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Summary of Community Chatt with Matt from March 21, 2008

Mar 24, 2008

by matt handmade and vintage goods

Each Friday, we invite you to join us in the Virtual Labs to discuss specific community issues. We call these sessions Community Chatt with Matt.

This past week (Friday, March 21, 2008) we took a look at feedback.  

Meeting Summary: 

A perennial hot topic in the Etsy Forums is the feedback system. Primarily, sellers are concerned about receiving negative and neutral feedback that they feel is undeserved. Last week, we took the issue to the Virtual Labs, and found that the following were the big ideas that came up.

  • Required text with negative feedback
  • Drop down menu for negative feedback with “other” as an option
  • A “pop up” window that explains feedback policies before a negative feedback is left
  • “Pending” negative feedback grace period to try to work it out
  • Blocking buyers with a certain amount of negative feedback
  • Rating scale in feedback

We will be discussing these with the Community Team, and will implement any that we feel will improve the feedback system.

The overall conclusion of the workshop was that communication between the buyer and seller is the most important thing, and improving that should be the primary goal. We (Admins and the community) will continue to brainstorm ways to facilitate that.

Click here to view the complete minutes from the meeting.

If you have other thoughts on how feedback can be improved or on any Etsy community issue for that matter, we can always be reached at

Next Week’s Chat:

Please join us for next weeks’ discussion on Forum Policy, which will be Friday at 12PM (EST) in the Treehouse room of the Virtual Labs.

About Community Chatt With Matt:

Each week we invite you to join us for a live,  online discussion of the “hot” issues in the Etsy community. Our intention is to give buyers and sellers alike the opportunity to speak directly and candidly to Etsy Admin. We listen, take notes, and make sure that everybody who wants to gets a chance to speak. We value your feedback greatly and always take your suggestions seriously when we plan site policies, practices, and features.

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  • eclipse

    eclipse said 8 years ago

    disallow all blank feedback: against. When I buy 10 supply items from the same seller I usually leave a comment in one item and blank for the others, to save time. Disallowing blank negative feedback: more reasonable, since negatives are rare. Blocking buyers with a certain amount of negative feedback: FOR. ANY kind of "block buyer" feature would be awesome! Rating scale in feedback: mixed feelings, might take too long and lead to more mistakes/feedback complaints. Most of all, and not on this list, we need ability to respond to feedback. Another thing not on list: feedback left by non-paying buyers should be removed. Period. Positive or negative. If they didn't pay then there was no transaction. If it's positive but they never paid and no item was sent, this is shilling or feedback padding, and it's not allowed. If they leave negative without paying, this is feedback tampering and is not allowed.

  • eclipse

    eclipse said 8 years ago

    Other ideas from the transcript which aren't listed in this article: negative feedback "expiring" or being automatically removed after a certain time period: for. 1 year seems fair. negative feedback "expiring" or being automatically removed after a certain number of positives, like 100: AGAINST this second method is biased too much because some people sell 100 items a week, while others take a year to reach that amount. This way a shop that sells many small items (like supplies) could erase their negatives in a few days, and I don't think negatives that recent should be removed. The 1 year time period is fair because it's the same time period for everyone, and it's ample time to reform and improve whatever earned the negative. Buyers not able to leave feedback immediately after purchase- 3 day "grace period" or waiting period before they can leave any feedback: For. The quickest they could receive an item even with express mail is about 2-3 days, unless it's a digital file, so it seems reasonable to at least wait until you have the item before posting feedback. Any feedback left the same day as the purchase is highly suspect. If it's positive, it's probably shilling/feedback padding by sock puppets. If a negative is left the same day as the purchase, it's likely the person bought the item JUST to leave the feedback, maybe used a sock puppet, and probably didn't pay. Legitimate transactions should have a 3 day waiting period for buyers to leave feedback. (sellers should still be able to leave it immediately, many sellers leave a positive as soon as the buyer pays)

  • yumiyumi

    yumiyumi said 8 years ago

    i think this may have been mentioned during the discussion, but a good feature would be to allow the seller to respond to the neutral and negative feedback with a comment box say, in italics, below the negative feedback/comment. this would allow both sides of the story to be told.

  • yumiyumi

    yumiyumi said 8 years ago

    of course, that would mean the buyer must give a written explanation why they left neutral or negative feedback. one reason i suspect sellers are so anxious about receiving negative feedback is because they are not given the chance to explain their side of the transaction. not to make excuses, of course sellers make mistakes and can be very much at fault, but there is also a lot that can go wrong with the postal service that we as sellers have no control over. and sometimes buyers overlook a sellers shop policies or item descriptions.

  • RockCity

    RockCity said 8 years ago

    Whatever you do, please don't do anything that ebay's doing. Sellers despise all the new feedback policy changes there, especially the rating scale.

  • babeta

    babeta said 8 years ago

    I have not been affected neg. by feedback yet, but here's what I wish would change: showing the sales numbers! If you're a newer etsy seller and have not sold a lot of items yet, it could be perceived as a bad thing in the buyers mind. The person who has sold 2010 items versus the person who has sold 6 are playing in a vastly different and highly unfair ball field from the moment a potential buyer looks at the numbers. ie. "What's wrong with it?" Why do you display these numbers, we could have them in our own private area and choose to announce them or not? In my brick and mortar store I certainly don't announce to each customer on entering, "I have not sold many of _________ but boy I sell lots of _______." I've asked about this before, I'd like to at least know why it's done? No business person announces "I have Not Sold Much!" And as much as we don't like big box etc. we are here to make sales. Sorry this is long and not on task of feedback.

  • TheTinyFig

    TheTinyFig said 8 years ago

    I missed out on the community chat!While feedback is very important to me, as a seller I'd like to see an option to not have to leave feedback. For example some people purchase gifts and supplies and while they will leave feedback for the seller they don't want feedback left for them. As the seller we keep getting prompted to leave them feedback everytime we log in. It gets confusing for us who have to keep track of this. I'm sure that there are some sellers that have pages of feedback from the holiday season that they aren't ever going to leave. Some sellers have also suggested that a batch feedback system would be helpful for those who make lots of sales. There are also concerns that some buyers will come back months later and leave negative feedback if their items broke or they just changed their minds. Perhaps the ability to leave feedback should expire after 60 days or something. Anyways, this is just a summary of what was discussed in this thread I started

  • eclipse

    eclipse said 8 years ago

    When are the minutes from the March 28 meeting going to be posted?

  • matt Admin

    matt said 8 years ago

    posting now

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