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Note: My Etsy Facebook application

Oct 15, 2010

by sean11

Hi all,

Facebook recently announced that application tabs will no longer be available on Facebook Profiles. Beginning November 3, any application tabs you have on your Facebook Profile (including My Etsy) will be removed.

Application tabs will continue to work on Facebook Pages. If you have a Page for your Etsy shop, you can add My Etsy for your fans.

Don't have a Page? You can learn more about them here:

A new version of the My Etsy Facebook application is coming soon. It will be designed for Pages, and offer installation instructions in five languages (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish), served dynamically based on the Facebook user's locale.

If you're a shop owner, you can still share your listings on your Facebook Profile right from your listing pages (look for the Share link) or at the end of the listing process when you list a new item.

You will no longer be able to add the My Etsy application to your Facebook Profile — we're removing this option today.