactions on the blog, Forums and elsewhere, and he asked me to share this:


I want to thank everyone for the thoughtful comments. Many of you seem to think we made the right call here.

I want to respond the the folks who are concerned about a slippery slope. We are concerned about a slippery slope too. It is why we took the time we did in trying to craft these policies. There are no perfect answers in this debate. There is no pristinely clear policy anyone can write. We care deeply about artistic expression. Most of us at Etsy are artists or artisans of one kind or another. We also care about about our marketplace being an environment that values tolerance and respect. We are trying to find that balance in these policy changes.

We will have to make judgment calls with this policy. Please know that we will take every decision around this seriously and with care. Very few items are affected by this policy and for those that are, we will do our best to make the right call and to work with artists and artisans who have concerns or questions.

Thank you again,Adam