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Talking Shop with Etsy Admin: Chad Dickerson, Sara Hicks, Matt Stinchcomb & Maria Thomas

Jun 11, 2009

by matt handmade and vintage goods

Hi All,

Thanks for listening to this podcast (otherwise known as online audio files) and for participating on Etsy. We asked for your questions in the comments of this post, and below we’ve embedded audio files with our responses. We are creating a written transcript of the audio files as well. With each response, we’ve clustered related links if you’d like to further explore a resource we refer to in our remarks.

We’ve done our best to provide context to your questions.  As we listened to our remarks in their entirety, we of course thought, “Oh, we should have mentioned this” or “We could have been clearer about that.” Alas, we’re posting the audio and hoping that — along with our “ums and uhs” — you find this information helpful.

If your question was not answered, you may convo us, and we’ll do our best to answer.  Please understand that many of us receive quite a few convos so our response time may not be instantaneous.

Thank you for buying and selling on Etsy.


Maria Thomas, Etsy’s CEO  

– Intro (download transcript)

  • Ideas Forums — Where members can suggest ways to improve Etsy.
  • Virtual Labs — Look for Newbie Chats, Community Chat with Matt, Shop Critiques, Team Meetings, and more.
  • Meet ups with Etsy Admin — Opportunities for Admin and members to meet face-to-face with each other.

Matt Stinchcomb, Etsy’s VP of Community

– Advertising and marketing (download transcript)


Sara Hicks, Etsy’s VP of Product Development

– Seller tools (download transcript)

– Shopping site features



– Reselling & Flagging (download transcript)


Chad Dickerson, Etsy’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

– Site traffic (download transcript)



– Vintage & Supplies (download transcript)


Matt Stinchcomb, Etsy’s VP of Community

– Home page and other curated areas of Etsy (download transcript)

– How to get your items noticed



– Closing remarks (download transcript)

It’s been an experiment recording this podcast. We’re not sure about the format ourselves, but we’d love to hear your thoughts in this forum thread.

We found all of the items below through Pounce Undiscovered.