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Team Tip: Membership Levels

Sep 15, 2008

by sarawearsskirts handmade and vintage goods

Is your Etsy Team experiencing some growing pains? Having a hard time getting all of the members who have signed up to participate? These are common problems that groups face, and while I’m sorry to say there is no perfect solution, here are some ideas to inspire your members to get a little more involved.

Some Teams have been devising Membership Levels. Interested sellers (or buyers, too!) can join the Team, and decide which level of participation is right for them.  Consider what incentives your Team has in place for more active participation. Some ideas to motivate seller members might be: a Feature on the Team’s blog and social networking sites, links from other members’ Etsy shops, a prominent Etsy Mini on the Team’s blog, or even first dibs at participation in events the Team sells at, if applicable. Clearly setting out what’s expected of members and how their time will be rewarded is important.

Here are some examples of membership levels your Team may consider:

  • Extra-Super Level: These highly active members might be responsible for general organization of the Team. Perhaps this level of membership means the person is a committee chair. There might be a minimum number of blog posts expected of these super members in return for the perks of being Featured. These tasks should be well organized and communicated among the Team so people know who is responsible for what and can see that things get done.
  • Great Level: A middle level for the typical Team member who wants to be involved, but might not feel comfortable with a lot of responsibility is useful. Mid-level members are valuable perhaps for their expert Treasury creation skills, their amazing social networking expertise or interesting and clever blog posts submitted often. Creating guidelines for mid-level members’ minimum promotional efforts will really ease the workload for Team leaders and make the Team visible!
  • Quick Level: This is a minimum amount of participation that a member can have and still be part of the Team. Members might not be able to attend meetings, but could still promote the Team through Treasuries and can participate in Team events, like Virtual Trunk shows, in person selling events or group advertisements. They should be expected to promote the Team when they have the opportunity — for example, by including promotional items from fellow Team members in packages or distributing Team cards at shows — but have a minimum time commitment to the Team, and, in turn, doesn’t get all the rewards the Team offers.

Each Team is different, so it’s important to come up with a system that works for your Team. Some Teams may choose to incorporate a dues system, to cover the cost of advertisements and promotional items.

For more information on organizing your Team, see: 

Committees! | Card Swap with your Team | Team Goals | Growing Your Team 

For more Team Tips, please check the Teams Resource page.  Also, we discuss the Team Tips, news and ideas in the Etsy Teams email list! Keep up the great work, Etsy Teams!

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  • retro80s

    retro80s said 8 years ago

    Thank you for the info! :-)

  • julietaromano

    julietaromano said 8 years ago

    thank you very much for the info... now im searching for a team whichsuits me the best!

  • imakecutestuff

    imakecutestuff said 8 years ago

    Yay for tiered membership plans! EtsyRAIN has just implemented a "basic" and "premium" membership plan -- basic membership is FREE and has benefits like using our team tag, workshops and creative challenges. Premium members get LOTS more...including first pick at our shows, discounts on ad space and lots of little opportunities and bonuses :)

  • BululuStudio

    BululuStudio said 8 years ago

    Excellent Sara

  • jswrites

    jswrites said 8 years ago

    sarawearsskirts, thank you very much for including those three little words "or buyers, too!" when talking about Etsy Teams.

  • Xenotees

    Xenotees said 8 years ago

    I love being a part of Etsy for Animals (Team EFA)! Thanks for including my Star Moss shirt here, with your excellent article!

  • staats25

    Drew from DrewsCollectibles said 2 years ago


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