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A smoother sign-in and registration experience

Feb 28, 2011

by sean11

Hi all,

An improvement to the sign-in and registration experience is being rolled out now, designed to make signing in or registering easy and seamless in all contexts. Soon you'll be able to sign in or register without leaving the page you're on — an overlay will be activated atop the page and allow you to complete the action inline.

This improvement is the culmination of a lot of work we've been doing behind the scenes to overhaul and redesign the registration process on Etsy.

The focus here is to make registration for new visitors painless — so painless you don't even leave the page you're on with the action you want to complete (for example, add to favorites).

The overlay is being rolled out gradually and is visible to a small percentage of visitors now. We'll post here when it's live for everyone. If you have questions, please post in Site Help.


* * * * *

The new Sign In / Register overlay is now live for everyone. You'll see it the next time you sign in.

The Register link in the header will continue to go to the Register page for now, but new visitors clicking "action" links like 'Contact' and 'Add item to favorites' will see the overlay. The overlay has been highly effective in these contexts at facilitating new member registrations.