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Convo and Transaction Notification Emails

Jun 9, 2010

by mikeynice

Hey there-

We recently rolled out some updates to our automated emails, including the Convo Notification email and Transaction Notification email. The idea behind these changes was to keep the information up-to-date, make the emails easier to read and understand for both new and experienced members, and better organize the information within.

We've listened to the feedback from our community and are making updates to the Convo Notification and Transaction Notification emails later this afternoon.

Both emails are now shorter, with any extraneous line breaks removed. The buyer message in the Transaction Notification email has been moved up higher, and we've fixed the link to contact your buyer so it will open up a new conversation to the buyer referencing the sale.

Thanks to all those that offered feedback on these changes.

* * * * *

Just an update! These changes should be live now!