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News from the Etsy Labs: 5/04 Craft Night

Apr 30, 2009

by EtsyStore handmade and vintage goods

Update: This Craft Night was originally scheduled for Monday, April 13. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to postpone that week’s project. We are happy to be crafting with Heather Ross this week!

Have plans on Monday night? Well, you do now! Dust off your crafty pants and come join us for our weekly Craft Night at the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn. Craft Night occurs every Monday from 4-8pm EDT at 325 Gold Street, 3rd floor in Brooklyn, New York. Craft Night is a time to make things, learn new skills, and hang out.

Spring is nearly here! Time to think about picnics in the park, outdoor brunches and rooftop dinner parties! Join us at Craft Night on Monday, May 4, and learn how to spruce up your household or wardrobe with cheerful appliquéd cloth napkins, pillowcase, t-shirts, or tote bags — based on this Scrappy Tablecloth project from Weekend Sewing by fabric and clothing designer Heather Ross. This is a great project for using up all those random scraps of fabric or apparel with large, interesting motifs and can be used to embellish all sorts of items. Please bring with you a t-shirt, pillowcase, totebag, or cloth napkins to applique upon.

Not in Brooklyn? Join us for a live broadcast and demo from Craft Night online in the Virtual Labs starting at 5pm EDT. Click here to see what time 5pm EDT is around the world (though we usually take some time to get settled and ready to go). If you are attending Craft Night virtually this week and would like to craft along with us, you’ll need a few supplies:

  • One-sided fusible interfacing
  • Fabric
  • Cloth napkins, t-shirt, totebag, or pillowcase to appliqué upon
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing needles
  • Iron
  • Sharp scissors and pinking shears (if you have them)

Or, just be ready to take some notes and see if this is a project you’d like to try out later on.


Upcoming Craft Nights:

5/11: Cupcake Craft Night (5-8pm) with Cupcakes Take the Cake

5/18: Open Craft Night

5/25: Memorial Day: Craft Night canceled

Would you like to lead a Craft Night project? Send your ideas to with “Craft Night idea” as the subject line. Have you participated in Craft Night? Share your photos with the Etsy Labs Show and Tell Flickr group!

Want to learn more about the Labs? Check out our FAQs. Want to receive email updates? Join our Etsy Labs mailing list.

Will we see you Monday? Let us know in the comments!


  • dogties

    dogties said 7 years ago

    Looks like fun. Wonderful items too!

  • pipapiep

    pipapiep said 7 years ago

    beautiful list!

  • VintageEyeFashion

    VintageEyeFashion said 7 years ago

    cupcake night????? sounds yummy!

  • LaveMeSoapCo

    LaveMeSoapCo said 7 years ago

    the kitty ones are soo cute!

  • tinahdee

    tinahdee said 7 years ago

    ooh ooh craft night. :)

  • atomicana

    atomicana said 7 years ago

    Hmmmmmm, these are awesome, though I think my favorite is the Elephant Napkin Set. Love the color combo

  • DappleGrey

    DappleGrey said 7 years ago

    love the list very cute.

  • Fancy0Frances

    Fancy0Frances said 7 years ago

    Yes, the cupcake night sounds fun-derful! What exactly does it entail??? I love cupcakes SO much that I may actually start photographing them soon...Hmmm....But would it fit in with the rest of my phots?

  • Fancy0Frances

    Fancy0Frances said 7 years ago messed up my link somehow. That's

  • mylittlesister

    mylittlesister said 7 years ago

    Nothing better than... doing crafts with some good company. What a great idea!

  • FlanneryO

    FlanneryO said 7 years ago

    I'm not sure that I have 'crafty pants'... :) pants=underwear on this side of the Atlantic!!

  • Kiie

    Kiie said 7 years ago

    I wish I'm in New York :(

  • Signs

    Signs said 7 years ago

    i'd be interested in just watching because it looks interesting. Unfortunately I can't

  • prettysimpleart

    prettysimpleart said 7 years ago

    i am dying to come to craft night at the etsy labs. as if there weren't a million other reasons to go to new york (letterpress workshops, fabric stores, etsy labs...OH MY!)

  • HellsSewingCircle

    HellsSewingCircle said 7 years ago

    Yes, What is the Cupcake Night going to be about??? making big stuffed cupcakes? Cupcake costumes? A cupcake dress or ball gown? Cupcake sunglasses with matching hairclips??

  • Carmenas

    Carmenas said 7 years ago

    Cupcakes always get my attention!

  • moserdesigns

    moserdesigns said 7 years ago

    ooh, cupcake night does sound interesting! Too bad its in New York though. :(

  • monkeyandsquirrel

    monkeyandsquirrel said 7 years ago

    oh man i wish i still lived in brooklyn. i'll have my own crafty night right here in NC i guess...

  • HibouCards

    HibouCards said 7 years ago

    That's a great list, I like the carrot placemat and the Fluffy tree napkins... I'll have to look at the linen section next time I need something to embellish my table :) That's the cool thing about Etsy... you can really find everything! Who needs to go to a store anymore? ;)

  • choconaut

    choconaut said 7 years ago

    I'll try to be there online. Maybe webcam.

  • deeHAYmer

    deeHAYmer said 7 years ago

    Oh I hope I can make it (in the virtual sense)! The applique shoudl be really fun!!

  • curvednoodles

    curvednoodles said 7 years ago

    With my virtual bells on!!

  • cardml

    cardml said 7 years ago

    Just learned about Craft Nights in Brooklyn, so I think I am definitely going to try and make it out tonight..

  • KensingtonAve

    KensingtonAve said 7 years ago

    The items are great! Wishing I was in Brooklyn...

  • hampers

    hampers said 7 years ago

    You have a nice list of gift items here. I wonder if you could add fabulous gift hampers too in your future listing. I'll soon check these gift photos as it seems to be an easy item to sell.

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