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Updated Shop Heart Counts

Oct 19, 2010

by attackgecko

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to let y'all know that we are in the process of releasing some changes to the way we calculate shop hearts. Over the past weeks, we've been busy moving favorites data to a new data storage architecture to ensure that we can continue to handle its ginormous growth. (and boy is it growing!) During this process, we realized that shop heart counts were slightly inflated due to some book keeping errors. Namely, favorites from users that are no longer part of our community (i.e. users who have been banned or have asked that their accounts be closed) were still being counted.

These new changes mean your heart counts will be a more accurate reflection of your hearts.

Currently, the new heart calculations are visible to a small fraction of the population. We will be making the changes visible to all users over the next few days.

Peace, Love, and Hearts,JW

* * * * *

Hey gang. Thanks to everyone for being understanding when your shop heart counts dropped a bit. Guess what? Now they're back up! We had to delay the changes described above for a week – so you're going to see your shop counts rise back up to where they were previously, until Wednesday October 27th, at which point they'll drop back down again (as we once again filter out hearts from banned/closed user accounts).

I apologize for the runaround! This is a one-time thing only, and I'll post here again when we put these changes back in place next week.

* * * * *

As promised, today is October 27th and we'll be turning this back on shortly (within the next hour or so). If your shop heart counts drop a bit – don't panic, the reasons are outlined above (we're making the counts more accurate). This is the last time you should see the counts fluctuate. Thanks for your patience and understanding!