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Come Craft With KnitKnit at the Etsy Labs

Dec 3, 2009

by Julie Schneider handmade and vintage goods

Why stay in and craft all by your lonesome? Come join us for a needle felting workshop with KnitKnit — whether you’re in Brooklyn or anywhere in the world. Stop by for our weekly Craft Night in our online multi-user chat room, the Virtual Labs, for a live online demo at 5 p.m. ET, or in person at the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn anytime between 4-8 p.m. at 55 Washington Street, Suite 512 in Brooklyn, New York. (Click here to see what time 5 p.m. ET is in your hometown.) Craft Night is a time to make things, sharpen your craft skills, and connect with fellow crafters.



This week, on Monday, December 7, join us for a needle felt ornament Craft Night! You’ll learn how to “sculpt” with a felting needle and wool with Nguyen Le from KnitKnit (pictured right). We’ll start out with the basics, and let your imagination go from there — the possibilities are endless! This craft is not recommended for children due to the sharp needles. 



If you are attending Craft Night virtually this week and would like to felt up some ornaments along with us, you’ll need to gather the following supplies:

  • Felting needles
  • Wool
  • Foam cushion to felt upon
  • Ribbon or embroidery thread for ornament
Upcoming Events at the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn:

12/14: Plush toys with Wendy of Scary Stories
12/21: Bottlebrush trees with Daniellexo
12/28/09 through 1/18/10: Craft Night Hiatus (No Craft Nights at the Etsy Labs during this time.)


Looking for further crafting inspiration? Check out the video we made with KnitKnit!

How-To Needlefelt a Turkey | How-Tuesday Projects | The Do-It-Yourselfer Gift Guide

Will we see you next week? Let us know in the comments below.


  • babinka1981

    babinka1981 said 8 years ago

    Lovely! nice picks! nice works!

  • AmandaSainsbury

    AmandaSainsbury said 8 years ago

    Love the power cords :D

  • SeaFindDesigns

    SeaFindDesigns said 8 years ago

    Too cute!!!

  • seasonsart1031

    seasonsart1031 said 8 years ago

    Cute and Creative picks!

  • Ebruk

    Ebruk said 8 years ago

    Lovely works, thank you

  • RageoftheAge

    RageoftheAge said 8 years ago

    Those felted ornaments are so darling!! I can imagine a beautiful tree loaded with those gorgeous ornaments.

  • ThePaperTray

    ThePaperTray said 8 years ago

    I wish I could be there! I love all the felted stuff.

  • rosebudshome

    rosebudshome said 8 years ago

    I will save the date for the virtual workshop. Can't wait..........

  • bylynnkrestel

    bylynnkrestel said 8 years ago

    i am so there!! can't wait!!

  • GemmaBeads

    GemmaBeads said 8 years ago

    I love needle felting! It's really relaxing. I love all the creations you've selected!

  • fernfiddlehead

    fernfiddlehead said 8 years ago

    That looks like fun.

  • ThePeachTree

    ThePeachTree said 8 years ago

    Knitta!! I'm going to try my very very bestest to be there :)

  • FerntreeStudio

    FerntreeStudio said 8 years ago

    I'm in the middle of needle felting an entire 18" doll for a Christmas present. It's awesome all the shape you can get out of just wool. It's like working with clay. Well of course there's the sharp needles though! angie

  • CarryTheWord

    CarryTheWord said 8 years ago

    Amazing things!

  • grayday

    grayday said 8 years ago

    love these! and the eyeball is so creepy and great! Could you imagine an entire tree covered in those ornaments!?!!!

  • LustreBeads

    LustreBeads said 8 years ago

    Oooh! I really need to get back into needle crafting, it's so fun and versatile.

  • SimpleJoysPaperie

    SimpleJoysPaperie said 8 years ago

    Have fun ~ but don't poke your finger with that teeny tiny felting needle ~ it hurts! Trust me, I know! ;)

  • beautifulbridget

    beautifulbridget said 8 years ago

    Wow, so pretty!!

  • TwistedCrystals

    TwistedCrystals said 8 years ago

    I love these! :) the birds are all so sweet.

  • eurolenscape

    eurolenscape said 8 years ago

    Can't wait to learn how to felt this ornament! Thanks for doing this workshop.

  • baconsquarefarm

    baconsquarefarm said 8 years ago

    Hope to be there, something I've always wanted to learn.

  • Tias

    Tias said 8 years ago

    Hahaha, love the power cord...

  • timesandchimes

    timesandchimes said 8 years ago

    Love the snowmen!

  • UglyBaby

    UglyBaby said 8 years ago

    The eyeball is super cute!

  • YayaOrchid

    YayaOrchid said 8 years ago

    Love the berry bag and the felted sheep! Fiber, oh, fiber!

  • kimmchi

    kimmchi said 8 years ago

    YAY I love knitknit one of my etsy faves :)

  • kukkilintu

    kukkilintu said 8 years ago

    Love these!

  • HandworkNaturals

    HandworkNaturals said 8 years ago

    Needle Felting is SO fun. I hope everyone loves learning how to do it.

  • PunkUpBettie

    PunkUpBettie said 8 years ago

    Cool stuff! The Blue Eyeball earrings are too funny!

  • MetroGypsy

    MetroGypsy said 8 years ago

    Agh! Wish my iPhone had flash so I could catch this @ work! Looks like fun!

  • MyMoms

    MyMoms said 8 years ago

    Super duper cute choices!!!

  • AnnaLela

    AnnaLela said 8 years ago

    i love felt.great items in my shop you can see felted bags.

  • TheNightjar

    TheNightjar said 8 years ago

    sounds like a plan! I love needle felting and love KnitKnit! and thank you so much for picturing my needled felted holiday ornament, "Peace Dove" in your article : ) Cheers!

  • woolbrain

    woolbrain said 8 years ago

    You have some very cool items ...lovely work, I like the power cord and plug idea :0 Keep on Knitting !

  • thefunkyfelter

    thefunkyfelter said 8 years ago

    I just taught my nieces how to needle felt today, and they can't put it down. It is addicting! :O) I also have a brand new needle felting kit available in my shop. I have had so many requests for one that I finally made one for the beginning to intermediate needle felter.

  • cozycottagecreations

    cozycottagecreations said 8 years ago

    Yeah for needle felting!! Have fun you guys!

  • VixVintage

    VixVintage said 8 years ago

    Lovely, thanks.

  • breadandroses2

    breadandroses2 said 8 years ago

    The hanging acorn ornaments are so dear!

  • BabbidgePatch

    BabbidgePatch said 8 years ago

    fun items! love all things fiber!

  • Fairyfolk

    Fairyfolk said 8 years ago

    Oooh... I'd love to be there! Thanks for featuring my Felted Acorn Ornaments! Blessings and magic.

  • AudreyGardenLady

    AudreyGardenLady said 8 years ago

    Wow! Does that look like fun or what!?!?!!!

  • alectonyx

    alectonyx said 8 years ago

    the power cords are SO cool! Taking a break from custom made orders 12.07.09 so HURRY!

  • Aliaswoman

    Aliaswoman said 8 years ago

    I definitely would like to be part of the class. I've been wanting to learn needle felting. Do you need prior experience to participate? Also, when you say that same as the roving? If not, wool in what form and where can I get it? Sorry for the amateur questions.

  • 1HandWashesTheOther

    1HandWashesTheOther said 8 years ago

    OMIGOSH this looks like too much fun!!!

  • KnitKnit

    KnitKnit said 8 years ago

    Wow!! Thanks for all of the wonderful comments everyone! I'm so excited for Craft Night :)

  • nowonder

    nowonder said 8 years ago

    the little snowman are so cute!

  • organicpinklady

    organicpinklady said 8 years ago

    Really?! Craft night TOGETHER! This is awesome!

  • JaniceCordeiro

    JaniceCordeiro said 8 years ago

    A very old craft resurrected. Looking forward to joining in the fun. Thanks for including one of my ornaments. The display is colorful and very well done.

  • ilovehearts

    ilovehearts said 8 years ago

    I love felt x

  • SimpleTraditions

    SimpleTraditions said 8 years ago

    Very cool! I love the two peas in a pod!

  • RossanaShoshana

    RossanaShoshana said 8 years ago

    I love needle felting! It's really exciting. I love the creations you've selected for these saying.

  • RossanaShoshana

    RossanaShoshana said 8 years ago

    I love the creative collection here. thank you.

  • pileofstones

    pileofstones said 8 years ago

    Love these, the mini sheep and the peace dove are so cute!

  • MysticLily

    MysticLily said 8 years ago

    Such sweet, lovely items. I'm definitely going to try these workshops!

  • SpringtreeRoad

    SpringtreeRoad said 8 years ago

    i'm hoping to learn needle felting next year - looks like fun!

  • themefragrance

    themefragrance said 8 years ago

    Would be great if you guys could direct us to find the supplies in manhattan or brooklyn- don't have clue where to get this kind of wool etc.

  • mykonos

    mykonos said 8 years ago

    cute creations!

  • Iammie

    Iammie said 8 years ago

    It's gonna be so much fun! I wanna join :)

  • Bluebrooch

    Bluebrooch said 8 years ago

    Such cute snowmen,reindeer,sheep & birdies!!!

  • AudreyGardenLady

    AudreyGardenLady said 8 years ago

    Lovely! Wish I could be there in person!!!

  • bstrung

    bstrung said 8 years ago

    Cool! I love them. I wish I could knit.

  • joanniel

    joanniel said 8 years ago

    I love felt crafts. I wish I was good at making them.

  • jewelryvine

    jewelryvine said 8 years ago

    How fun! That eyeball cracks me up!

  • beezmiller

    beezmiller said 8 years ago

    Looks like fun. I will try to be there.

  • evihan

    evihan said 8 years ago

    beutiful listingsss..I have also funny animal shop at etsy...

  • MiasMunchies

    MiasMunchies said 8 years ago

    amazing! I want to learn to do this...I just saw this post though and dont think I can have the needles and foam in time tonight :( maybe I can just watch!

  • momtrends

    momtrends said 8 years ago

    I blogged about craft night here: I hope to make one of these events soon.

  • CLineCreations

    CLineCreations said 8 years ago

    Oh man I was hoping I could make it.. needle felting looks so cool! Have fun!!

  • KnitKnit

    KnitKnit said 8 years ago

    Thanks for blogging! Supplies are provided at Craft Night - you just can't take them home w/ you though.

  • WonderWoolPlanet

    WonderWoolPlanet said 8 years ago

    I love these items!

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