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Tech Update: New Checkout Updates

Sep 24, 2009

by TechUpdates handmade and vintage goods

As we mentioned in the previous Checkout Update, we’re working to make Checkout a simpler, smoother process for shoppers, and we are rolling changes out gradually to make sure they improve buyer conversion. (“Conversion” is the percentage of shoppers who complete Checkout.) Improving buyer conversion helps more shoppers get a taste of Etsy and leads to more orders for Etsy sellers. In short, more happy Etsy members!

Today we’re rolling out a change to a small percentage of Etsy traffic that removes non-essential elements from the header of Checkout pages, to make the process clearer and faster. Simplifying the page header in the Checkout process is an e-commerce practice used by many great shopping sites, such as Amazon and Apple.

Here’s a preview of the shipping information page with a simplified header:

We’re going to see if this change makes it easier for shoppers to complete Checkout, and we’ll make adjustments as we learn more. If we’re certain the changes improve the Checkout experience for shoppers, we’ll roll the changes out to all of Etsy’s traffic.

We’ll update this post as we learn more.

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  • beadinbythesea

    beadinbythesea said 10 years ago

    Great news! Thanks for all your work to make this site even better!

  • asundrynotion

    asundrynotion said 10 years ago

    Your efforts are appreciated! Now please integrate the Google Checkout secure online payment option to the Etsy checkout. I'd appreciate that even more!

  • asundrynotion

    asundrynotion said 10 years ago

    I should have said 'integrate secure Google Checkout into the Etsy checkout' above. You know what I meant. Thanks again!

  • LuminousDreamDesigns

    LuminousDreamDesigns said 10 years ago

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  • pamwares

    pamwares said 10 years ago

    always working hard for us!

  • worksandfinds

    worksandfinds said 10 years ago

    My gosh. You guys are working hard. Thank you :)

  • crazyforcollars

    crazyforcollars said 10 years ago

    Thank you for making it easier for newcomers to checkout smoothly, quickly, and properly!

  • girltuesdayjewelry

    girltuesdayjewelry said 10 years ago

    Right on!

  • SeaFindDesigns

    SeaFindDesigns said 10 years ago


  • BizzieLizzie

    BizzieLizzie said 10 years ago

    Fantastic! Thanks for keeping on top of these things! Much appreciated!

  • bytheway

    bytheway said 10 years ago

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate that you listen to the concerns of the sellers and try to make things easier for our buyers!

  • maddyandme

    maddyandme said 10 years ago

    looks great - hope you find it makes a difference.

  • sucree

    sucree said 10 years ago

    thanks for addressing the checkout issues

  • LeelaBijou

    LeelaBijou said 10 years ago

    great news! thank you!! :)

  • Xenotees

    Xenotees said 10 years ago

    Yay! Gotta love simple! Thanks!

  • ccvalenzo

    ccvalenzo said 10 years ago

    I hope with the new checkout you will maki it possible for the payment type to be changed. A lot of people mark the wrong type of payment and then can't change it without cancelling the whole sale.

  • VixVintage

    VixVintage said 10 years ago

    Thank you techies!

  • BlueGremlin

    BlueGremlin said 10 years ago

    thanks for always keeping etsy on the move! gogogogogo!

  • VixVintage

    VixVintage said 10 years ago

    The apricot butter looks so yummy.

  • AmberLeaf

    AmberLeaf said 10 years ago

    Yay!!!! I love the new checkout option!

  • FrillyButts

    FrillyButts said 10 years ago


  • vivikas

    vivikas said 10 years ago

    Cool, thanks!

  • MiasMunchies

    MiasMunchies said 10 years ago

    Thank you Etsy! :)

  • DivaBabyDesigns

    DivaBabyDesigns said 10 years ago

    That is so great! The easier the better!! Thank you!

  • RawBoneStudio

    RawBoneStudio said 10 years ago

    Can't wait to try them out. Thanks!!!

  • mamapainter

    mamapainter said 10 years ago

    Can't wait to see how it goes. So far, the SEO changes have been fabulous!

  • firelilyjewelrygems

    firelilyjewelrygems said 10 years ago

    great idea!

  • VintageEyeFashion

    VintageEyeFashion said 10 years ago

    the simpler the better...thanks!

  • peacefrogdesigns

    peacefrogdesigns said 10 years ago

    Thanks to everyone at Etsy trying to make everything easier for us, sellers an buyers alike! It is appreciated! :)

  • hellobrowneyes

    hellobrowneyes said 10 years ago

    You guys are my bffs

  • JoannasPhotography

    JoannasPhotography said 10 years ago

    great news! thank you :)

  • MetalheartDesign

    MetalheartDesign said 10 years ago

    thanks for all the improvement tweaks lately!

  • marypearlsvintage

    marypearlsvintage said 10 years ago

    thanks for making it easier to sell old treasures in a new way!

  • goodlookin

    goodlookin said 10 years ago

    Very good news. I've been through the buying process, at it seems clear, but wow, it really trips up some people! Thanks for your efforts.

  • heatherfuture

    heatherfuture said 10 years ago


  • art4friends

    art4friends said 10 years ago

    YAY for gretchenmist (AUSTRALIAN ARTIST) for having her work as the feature image! And super work etsy too ;) x

  • 2TrickPony

    2TrickPony said 10 years ago

    Peace, love, and easy checkout♥

  • gretchenmist

    gretchenmist said 10 years ago

    great to have this fine tuning happening behind the scenes. and thanks so much for using my print up the top :)

  • 1AEON

    1AEON said 10 years ago

    sweet pictures!!!!! you already made an esty member happier:)

  • creativeminds2009

    creativeminds2009 said 10 years ago

    thank you!

  • tamar

    tamar said 10 years ago

    Great news! I am still hoping to eliminate all the uncompleted sales because lots of new buyers don't understand the process....I send at least 2 emails a day to buyers...:)

  • stubbornwoman

    stubbornwoman said 10 years ago

    Sorry, but you are a day late and a dollar short. I sold a hat this afternoon and have yet to get paid. Boo Hoo.

  • ladaworks

    ladaworks said 10 years ago

    You are the hardest working people. I love you all. Fantastic improvement. Thank you.

  • kittybblove

    kittybblove said 10 years ago

    Thank you etsy! Hopefully this will all work out and checkout will become easier for buyers. We get a good amount of first time buyers who need help paying and hopefully this will help resolve issues that they have. Looking forward to more updates on this in the future :D

  • ApplewoodHandwovens

    ApplewoodHandwovens said 10 years ago

    You've made great strides just since I've opened my shop and you continue.... Thank You

  • pinkytoeclothing

    pinkytoeclothing said 10 years ago

    Thanks for all you do!!

  • ArtDecoDame

    ArtDecoDame said 10 years ago

    fun picks love those shoes!

  • jazzygeminis

    jazzygeminis said 10 years ago


  • HoneyBoo

    HoneyBoo said 10 years ago

    Thanks for the improvements!

  • Owlishly

    Owlishly said 10 years ago

    This looks great, I'm really hoping that it works out well! I typically have at least one or two sales a week where the customer doesn't pay because they've thought that they've completed the transaction. This'll be a fantastic improvement!

  • HelenesDreams

    HelenesDreams said 10 years ago

    Hey Etsy..thanks for improving. It is greatly appreciated! Do you think you can add the discount codes for weekend deals and free shipping? This would greatly enhance the user friendliness of offering a sale and not dealing with refunds and things like this. After all, if your going to promote a should sell for the sale price.

  • ShesaGem

    ShesaGem said 10 years ago

    Awesome, simple is better!!

  • Talula

    Talula said 10 years ago

    Anything you can do to make check-out easier for our buyers is soooooo very much appreciated! Easy check-out "hopefully" = buyers that actually pay!!! Yay!!!

  • MyMoms

    MyMoms said 10 years ago

    Thanks for the improvements, love the picks!

  • FibroFibers

    FibroFibers said 10 years ago

    Hmm, interesting. It's a simple change, but I think it will make a significant difference. Thanks!

  • HempPatch

    HempPatch said 10 years ago

    Cool, thanks Etsy!

  • LavenderField

    LavenderField said 10 years ago

    Thanks guys for working so hard, these improvements are always welcomed!

  • suldrun

    suldrun said 10 years ago

    great news but can you have a different shop name then your user name?

  • KatDesignsNYC

    KatDesignsNYC said 10 years ago

    That sounds terrific! Thanks for the improvements.

  • GlamRockEmporium

    GlamRockEmporium said 10 years ago

    Yay! Increased buyer conversion makes the GlamRockEmporium happy :)

  • underoakstudios

    underoakstudios said 10 years ago

    Thanks keep it up! I've bought a ton on etsy and every time I have to figure it out again. The more user friendly the better!

  • fantasybeader

    fantasybeader said 10 years ago

    UUUGGGGGGGGG SPAM!!!! Ok sorry got side tracked. I cant wait till checkout is a little easier to use for first time shoppers :-)

  • spacejam

    spacejam said 10 years ago

    sounds great!

  • skydreamslight

    skydreamslight said 10 years ago

    would you please allow us to pay to all sellers at once? it is pain to log onto paypal with each sellers when i bought from many different sellers at once. and i really appreciate the new change! thank you!

  • RobinMariaPedrero

    RobinMariaPedrero said 10 years ago

    Thank you! I have had to walk some of my clients through the process, they thought they had paid and could not get to the next step of going to pay pal.

  • ovgilliesdesigns

    ovgilliesdesigns said 10 years ago

    Great to see you guys making the site better!

  • Morado

    Morado said 10 years ago

    Thank you! Hope it works :o) A little tired and sad about non paying buyers (sniff!)

  • stitchntyme

    stitchntyme said 10 years ago

    Thank you Etsy for this improvement, very appreciated. Hope it is available soon to all of the Etsy community.

  • lovelygifts

    lovelygifts said 10 years ago

    As always, thank you for the updates : )

  • woodponddesigns

    woodponddesigns said 10 years ago

    Thank you. These changes sound great.

  • ManoCelebrates

    ManoCelebrates said 10 years ago

    Thanks a lot,means more customers.

  • smallstakes

    smallstakes said 10 years ago

    Excellent news!

  • wristcandycreations

    wristcandycreations said 10 years ago

    YAY! Can't wait to see how this improvement does! Hopefully our customers will enjoy an easier check out now! Thank you.

  • FatBatShop

    FatBatShop said 10 years ago

    Thanks for always looking for new ways to make Etsy easier and better! Do appreciate it! :)

  • SquierDesign

    SquierDesign said 10 years ago

    An easier to read and simplified check out is a great idea ... hope it does well.

  • AntiGenre

    AntiGenre said 10 years ago

    Will this also eliminate buyers who claim that they "didn't mean to click" or "didn't realize they clicked" the Commit to Purchase button? Twice today this has happened. Grrrr. Hoepfully these changes will smooth the process out a bit.

  • DoodlebugAccessories

    DoodlebugAccessories said 10 years ago

    Fantastic as always. Appreciate it very much.

  • birdie1

    birdie1 said 10 years ago

    Thank you so much. I regularly get first time buyers who never end up paying. This is MUCH needed.

  • recycledwares

    recycledwares said 10 years ago

    Thanks for trying out new ideas and concepts to make the etsy shopping experience better for everyone. i appreciate your hard work.

  • wristielove

    wristielove said 10 years ago

    many many thanks!

  • philosophi

    philosophi said 10 years ago

    Great - I have to be careful not to buy too much now it's even easier! :)

  • smilingbluedog

    smilingbluedog said 10 years ago

    Sounds like etsy's working hard to make things easier. Thankyou!

  • konkokto

    konkokto said 10 years ago

    I think it´s already rad enough as it is.

  • FeralGlass

    FeralGlass said 10 years ago

    A step in the right direction, however... getting a bad shipping address has never been a problem that I can recall. Having non-paying buyers who think they have opaid because the checkout process leads them to think they are done..that is aproblem reported every day in the forums. Please fix the payment hand-off. Without that, having a valid address is moot.

  • KnitStorm

    KnitStorm said 10 years ago

    Hope it helps! Have had a few nonpayments lately...

  • michon

    michon said 10 years ago

    even small changes are probably good, let us know how it works out!

  • HeyChica

    HeyChica said 10 years ago

    Thanks, looking forward to a simplified checkout process!

  • cocomo

    cocomo said 10 years ago

    will there be a "send invoice" or "payment reminder" option for sellers - when buyers dont pay right away?

  • OhFaro

    OhFaro said 10 years ago

    Thanks etsy. I agree with CoCo- we need reminders and a way to re-send the invoice.

  • DalkullanJewelry

    DalkullanJewelry said 10 years ago

    Thank you Etsy! The Delicate Fern stamp is really lovely!

  • katieblue

    katieblue said 10 years ago

    Thanks for the improvements, Etsy!

  • Slowshirts

    Slowshirts said 10 years ago

    I love it! And next you'll add a size/color choice option for the customer during checkout????? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! It's everything we have EVER WANTED!

  • SimpleJoysPaperie

    SimpleJoysPaperie said 10 years ago

    Thank you for working to make checkout faster and easier.

  • fibrevolution

    fibrevolution said 10 years ago


  • cavebaby

    cavebaby said 10 years ago

    As both, buyer and seller, I'd love one more improvement added: pay to all sellers at once. If you buy 5 items from 5 different sellers, you have to log in PayPal 5 times and make 5 payments. eBay has a nice feature: Pay One Seller At a Time or Pay All Sellers At Once. Thank you for working on it though!

  • bhangtiez

    bhangtiez said 10 years ago

    Sounds great...thanks 4 the update!

  • Giftbearer

    Giftbearer said 10 years ago

    Thanks! This should reduce errors, especially for first-time buyers.

  • metalRomance

    metalRomance said 10 years ago

    The only thing about Checkout that I thought was very confusing was when you want to pay with a credit card and 'Paypal' login page would come up. I didn't understand that the 'Continue without logging into Paypal' selection actually meant to 'continue payment just using your credit card. I avoided making purchases a few times because of this confusing message.

  • Squier

    Squier said 10 years ago

    Simplicity is the key!

  • VintageStarrBeads

    VintageStarrBeads said 10 years ago

    I can't wait for that addition to check for buyers. As A seller i have had to cancel so many sales of First time buyers at etsy. They logon for the first time, add to cart, and then either have trouble obtaining paypal or they just never return and the so called SALE is NEVER PAID and I have to cancel it! So annoying! Maybe this will be easier for new buyers. For DEADBEAT non-payers well.. there's always KARMA!!! -Rachelle Starr A.K.A Vintagestarrbeads and Starrbeads

  • Momyzmunymakerz

    Momyzmunymakerz said 10 years ago

    I agree with Squier... Simplicity is the key!

  • Iammie

    Iammie said 10 years ago

    Ooh, nice!

  • samsstuff

    samsstuff said 10 years ago

    Thanks for the updates & keeping us informed! This should help make it easier on buyers (& sellers).

  • ScrapHappieAZ

    ScrapHappieAZ said 10 years ago

    Hope this reduces the number of none paid purchases.

  • lostmitten

    lostmitten said 10 years ago

    Thanks for all of the hard work! Hopefully this results in fewer non-paying buyers!

  • mazedasastoat

    mazedasastoat said 10 years ago

    You guys are awesome! :-) Always thinking up new ways of making Etsy even better for us all & the best thing is... you actually LISTEN to what we say! Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  • SimplySassySupplies

    SimplySassySupplies said 10 years ago

    Thanks for making things easier for us and the buyer. In my short time w/Etsy, I have seen alot of improvements!!


    JANETLILY said 10 years ago

    Thank you so much! for making it easier for the buyer :) My shop is doing really well, with your hard work. It will be even better!

  • expressyourself

    expressyourself said 10 years ago


  • kittycrossbones

    kittycrossbones said 10 years ago

    I'm kind of confused as a buyer just said it says contact seller for payment? No more automatic payments?? That's going to be a pain to have to invoice every one of my customers...

  • AdornMeJewelry

    AdornMeJewelry said 10 years ago

    Does this mean that the buyer will automatically be taken to PayPal so they can check out? Just had another customer recently who thought they had paid when they hadn't, and I had to instruct them to go into their purchases, click the green button and so forth.

  • cassidycay

    cassidycay said 10 years ago

    Thanks for the update about checkout! Very good to know. I also love all the highlighted Etsy things, especially the man with the mustache.

  • WhiteEarthStudio

    WhiteEarthStudio said 10 years ago

    Thank you for all of the updates

  • lindabutterfly

    lindabutterfly said 10 years ago

    Over the past two years many of my 1st time buyers have had to be taken step by step through the checkout process. Maybe reducing the checkout pages header like this will reduce overload in peoples' minds and make them concentrate on following the steps and eventually paying. I first voiced this as a possible solution about 17 months ago. Good to see it finally happening.

  • jewelrybyamor

    jewelrybyamor said 10 years ago

    Million thanks for all th information you provided. I will try to follow them.

  • thehippiecouple

    thehippiecouple said 10 years ago

    integrating google checkout also would be cool.

  • terrabellaaccents

    terrabellaaccents said 10 years ago

    Hope this helps bring in more customers! YAY!

  • Carley50

    Carley50 said 10 years ago

    I am new here and need some help getting my site up and running. I am having problems viewing my logo and can't seem to get it together (help) ? Thanks Carol H.

  • Connie1952

    Connie1952 said 10 years ago

    I am new to Etsy. So I need all the help I can get. There seems to be so much to know.

  • annehopkins

    annehopkins said 10 years ago

    I'm LOVING it!!! :) xox

  • CBProducts

    CBProducts said 10 years ago

    nice nice..HOODIES ARE IN!!! CHECK EM OUT... RIDE OR DIE womens/mens hoodie

  • mollbelldesigns

    mollbelldesigns said 10 years ago

    New at this but learning as I go, thanks Etsy for all your help and support!!! ;)

  • nikdesign

    nikdesign said 10 years ago

    Thanks for your hard work.

  • SiSenorLingerie

    SiSenorLingerie said 10 years ago

    i like your explainations,Etsy, it's always very clear.. keep up with the exelent work. :)


    WHITECOCKADE46 said 10 years ago

    Great news. Thanks a lot

  • kcbowtique

    kcbowtique said 9 years ago

    You All Are Awesome!!!! Thanks A Bunch :)

  • OldPostCards

    OldPostCards said 9 years ago

    Etsy is becoming a House Word name in CRAFT and O Yes Vintage stuff. Keep up "GOOD WORK ETSY". Dan

  • allysonjames

    allysonjames said 9 years ago

    Simply, Thank You!

  • auntbethys2

    auntbethys2 said 9 years ago m o r e thing to love about you, etsy~ y'all are aMAZing... (:

  • Brookman

    Brookman said 9 years ago

    Papa's Antique Attic Thanks for the exposure Etsy. I have been trying to sell my photography and wood crafts begining in 2007. Etsy has been more profitable this past year than all the church bazaars and arts & crafts shows due to the cost of a space/sales.

  • dacopeland

    dacopeland said 9 years ago

    Thanks for the exposure Etsy. Keep up the good work.

  • omistress

    omistress said 9 years ago

    Looking forward to a great 2011 with Etsy's help and support!

  • WoodBowlsAndMore

    WoodBowlsAndMore said 9 years ago

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my woodworking with others. This process was so much easier than trying to design an individual website and I believe I'll receive more exposure.

  • treasure4ever

    treasure4ever said 9 years ago

    Always improving. I appreciate that. Just as we strive to improve what we make. . . you are busy at work improving ways to give us outlets to show our newest works of art, jewelry etc. Always striving to make etsy better. Thank you!

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