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Answering your questions, #3

Dec 29, 2009

by Rokali

Hi all,

Here's the third installment of our Q&A. This time, I chose a handful of q's from Twitter, where people asked them via a tweet with @rokali in it, or the #etsyq hashtag.

– @mrsbeccijo: What is going to be done about resellers on etsy?

We don't like resellers any more than you do. What we need are better tools for identifying, reporting and managing them. There are a number of internal tools we're going to build to help with this, and we'll post more details (hopefully with a timeline) early in the new year.

– @ChristinaPerdue: what will you do to increase buyer/seller privacy?

I've bought presents on Etsy and been found out via the feedback system, so I know how this feels. I need to do my homework here, as I'm sure many good ideas have been discussed in the forums. The most basic element is being able to hide a purchase, on the buyer side. again, I need to learn more about these issues. If a helpful hand were to start a forum post around this, I'd be most thankful.

– @archivia: Is Etsy planning to make Vintage Sellers more visible in their byline and in interviews/publicity?

Yes. And not just vintage, but supplies, too. This has long been a talking point inside Etsy. The tough part is that these items are not handmade, and our tagline says — well, you know that it says. We'll be changing our tagline next month. But this is a small change. We need to make the marketplace more flexible.

Does this mean that handmade is less important? Nope. Our reasoning for including the Supplies and Vintage categories in the first place was that these items would be useful to crafters. As these categories have grown, they've taken on more of a life of their own, and we need to facilitate this. I see it as an opportunity: lots of people who are unaware of the handmade movement are into vintage items. If they come to Etsy looking for vintage stuff, that's great. And it presents a new opportunity to sell not only vintage, but handmade, too.

– @archivia: Is something going to be done RE: non-refundable 3.5% fees for returns esp for high-end/priced sellers?

Yes. In case some people haven't seen it, I'm reposting what I said in the longer thread about this elsewhere in the forums:

I've started talking about this with everyone inside Etsy, and I agree with you. It's something I'd like to change. If you have an item returned, Etsy should return the sales fee to you.

It's going to take some more internal discussion, so please give us till the first week in January to publicly address the issue.


I'd like to add a personal note in closing:

I'm tired of making excuses for why things aren't up to snuff. As far as I know, so is everyone else: we here at Etsy don't enjoy it any more than you do. There's a lot we could be doing better.

We have an incredible bunch of people — both as employees of Etsy and as members of this community. We have the vision and the gumption, and we're going to make it happen. I'm honored to have such talented coworkers and such a caring community.

We've accomplished so much already, and there's so much more to do. Here's to getting it done!