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Thanksgiving Meals Gone Wrong…

Nov 11, 2010

by Juliet Gorman

Growing up, I used to hear my mom reminisce about the most disastrous Thanksgiving meal she ever had. She was a junior in college, studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh and living in a flat with two other Americans and an English girl. They boldly set out to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner, but all they could find at the stores was a frozen duck. Not realizing they needed to defrost it first, they stuck it right in the oven, stuffed with the giblets in their little paper pouch. At 11pm, it still wasn’t ready… and you can imagine the rest.

This Thanksgiving, we want to publish your stories of meals gone wrong: the hilarious, the heartbreaking, the unforgettable. Reminisce away and we’ll share some of the best with the whole community on the Etsy blog. Thanks!

Here's the thread to post in: