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UPDATE: Hello Facebook friends! We have launched a new Facebook application called My Etsy. We suggest that you start using that app instead of the Etsy Shop app. It’s much better, and Facebook is phasing out the apps that appear as a “box.” See details on how to set up the My Etsy app here.

We have updated the “Etsy Shop” application for Facebook, a social networking site many Etsians use. The “Etsy Shop” application is like the Etsy mini but specifically for Facebook. We’re finding more and more Etsians — buyers and sellers — are using Facebook to spread the word about Etsy items and events, and this tool lets sellers show up to 6 of their items from their Etsy shops.

Here’s a quick How-To to help you add an “Etsy Shop” to your Facebook profile.

Log in to (or create) your Facebook account and click here to go to the “Etsy Shop” application page.  You’ll see a screen like you see below — enter your Etsy username, the number of items you want to show on your Facebook Profile, select where you want the items to feed in from and how you want them sorted. Click “Add.”  Now that you have that set up, click “Home” right above where you see “Etsy Shop.” Here you’ll see the option to add this application to your profile.

Like many social networking sites, Facebook allows users to create groups, and there are lots you should check out…And you gotta register to be able to see those, so join us! Click here!

If you have any problems with the application, we can’t give tech support here on this post!  Please leave a comment on the app’s page on Facebook.

Find out more about social networking sites and tools.

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NOTE: We first posted about this on the Etsy Garden blog way back when.  Kelly, aka kfarrell, a true geek at heart, originally whipped up this app back in the day.

Vanessa Bertozzi is a Senior Manager for Etsy Wholesale, a private, juried section of the Etsy marketplace. Since starting at Etsy in 2007, she has launched the Etsy Blog and led teams focused on seller education and community.