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Tech Update: Home Page Renovation

May 6, 2010

by TechUpdates handmade and vintage goods

Update: The new home page is now live! 

I’m pleased to announce that Etsy’s home page will be getting an updated look later this week. As mentioned in the March/April roadmap, this is part of an ongoing project to widen the site.

The new home page comes on the heels of the release of Treasury East, a new tool for curating. Treasury East remains in beta, but it will soon replace the existing Treasury and Treasury West.

If you’ve used Treasury East, you’ve already been introduced to the new, wider Etsy. As with Treasury East, the new home page will feature larger gallery images, as well as a cleaner, simpler look. In addition, the modules for the recently listed items and Etsy Blog articles have been revamped such that they no longer require Flash. This is part of an overall program to make the site more accessible and easier to maintain.

Under the hood, we’ve made changes to the site architecture to prepare for international versions down the road. Eventually, the site will be available in multiple currencies and in other languages. We’ll have more to say on that front later this year.

The new home page is slated for release this Thursday, May 6. Feel free to get in touch with any of us if you have questions or concerns, or join the discussion in this Forum thread.


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