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March Numbers: No Foolin’

Apr 2, 2008

by winenutnyc handmade and vintage goods

As tempted as I was to post this yesterday and throw some April Fool’s numbers into this article, March’s numbers were just too good to mess with.  You better believe it!

All of the numbers below are the highest Etsy has ever achieved, even more than this past December 2007! 

We sold a hair over 400,000 items representing $5.6 million.  There were just over 700,000 new items listed. 

We added over 66,000 new registered buyers to the site and they contributed to the incredible number of page views in March: 285 million.  

Wow, what a month — no foolin’!  

Thanks to everyone for such a great month! You can also look at the February Stats and read more statistics-related articles by searching the Storque for the tag "statistics."

Raku Fired Dragonfly
Raku Fired Dragonfly


  • ArtMind

    ArtMind said 13 years ago

    Wow, that is impressive... Congrats Etsy! :)

  • chicalookate

    chicalookate said 13 years ago

    I had my best month yet too! woo hoo!

  • tinymeat

    tinymeat said 13 years ago

    Hoohaw! How many total registered users are there these days? Total community, buyers and sellers.

  • RedaretheRoses

    RedaretheRoses said 13 years ago

    woot! yay etsy!

  • daisysanddots

    daisysanddots said 13 years ago

    This is great! I definitely felt the buzz around Etsy last month. I hope I feel it again:)

  • lpdesigns

    lpdesigns said 13 years ago

    Wow! I remember back in the day...haha! Congrats!

  • PoPkO

    PoPkO said 13 years ago

    WOW! how many relisted items were there? you say 700,000 new items, but im so curious about the relists! also, is winenutnyc an admin? how do you find out these stats?

  • TeenAngster

    TeenAngster said 13 years ago

    Hi PoPko! Yes, Charles aka winenutnyc is an admin. However, he doesn't have it in his profile, which will be rectified asap. He's written many things for The Storque and often does the "Web-ber Report" for the newscast.

  • ArtByIris

    ArtByIris said 13 years ago

    please tell: what is the ratio of sellers to buyers this month, compared to previous months??? or what are the numbers of sellers and buyers on etsy this month compared to previous ones? congrats Etsy!!!

  • winenutnyc

    winenutnyc said 13 years ago

    Yes, I am indeed an admin!- coutning things for etsy since Dec 2006! tinymeat- we're approaching 1 million total users-

  • winenutnyc

    winenutnyc said 13 years ago

    that's counting, as opposed to spelling!

  • southernsassypants

    southernsassypants said 13 years ago

    WOW! That is fantabulous! Congrats etsy!

  • theseawithin

    theseawithin said 13 years ago

    Yeehaw! Way to go Etsy. March was my best month ever too!

  • backwoodsophisticate

    backwoodsophisticate said 13 years ago

    Holy smokes that is a lot of page views! Great numbers! Yay Etsy!!!

  • tqbdesigns

    tqbdesigns said 13 years ago

    Hip-Hip-Hurray!! I had my best month ever as well this March:)

  • Midnightcreations

    Midnightcreations said 13 years ago

    I can echo this too, March was my biggest month as well, followed by Dec 07. Cannot wait to see how April works out! Yay Etsy!!!

  • makemesmile

    makemesmile said 13 years ago

    That's great! I noticed the Etsy logo on more Dutch websites lately, I was wondering if the international buyers are catching up more ...? Or was this the "Martha" effect?

  • operatic

    operatic said 13 years ago

    Congratuations! I, too, would like more information about the ratio of buyers to sellers. Or even information about how many new buyer only accounts opened vs. how many seller accounts. Relisting information would be helpful too -- how much relisting is going on.

  • byLynnea

    byLynnea said 13 years ago

    That sounds like very good news...I hope it trickles down to benefit everyone!

  • ScottBulgerPhoto

    ScottBulgerPhoto said 13 years ago

    Three sales numbers would be helpful... Vintage, supplies, everything else.

  • DancingMooney

    DancingMooney said 13 years ago

    That's fantastic!! ♥

  • Earmark

    Earmark said 13 years ago

    holy crap! awesome for etsy and all involved! let me see more sales :) great job everyone!

  • AlliesAdornments

    AlliesAdornments said 13 years ago

    I'm sure some of that Martha magic was rubbing off. Next up, how about a little Oprah? What recession?

  • EvesOriginals

    EvesOriginals said 13 years ago

    I had certainly noticed an increase in sales in my shop since that show aired. It was a great month for me considering what I sell :) WAY TO GO ETSY & MARTHA!!!

  • marylynnplaisance

    marylynnplaisance said 13 years ago

    This is great: "approaching 1 million total users"=MORE promotions=More buyers! Congratulations Etsy! :)

  • SandraHealy

    SandraHealy said 13 years ago

    Wonderful news! I'd like to see separate numbers for handmade, vintage, and supplies.

  • FeralGlass

    FeralGlass said 13 years ago

    That is a lot of new buyers. Wonder why we were not given the number of new sellers, too. If there were twice as many new sellers as buyers, it would paint a different picture. I would also like to see the different main categories separated: hand-made, "vintage" and " supplies".

  • vodkaRocks1

    vodkaRocks1 said 13 years ago

    I think we should be allowed to have as many section as we want?? I know I need more then 10 and I am certain people that sell over 150 things would agree with me?? Thank you for allowing me to post

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