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Tech Updates: Placing Items in Sections During the Listing Process! handmade and vintage goods

Dear Sellers,

You asked for it, and now it’s here!  We’ve just integrated the step of placing an item in your shop sections into the listing process.  No more annoying extra step after you are finished, and no more forgetting once an item is listed.  

Here’s a screen shot of what it looks like during step 3 of the listing process:


If you still have items that are not listed in sections, you can manually add and edit them the exact same way as before by clicking on the "sections" link in Your Etsy.   Now would be the perfect time to list a brand spankin’ new item to test out this great new feature!  There have been several related requests that items be allowed in more than one shop section at a time.  This is a feature we are still researching, but is not on the list of priorities at this time.

Again, thanks so much for all of your continued feedback and suggestions! We appreciate it. Here’s an article with some ways to use your shop sections.