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An update from inside Etsy

Feb 8, 2010

by Rokali

Hi all,

I've been quiet these past couple weeks mostly because I've been heads down working. It's the end of a long Sunday after my weekend in the office, and we're making good progress.

Progress on what? This is part of what we're working on. By the end of this month, we'll post a rolling two-month roadmap of what we're working on. I've already mentioned a number of projects, especially in my previous Answering Your Questions post here in this forum. These include:

– Improving checkout, requiring payment before marking an item as sold- Separating usernames from shop names, and allowing both to be changed- Creating a better way to track both ideas and bugs on the site- Widening the site and improving the design- Rethinking the category structure- Reviewing the data we collected from the three Relevancy Thursdays (now complete)- Designing a proper Groups feature- Building tools to better monitor the marketplace for fraud and other nefarious activity- Doubling the size of our Support team and preparing to offer phone support

This list is by no means complete. There are a number of smaller projects and a number of infrastructure projects also keeping us busy. We're going to focus our roadmap on the larger, public projects. While it's important to us internally that we're migrating some servers to a CentOS distro of Linux, we understand that's not of much interest to the community.

We all want a better idea of when these projects will be launching, and this is what we'll be addressing in the road map. As I mentioned before, we'll also share who is working on what. is itself handmade, and it's important for us to show who's doing what.

Thanks for your patience. We're here giving this our best effort, night and day, weekday and weekend.