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Sloganathon: The Votes Have Been Tallied! handmade and vintage goods

Over the course of the last two weeks, the Etsy Labs put out a call on the forums requesting Etsy slogan ideas from the super clever Etsy community for our new line of dog and baby merchandise. We chose our favorite suggestions, posted them in a Storque article and asked the community to vote for their favorites. We must say that we were blown away by the cleverness of our beloved Etsy members!

The Etsy Labs just finished running the votes through our special vote tallying machine and are excited to announce the new slogans that will adorn Etsy dogs and babies everywhere!

  •  Congratulations to bamboobaby! Her ‘Etsy Mini’ slogan received the most votes from the Etsy community and will now be featured on a baby romper and reversible bib.
  •  JenniferRydinDesigns‘ slogan, ‘Shop at Etsy or I’ll make a wEtsy’ came in second place, and the Etsy Labs will be printing a line of rompers with her slogan as well.
  •  We will also be featuring MissCourageous‘ ‘Just Listed’ slogan on a line of reversible bibs along with ‘Etsy Mini’ since it was a favorite among Etsy Admin.
  • The dog slogan, ‘My human sells on Etsy’ suggested by Studio1212 received the most votes and will be printed on a line of adorable dog t-shirts in a full range of sizes.

Now you can use your dog or baby to start conversations with random strangers on the street about your Etsy shop. There’s nothing wrong with a little shameless self promotion if it’s stands for a good cause, right? Get your Etsy goodies at, and help spread the handmade love! xoxo