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We are migrating current Teams to the new Etsy Teams site feature!

Nov 2, 2010

by AndrewMPeterson

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce that the beta testing phase of the site feature that will be the new home for Etsy Teams has been very successful. We are now ready to open up the tool to all existing Etsy Team leaders!

What this means:

Team leaders of existing teams now have access to and can migrate their teams' information and membership rosters. Once each team leader claims their team and sets up the their page in the new system, they will begin the process of migrating members. If you belong to an Etsy Team, once your leader completes the membership migration, you should receive (via email) an invitation to join the team in the new system.

After this migration period is complete, we will open up the new Etsy Teams to the entire community. At that point, you will have the ability to join open teams, apply to join moderated teams, and/or create your own team on Etsy.

Morgan from the community team and I will be hosting live migration help for team leaders in the Virtual Labs this week during the following hours:

Tuesday (11/2) 4pm-5pm E.T.Wednesday (11/3) 2pm-3pm E.T.Thursday (11/4) 11am-12pm E.T.(come to and click on "gallery" to participate.)

See more information in the Migration Handbook for team leaders here: .

Please leave comments here:

All the best,Andrew and the Etsy Teams Admin