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Come Make Jam & Recycle Threadless T-Shirts With Etsy Labs

Sep 23, 2010

by Julie Schneider

Whether you’re feeling like transforming your summer T-shirts into something new for the emerging autumn season, or you have an itch to learn how to save the taste of summer in a jar, we cordially invite you to two hands-on workshops in Brooklyn, New York hosted by your pals from the Etsy Labs.

Don’t forget, tomorrow evening, Friday, September 24, we’ll be hosting a special Craft Night with Mummy Sam.

Please note: There will be no Monday Craft Nights at the Etsy Labs until Monday, October 18, while we move the Labs into a new space in the same building. In the meantime, we hope you’ll join us for other special events, like the Eatsy Food Labs, detailed below.

Threadless Book Launch + Etsy Craft Party

Join the Etsy Labs and our pals from Threadless for the launch of the Threadless Book at the fabulous Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn, NY. Threadless Founder Jake Nickell, plus a handful of awesome featured Threadless artists, will be on hand signing copies and causing as much trouble as possible.

We’ll be taking the Etsy Labs Craft Night show a little bit down the road for an afternoon of making hands-on recycled T-shirt projects. Try your hand at reconstructing and repurposing T-shirts into necklaces, skirts, tote bags, and more!

The fun starts at 3 p.m., so don’t miss it! If you’re already planning to check out the DUMBO Arts Festival, pop in and say hello!



Reconstructed Baseball Tank by thisolthing

Where: Powerhouse Arena, 37 Main Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11201
When: Sunday, September 26 from 2-5 p.m. ET
RSVP here.


Eatsy Food Labs: Making Jam

We’re pleased to announce the Eatsy Food Labs, a series of hands-on workshops centered around making food!

To kick off the first Eatsy Food Labs on Monday, September 27, there’s nothing more appropriate than embracing the season and sharing our love of local, fresh produce with the Etsy community. As summer winds down and autumn sets in now is the time to think about keeping the tastes of summer on hand for the months ahead. Jamming and pickling, preserving in general, is a savvy practice. We created three free first-come, first-served labs to demonstrate the basic (and yummy) how-to’s. Each session is limited to 20, so sign up fast, and come ready to jam.

The first Eatsy Food Lab will be a limited-seat tutorial on jamming and preserving. An eco-friendly, cost-friendly and creatively delicious session that will demonstrate the basics of jamming and preserving. As the last summer fruit gets picked from the trees and brush, we’ll share two jam recipes and demonstrate the basic how-to’s of preserving with you. The following two sessions will feature pickling workshops, one with Eatsy cooks, Caroline Glover and Emily Davis (10/4), and one with Laena McCarthy of Anarchy in a Jar (10/21).

Where: 55 Washington Street, Suite 512 in Brooklyn, New York, 11201
When: Monday, September 27 from 4-8 p.m. ET
Sign-up here. Capacity is limited to the first 20 people to sign-up. Please RSVP accurately and thoughtfully.

Upcoming Events with Etsy Labs:

9/24: Craft Night: Sewing with Mummy Sam
9/24 – 9/26: DUMBO Arts Festival
9/26 & 9/27: Look for the NewNew Etsy Team & craft demos from Etsy admin at World Maker Faire.
10/4: Eatsy Food Lab: Pickling with Eatsy cooks, Caroline Glover and Emily Davis
10/6: Community Cooking Club at Etsy Labs

Looking for further inspiration?

Canning Posts | Eatsy | Supplies Category | How-Tuesday Projects

Will we see you at Craft Night? Let us know in the comments below.

Tomato Basil Pepper Jam
Tomato Basil Pepper Jam
original fabric kitchen 3 fat quarter set
original fabric kitchen 3 fat quarter set
10 Vintage BLUE Ball Mason Jars
10 Vintage BLUE Ball Mason Jars
8oz Strawberry-Pineapple jam homemade unique flavor
8oz Strawberry-Pineapple jam homemade unique flavor
$5.00 USD
What Makes Jelly Jell 1951
What Makes Jelly Jell 1951
blue jars fat quarter
blue jars fat quarter
Custom Ultimate Rainbow  Skirt - Upcycled T-Shirt Skirt- You Choose Size (Infant/ Toddler/ Children)
Custom Ultimate Rainbow Skirt - Upcycled T-Shirt Skirt- You Choose Size (Infant/ Toddler/ Children)
lavender t-shirt yarn
lavender t-shirt yarn


  • BeCharmedDesigns

    BeCharmedDesigns said 8 years ago

    Oh this looks just yummy!! :)

  • Evajune

    Evajune said 8 years ago

    I want to move to Brooklyn so I can participate in the ETSY labs:>

  • PudgyBirdCo

    PudgyBirdCo said 8 years ago

    I recently tried a Jalapeno-Peach jam, and its delicious! Thank goodness for jam and lightly warmed toast.

  • rosebudshome

    rosebudshome said 8 years ago

    I even just freeze the fresh fruit when I don't have time and make smoothies. But fresh peach jam sounds so good, if only.......

  • LeafandInk

    LeafandInk said 8 years ago

    This is awesome! Threadless made shirts with two of our indie illustrations this year! We are excited about any company that features artists works and creations!

  • Waterrose

    Waterrose said 8 years ago

    Now I know it's time for lunch!

  • IlluminatedPerfume

    IlluminatedPerfume said 8 years ago

    If I could only go back in time when I lived in Brooklyn...oh, but Etsy wasn't around then. Darn! These look like loads of fun.

  • lorenabr

    lorenabr said 8 years ago

    Very cool :)

  • gailscreations1

    gailscreations1 said 8 years ago

    Sounds like alot of fun!

  • allthepreciousthings

    allthepreciousthings said 8 years ago

    i wish i could go to the threadless T workshop!!! I have a few T shirts needing renovation :)

  • prettyvisage

    prettyvisage said 8 years ago

    i love making jam... wish i lived closer! this would be so much fun! especially to put cute labels on all the jars :)

  • thecottagemarket

    thecottagemarket said 8 years ago

    jalapeno jelly!!!!! how wonderful is life...i mean REALLY!!!! -- fabulous article and a project using recycled threadless tee's -- FABULOUS!!!!! thanks for sharing!

  • kimmchi

    kimmchi said 8 years ago

    so excited for the Eatsy things, I just started preserving and i love it!! and yes, come learn to knit and crochet with the NewNew Team while making a charitable donation :)

  • kilas

    kilas said 8 years ago

    I will totally be there! Love Threadless and love Jam! It's a win win!

  • akcArt

    akcArt said 8 years ago

    Delish! How fun!

  • breadandroses2

    breadandroses2 said 8 years ago

    Hmmmm, homemade jam! I could use some tips.

  • HiggsMandy

    HiggsMandy said 8 years ago

    I heart this!

  • BlindTigerFlasks

    BlindTigerFlasks said 8 years ago

    Hooray can't wait!! Cheers All!

  • rozzie

    rozzie said 8 years ago

    I want to make jam now!

  • SewMuchMoreDecor

    SewMuchMoreDecor said 8 years ago

    Mmm! Sounds like fun! I made a ton of fig jam this year and would love to try some other really exotic flavors!

  • laurenmdavisart

    laurenmdavisart said 8 years ago

    Wow Weee!!! Love This!!!! Those Jams are making me hungry!!! I Love Jalapenos!!!!!!! :)

  • SASessories

    SASessories said 8 years ago

    i love jam! i put some interesting jam into a list i made... it was 'spruce tip jelly'.... sounds good to me... its amazing what you can make jam with...

  • bylynnkrestel

    bylynnkrestel said 8 years ago

    oh yum! i love making jam!!

  • RedFenyxJewels

    RedFenyxJewels said 8 years ago

    Too bad I'm too far away for the lab! I'd love to be there! Hope You'll write an article about it, or make a video? Have fun! ^^

  • opheliasapothecary

    opheliasapothecary said 8 years ago

    the jam looks fabulous! must have a great fall~ish jam on hand! xoxo, ophelia

  • BetaBoutique

    BetaBoutique said 8 years ago

    oh yes, this i would like to try. and such a pity i live thousands of kilometers away from labs... :(

  • MoseyDog

    MoseyDog said 8 years ago

    Those jellies look amazing!

  • ZhongFuJewelryDesign

    ZhongFuJewelryDesign said 8 years ago

    I am mourning a NW summer where nothing ripened... no pickles for me. :-(

  • Myhaleygirl

    Myhaleygirl said 8 years ago

    I am addicted to Threadless T-shirts!!!!

  • maggiemaevintage

    maggiemaevintage said 8 years ago

    awful pretty....

  • sharingjoy

    sharingjoy said 8 years ago

    Just made dozens of jars of prickly pear jellie in New Mexico and it is SOOOO tasty!! But I do miss NYC. :( Looking forward to purchasing the new Threadless book though!

  • sharingjoy

    sharingjoy said 8 years ago

    Just made dozens of jars of prickly pear cactus jelly here in New Mexico!! Mmmmmm, exotic and tasty! But I do miss NYC :( Congrats to Threadless and their new book release!

  • ohbabydotcom

    ohbabydotcom said 8 years ago

    great : ) ...must be jelly, cuz jam don't shake like that! : )

  • MegansMenagerie

    MegansMenagerie said 8 years ago

    Those jellies look so good! Yum! =)

  • monkeyshinevintage

    monkeyshinevintage said 8 years ago

    I actually cut out the image on one of my shirts because it was too big and framed it, it's one of my favorite wall hangings now and gets tons of compliments!

  • SouthernBelleOOAK

    SouthernBelleOOAK said 8 years ago

    Brooklyn is so lucky!

  • OrangeMamaMade

    OrangeMamaMade said 8 years ago

    Oh goodness! I was excited to check out the craft night and as I scrolled down, realized my jalapeno jam is featured! Woo hoo! LOVE jam!

  • pamwares

    pamwares said 8 years ago

    love threadless & love etsy! perfection in motion!

  • simplyworn

    simplyworn said 8 years ago

    yummy and fun!

  • 1AEON

    1AEON said 8 years ago

    recycle!!! yess Bk! last name: Ever, first name: Greatest:)

  • Leocardia

    Leocardia said 8 years ago

    If only shipping to Europe was not so expensive...

  • AlpineGypsy

    AlpineGypsy said 8 years ago

    Jam Rocks! :^D Heidi~

  • ArtistBeingHuman

    ArtistBeingHuman said 8 years ago

    Looks like a good time. Nasturtium jelly is my favorite. :)

  • OhDearWatson

    OhDearWatson said 8 years ago

    oh how i wish i could come

  • sweetjane

    sweetjane said 8 years ago

    I love making makes for great presents, people love it!! You can cheat and buy the fruit in the supermarket too!!

  • birdhouseaccents

    birdhouseaccents said 8 years ago

    gimme some of those

  • birdhouseaccents

    birdhouseaccents said 8 years ago

    i want some

  • ldh13

    ldh13 said 8 years ago


  • Slowshirts

    Slowshirts said 8 years ago

    Wish we could be there, & Hi Jake!

  • byKEONA

    byKEONA said 8 years ago

    I am just getting in to threadless Tshirt and would heart this very much!

  • OhFaro

    OhFaro said 8 years ago

    Well, this looks like fun!

  • PatternsAndSuch

    PatternsAndSuch said 8 years ago

    If wishes were dreams ... sigh ... would be great to attend!

  • accentonvintage

    accentonvintage said 8 years ago

    How about apple jelly? I have a bumper crop. Wish I could be there!

  • LavenderField

    LavenderField said 8 years ago

    Those jams and jellies look wonderful!

  • HelsiaJewellery

    HelsiaJewellery said 8 years ago

    Two great ideas for labs, I love making jams so will deff. check it out. Great collection of items, ooh strawberry and pineapple I am yet to try that!

  • RiptIntoPieces

    RiptIntoPieces said 8 years ago

    Oh, making jam is so much fun!

  • ikabags

    ikabags said 8 years ago

    Looks yummy ; wow :)

  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery said 8 years ago

    mm jam I had such fun making cherry jam this year and it tasted awesome! Would highly recommend jam making its not as difficult as it might seem.

  • Atticktreasures

    Atticktreasures said 8 years ago

    Looks like so much fun, the threadless t-shirt thing sounds like fun. To bad I live in Florida.

  • zJayne

    zJayne said 8 years ago

    tShirts and food... works for me! Thanks for including my upcycled tShirt market bags too!

  • artofjane

    artofjane said 8 years ago

    The jam is so beautiful.

  • curlygirlboutique

    curlygirlboutique said 8 years ago

    Jam is love in a jar.

  • SavoyFaire

    SavoyFaire said 8 years ago

    Yummy looking jam! Fab ideas for t shirts too!

  • greenatheart

    greenatheart said 8 years ago

    This is great! Thanks for including my recycled cotton t shirt yarn!!! Jam, Jam, Peach Jam! on a hot bun, Yum!

  • julessabjewelry

    julessabjewelry said 8 years ago

    I agree, jam is love in a jar. We make jam all the time and it never lasts long. Eatsy is fantastic!

  • greeniemarie

    greeniemarie said 8 years ago

    Perfect for Fall, I love making Rasberry Jam!!

  • nowonder

    nowonder said 8 years ago

    Its always good to make your own food. This way we can controll everything that goes in it. Everything looks yummy!

  • sparegusink

    sparegusink said 8 years ago

    love it! I'm making apple peel jelly this weekend myself!

  • saburkitty

    saburkitty said 8 years ago

    Omg the tomato basil pepper jam looks sooo yummy! Beautiful picture of the all jelly in the cover picture. ^_^

  • AppleRoseFibers

    AppleRoseFibers said 8 years ago

    Great idea. and the taste goes on!

  • xoazuree

    xoazuree said 8 years ago

    That looks like so much fun! They should do something like that in Threadless Chicago!!

  • redemptionart

    redemptionart said 8 years ago

    Etsy labs always look so awesome, but being in Hawaii, not only my location, but the time difference keeps me from participating. Hopefully someday they can be on Hawaii time or at least Pacific Time. But in the meantime, I will just keep gleaning as much as I can, thank you.

  • frenchtoastfriday

    frenchtoastfriday said 8 years ago

    Wish we could join :(

  • myvintagecrush

    myvintagecrush said 8 years ago

    i missed it! boo. I'd love to make it to one of these, it would be great to learn skills from the best at what they do

  • CanningCrafts

    CanningCrafts said 8 years ago

    Prickly pear cactus jelly & Nasturtium jelly?? Now those sound interesting!

  • thisolthing

    thisolthing said 8 years ago

    Yikes! No photo credit for my recycled t-shirt??!

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