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Relevancy Thursdays

Jan 20, 2010

by Rokali

Many people who shop on Etsy tell me that they wish search worked more like Google. We're taking the first steps towards this lofty goal, and here's what this means.

We need to order items in search results by relevancy, not recency. Relevance for Etsy is different from Google, because we care more about how fresh the content is. As such, recency will play an important role in relevancy (otherwise you'd see the same items on the first page of search results far too often).

We've discussed the various ways to roll out this change to the site, and our plan is as follows:

For the next three Thursdays, we will change the default sorting method for all searches on Etsy from recency to relevancy.

We're going to carefully monitor shopping activity based on this change, and we'll be tweaking our relevancy algorithms based on this feedback, and input from the community. Relevance on Etsy will constantly be evolving; it requires continual improvement.

As a seller, what can you do to benefit from this? Choose your title and your tags carefully: shorter descriptive titles and a good set of accurate tags. You can read these previous posts in our blog for more info:

We'll be in the forums and available to talk this Thursday, as we make our way through the first day of this experiment.

* * * * *

Two things to note:

1. The new relevancy algorithm isn't live on the site yet: it will go live at midnight tonight. Looking at how relevancy works right now will not show you how it will work tomorrow.

2. If you're signed in at midnight EST, you'll have to sign out & sign back in to see the changes.

* * * * *

It is time once again for Relevancy Thursday! Moving this thread on up to the top!

So far this week, I've noticed that members like that the search results are changing more quickly (they had been stagnant in previous weeks). Yea!

So far, member feedback for today seems to be related to tagging and mistagging issues, and seeing the same seller repeated on the same page of a search.

Please give us your feedback in today's thread:

Thanks in advance…up, up, up we go!