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First Etsy Community Council Announced handmade and vintage goods

UPDATE: Friends, as I mentioned in my earlier article, this first Community Council would be something of an experiment. Over the course of these initial three months we have learned a great deal, including that three months is far too short a period for a single council to serve. Therefore, we have decided to extend the current Community Council for an additional three months to December 10, 2009.

We will reopen the application process for the next council on December 1, 2009. If you already applied for the first council and still wish to be considered, you need not do so again as we will be selecting applicants from the pool of all applications ever received. Thanks!

[The following was originally published on June 9, 2009.]

More than 1000 people applied to be a part of the artists’ group of the First Etsy Community Council. To select the first 25 artists, we hid usernames and selected a diverse group of sellers who cover a wide range of success, history, and geographic area. Once selected, we contacted each member to confirm that they were still interested. The last did so today, and without further ado, I am happy to announce the artist members of the Etsy Community Council.

Please put your hands together for:

AardvarkSilver, AchAchLiebling, alibli, betsyryland, CupcakesandMace, dollcloset, electricbluebird, ficklefaerie, hissyfitoly, itsabee, LeahPellegrini, lpdesigns, moonmothpress, organikx, patspottery, pinkracoon, polishedtwo, QuiltElegance, ilusoria, sasjewelrycreations, savor, sherrytruitt, StellarRelics, vital, and waysideviolet.

I want to thank all who applied. If you were not selected for this round, you will be included in the pool for the second selection in three months. Furthermore, those who did not apply this time will have another chance in three months, if they so wish.

We will be opening the application for the buyers’ group soon.

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