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Essential Accessories With the ES Etsy Team

Mar 28, 2010

by MissBird handmade and vintage goods

We, the ES Etsy Team, are a group of artisans united by a common language — despite the cultural differences and geographical distances between Spanish-speaking countries. It is our shared artistic affinity and unique combination of cultures that makes it possible to discover a vast diversity of artists and products.

Fashion accessories are a great way to improve your wardrobe and define a style, making an ordinary look astonishing and unexpected. With the help of illustrator madeofjacinta, we invite you to come and get acquainted with these finds from ES Etsy Team artists and explore these four distinct looks!

Somos un equipo de artistas y artesanas reunidos por un lenguaje en común, el español, no así por la diferencia cultural, la distancia geográfica, o la afinidad artística. Es esta amalgama de culturas el que hace que en nuestro equipo puedas encontrar una diversidad tan grande de artistas y productos.

El usar accesorios de moda es una buena forma de mejorar tu guardarropa y definir un estilo, haciendo que tu apariencia común sea impresionante y sorprendente. Te invitamos a conocerlos e identificarte con alguna de estas cuatro mujeres!

ES_Etsy_romantic.jpgRomantic: This look is soft and for sensitive women who like to dream. Its predominant themes are pastels and delicate flowers.

Romántico: Un look soft para mujeres sensibles y soñadoras, donde predominan los colores claros apastelados y delicadas flores.

1. Miss Bird brooch by MissBird, 2. Sweet Pink Comb by Yayahandicraft, 3. Tricolor Swarovski Crystals Bracelet by gabeadz, 4. Zen necklace by Iomiss, 5. Zodiac flowers skirt by alejandrina,
6. Little rose sterling silver earrings by lesthings

ES_Etsy_rustic.jpgRustic: This look is simple, comfortable, and never goes out of style. Natural colors are an essential element of this aesthetic, reminding us of the Earth.

Rústico: Estilo sencillo y confortable que nunca pasa de moda. Prevalecen los colores terracotas recordando la tierra.

1. Sterling Silver and Black Onyx necklace by aroluna, 2. Hand knitted cardigan cape by ovejanegra, 3. Golden leaf earrings by lunahoo, 4. Macrame Owl Necklace by macraMe, 5. Eggs basket brooch by NiuTaller, 6. Knitted Beret Ivory by branda, 7. Wear the Skyscarf by dualchocolate


Vintage: This aesthetic conjures concepts, forms and colors of days gone by, or the idea that “old is the new new.” You can find a range of colors, from sepia to the most vivid hues and psychedelic or bizarre patterns.

Vintage: Recrea conceptos, formas y colores de épocas pasadas. “Viejo es el nuevo nuevo.” Podrás encontrar desde colores sepia a los más llamativos y psicodélicos.

1. Cute Clips hair by madeofjacinta, 2. Groovy button by retroattack, 3. Ring lollipop by Pizpireta, 4. Enameled hoop earrings by emeeme, 5. Crystal hearts necklace by SarahRobinL, 6. Vintage 80s blouse with ruffle from Klassic


Playful: Picture fun and original designs with a joyful, optimistic and simple style. The featured items are vibrant, interesting forms that are visually fresh.

Playful: Diseños divertidos y peculiares con un estilo alegre, optimista y sencillo. Predominan los colores vibrantes y diferentes formas que impactan visualmente.

1. Little red Riding Hood necklace by munieca, 2. Pisces Girl Headband by Krize, 3. Brooch Green by Intres, 4. Abacus earrings by aforfebre, 5. Bubbles Wire Bracelet by mujoyas, 6. Wooden hand paint Ring by zime


Four styles, four trends, composed of different and varied colors, textures and materials. I encourage you to try the different looks!

Cuatro estilos, cuatro tendencias. Diferentes y variados colores, texturas y materiales. Anímate a probar todos los estilos!

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