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Etsy Alumni: Maria Thomas

Dec 21, 2009

by Rokali handmade and vintage goods

UPDATE: In the New Year, Maria will be leaving Etsy, and Rob, Etsy’s founder will return as CEO. Read their message to the community here.

UPDATE from July, 2008: Maria Thomas is now Etsy’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Read more about her role and other additions to the Etsy team in this post from July 2008.

[The following was originally published on April 22, 2008.]

We’re super excited to introduce Maria to everyone. She’s our new Chief Operating Officer (COO). At the moment she’s in the Southern hemisphere, taking a brief break before jumping into Etsy. So in the meantime, here’s a video portrait we shot just before she left.

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Find out more about the Etsy admin in our About Us series.

Music by Eric Beug

Mr. Red ( light blue) kitchen towel - 096
Mr. Red ( light blue) kitchen towel - 096
XBox Rock Band Drum Kit Cosies
XBox Rock Band Drum Kit Cosies
Jumpstart Hope
Jumpstart Hope
Space Station Blues
Space Station Blues
Green Amazon Parrot Tropical Felt Throw Pillow
Green Amazon Parrot Tropical Felt Throw Pillow


  • marymary Admin

    marymary said 11 years ago

    Great video Maria! We are so excited to have you join the team! xoxo, Mary

  • neile

    neile said 11 years ago

    What a great video. Her energy made me smile, happy for such a great addition to Etsy.

  • SteppingStones

    SteppingStones said 11 years ago

    Hi Maria! Nice drum set!! Hopa!

  • JJMFinance

    JJMFinance said 11 years ago

    Awesome! I'm glad to see someone who loves excel spreadsheets and numbers like me!

  • stilettoheights

    stilettoheights said 11 years ago

    welcome to etsy!!

  • mermaidclaire

    mermaidclaire said 11 years ago

    Hi Maria! Welcome to another West Virginian Etsian!!!

  • ebbandflo

    ebbandflo said 11 years ago

    welcome! your passion for what you enjoy doing is infectious - thanks for sharing it.

  • ClaudiaLord

    ClaudiaLord said 11 years ago

    Welcome to Etsy, Maria! I love your enthusiasm! (I love excel too).

  • littleputbooks

    littleputbooks said 11 years ago

    This calls for Pie! :) Welcome Maria, I hope you love your new job here!

  • MewPaperArts

    MewPaperArts said 11 years ago

    Welcome, welcome, welcome! You'll fit right in! Glad to have you!

  • EarthArt

    EarthArt said 11 years ago

    Welcome to the fold Maria!

  • beyondtherockz

    beyondtherockz said 11 years ago

    Wonderful, Maria, to hear you drum up excitement about joining the team. Welcome! ~Al and Caroline

  • SandFibers

    SandFibers said 11 years ago

    Welcome, Maria! How exciting for us all :D

  • XtremeDream

    XtremeDream said 11 years ago

    Wonderful! Welcome Maria. :-)

  • MissCrowland

    MissCrowland said 11 years ago

    Seems like a cool woman...and we share the same first name, so of course she's awesome.

  • bayousalvage

    bayousalvage said 11 years ago

    Viva la COO d'etat! peace and beignets, kerry

  • HeyMichelle

    HeyMichelle said 11 years ago

    Hey Maria! Welcome! We're so excited to have you, and I'm certain you'll love working here as much as we all do...see you soon!

  • daniellexo

    daniellexo said 11 years ago

    You play some mean drums! We'll have to get you in on our Rock Band sessions! Welcome to our crafty family :)

  • aplanetnamedjanet

    aplanetnamedjanet said 11 years ago

    Welcome Maria. Looking forward to your input.

  • staceyrebecca

    staceyrebecca said 11 years ago

    Pie indeed! Welcome Maria! Hope to see more of you soon!

  • madelaine

    madelaine said 11 years ago

    How awesome to see a WVian working for etsy! Welcome, Maria, and have fun! :D

  • FrucciDesign

    FrucciDesign said 11 years ago

    Welcome Maria!!

  • Chillionaire Admin

    Chillionaire said 11 years ago

    !!! welcome to the team ^-^

  • hobbledehoy

    hobbledehoy said 11 years ago

    Hi Maria! Hope you love it here, I know you will!

  • sweetestpea

    sweetestpea said 11 years ago

    Welcome to Etsy, Maria!

  • SecretLentil

    SecretLentil said 11 years ago

    hurray! welcome to etsy, Maria!

  • missbatch

    missbatch said 11 years ago

    Welcome! We can't wait to have you here!

  • adam Admin

    adam said 11 years ago

    Dude, our COO's got chops. Welcome to the fold!

  • TeenAngster

    TeenAngster said 11 years ago

    Sounds like you've got the skillz to pay the billz. Can't wait to start working with ya!

  • misscourageous

    misscourageous said 11 years ago

    Welcome Maria!!

  • ArtMind

    ArtMind said 11 years ago

    She seems like an energetic and enthusiastic woman - I'm sure she'll be a great asset to Etsy! Welcome Maria! :)

  • littlepurls

    littlepurls said 11 years ago

    exciting news! it'll be fun to see what changes (if any) happen to the site. congrats on the new job Maria! i'm totally jealous.

  • matsudabunch

    matsudabunch said 11 years ago

    This is really exciting that Etsy has grown to have a COO! You have mad drum skills!

  • TheSingingBird

    TheSingingBird said 11 years ago

    So glad you've joined Etsy Maria...I have very high hopes from someone who comes to us from Amazon AND NPR! Wow!!

  • magickalrealism

    magickalrealism said 11 years ago

    Nice intro and amazing credentials. I can't wait to see what she does for the place. :)

  • fernfiddlehead

    fernfiddlehead said 11 years ago

    HI Maria. Welcome to etsy!! Looking forward to "meeting" you.

  • operatic

    operatic said 11 years ago

    We're very glad you're here :)

  • MoonMystic

    MoonMystic said 11 years ago

    Looking forward to getting to know you. . .

  • daveschappell

    daveschappell said 11 years ago

    Maria Thomas rules -- worked with her at Amazon, and think she's just fantastic. Etsy got even more amazinger in April!

  • Fyvebydora

    Fyvebydora said 10 years ago

    Hi Maria, I would love to work for Etsy! I registered to sell my fyvebydora knit accessories and I wanted to learn more about the business side of Etsy, so I saw your posting for the Vice President, Customer Support. I am very interested in this job, because it is one of those rare opportunities where the position marries my business and customer relations skills with my passion for creativity and service. I am based in San Jose and would fly on my own dime to come out and meet you to hear the details of what you are looking for and tell you about my successes and what I would bring to you and the Etsy customers. Thank you, Linda Bidrossian 415-806-2159

  • kariusdeparius

    kariusdeparius said 10 years ago

    THANK you for popping by PARIS yesterday!!! I was so happy to see you all! Thanks for all the answers! I congratulate your down to earth attitude, all you energy and the initiative for building this worldwide craftsmanships community! This is a modern tribute to William Morris ! I'm sorry I arrived late and had to leave you before end - ...thats life with kids... I gladly work in and support your projects! J'aime ! FARE FORWARD VOYAGERS, LOVE, Karianne.

  • bottary

    bottary said 10 years ago

    MARIA, porfavor podria ayudarme o orientarme que hago mal que no he vendido mas que 1 cosa en 9 meses y tengo tanto en mis manos ,mi ingles no es bueno y se que si mis cosas que hago son buenas la busque a usted por su nombre,y porque nunca he aparecido al frente si me podria ayudar usted o alguien en espanol gracias.

  • brownbunnybyiris

    brownbunnybyiris said 10 years ago

    Great to have met you in Berlin, Maria! Love your cool presentation!

  • Mariadelosangeles

    Mariadelosangeles said 10 years ago

    Great !!! I would like to met are welcome to Arkansas :) Hugs :)

  • IceCreamCandy

    IceCreamCandy said 10 years ago

    Welcome Maria!!!!!!!

  • antoniaart

    antoniaart said 10 years ago

    Welcome Maria! Cool drum set!

  • mruxndesign

    mruxndesign said 10 years ago

    what a cool woman - open minded, full of energy and hope- fully ;) lots of cool ideas for the business and us sellers! greetings and good luck to you, maria! kris

  • smallthreads

    smallthreads said 10 years ago

    It was super fun meeting you in San Francisco tonight! I had a blast. It was great to see your enthusiasm in our success. :]

  • TheNightjar

    TheNightjar said 10 years ago

    it was great hearing you speak last night at Crossroads, you have so much positive energy...I only wish you were not so surrounded by fellow Etsians so I could say hi personally!

  • ItsMadeAtHome

    ItsMadeAtHome said 10 years ago

    Maria, It was great meeting you in Seattle! Such a small world it was so cool finding out you too were from WV. We thoroughly enjoyed having you guys here. Maybe next time we can come to you? ~Meghan

  • hoganfe

    hoganfe said 10 years ago

    Terrific video - Welcome to etsy Maria! mary

  • Yayahandicraft

    Yayahandicraft said 10 years ago

    Great artist!!!

  • QuiltFinger

    QuiltFinger said 10 years ago

    OMG, OMG! A fellow female drummer is the head of Etsy. Too cool!

  • PeppermintSage

    PeppermintSage said 9 years ago

    Love that she rocks the drums!

  • Andrewson

    Andrewson said 8 years ago

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