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Upcoming changes to listing titles

Nov 15, 2010

by Stunji

Hi all,

We're making some small changes to listing titles on Etsy — specifically to the characters that are allowed in listing titles.

First, we're allowing some extra symbols in listing titles. You'll be allowed to use the characters "%" and ":" in your listing titles one time each. This will allow you to edit your titles to say "20% Off", etc., when you run sales in your shops. It'll also help members who use the Etsy On Sale app.

Secondly, we're adding some validation code that will discourage the use of ALL CAPS in listing titles. You'll be able to use up to three all-caps words (not counting "A",) so terms like "ACEO" and "OOAK" will still be allowed. But, if you use more than three, you'll be asked to edit your title to use mixed case. We're not going back and changing any titles, so this change will only apply to new listings and listings that are edited.

Let us know if you have any questions in this thread: