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Maintenance: Forums will be down Saturday night!

Mar 29, 2008

by TechUpdates handmade and vintage goods

EDIT:  We’ve bumped up the planned downtime by a few hours to allow for some additional testing.

Hi all,

Remember the forums maintenance that was supposed to happen last week?  Well it’s happening tonight (March 30th) for real!

The forums will be taken down around 1:00AM EST for approximately 12 hours.

We know that the forums are very important to many of you, so we’ll try to keep the downtime as short as possible.  Thank you for your patience as we keep Etsy growing!

Please address all comments and questions to the associated forums thread  (Until they shut down!)


– H

CACTUS - jewelry display - white
CACTUS - jewelry display - white
Vintage World Globe
Vintage World Globe


  • aorta

    aorta said 8 years ago

    oh no! people might have to go make stuff! or shop! oh the horror! :P

  • blueshedcrafts

    blueshedcrafts said 8 years ago

    This 01.00EST means zilch to me. It's now 6.28 am.m BST and it's still down! What am I too do? : (

  • sweetgracieforme

    sweetgracieforme said 8 years ago

    This is bad timing to shut it down on a SNS night! Not cool!

  • MountainEagleCrafter

    MountainEagleCrafter said 8 years ago

    SNS night = worst possible night to do this. from a seller's perspective. Even though I missed most of the SNS due to severe thunderstorms and having to shut down my computer, I was planning to do something for a few brief hours... (Hi sweetgracie!)

  • staceyrebecca

    staceyrebecca said 8 years ago

    I still hate all of you. Wash your darn dishes!

  • BritsCreativeTouch

    BritsCreativeTouch said 8 years ago

    haha I was sick all saturday and woke up at 1:00am and have been clicking forums thinking it would only be down a few minutes. I guess I should have followed the instructions and checked here earlier. =P

  • quirkybags

    quirkybags said 8 years ago


  • raisinlike

    raisinlike said 8 years ago

    As long as the views don't die on us again ;o)

  • JessicaSharrah

    JessicaSharrah said 8 years ago

    my coffee tastes differently without reading the forums with it..... odd.

  • hellome

    hellome said 8 years ago

    I'm having mine with a double chocolate brownie. It eases the pain. Somewhat.

  • embellishedlife

    embellishedlife said 8 years ago

    lol at jessicasharrah

  • whimsypics

    whimsypics said 8 years ago

    Aw man! I guess I could go be productive? NAH! Off to find something else to read....

  • ragqueen

    ragqueen said 8 years ago

    I feel lost with out the forums! LOL

  • Antiquebasketlady

    Antiquebasketlady said 8 years ago

    Off to sew!

  • iragrant

    iragrant said 8 years ago

    boo........still down and 4.36 PM here! All day without say hi in the forum!

  • HippyKlippyKlopShop

    HippyKlippyKlopShop said 8 years ago

    still no forums and it is Sunday morning here at 8:50 am :(

  • strawberryanarchy

    strawberryanarchy said 8 years ago

    im missing the forums but at least i have had a chance to watch some of the multi media videos in the storque! yippppeeeeeeeeee and i just got a video camera so i can finally make videos! i might make one today!

  • HotFlashGlass

    HotFlashGlass said 8 years ago

    Wow..what a difference without the forumns....I guess I will get some things I can hang when forumns come back and list new Pendants!!!

  • MountainEagleCrafter

    MountainEagleCrafter said 8 years ago

    Mornin'. I wonder how many views I will get listing a new item but without being able to post in 6.02 X 10^23 Promos forum threads about it ...

  • thepairabirds

    thepairabirds said 8 years ago

    You mean you all are going to make me *make things* instead of hanging in the forums? :)

  • CraftZany

    CraftZany said 8 years ago

    *sniff* Thanks for working hard for us or hardly working.....whatever!! JK BTW

  • KMCdesigns

    KMCdesigns said 8 years ago

    I miss my threads!

  • kaylah7

    kaylah7 said 8 years ago

    Eeeek, I miss the forums!

  • Knit1Paper2

    Knit1Paper2 said 8 years ago

    Oh my!!!!! What will I do with all that spare time? Oh hummm....

  • MFcrafts

    MFcrafts said 8 years ago

    try the chat rooms, they are hopping

  • embellishedlife

    embellishedlife said 8 years ago

    *drums fingers impatiently on keyboard*

  • KarmaRox

    KarmaRox said 8 years ago

    helllllllllooooooooooooooo did you guys fall asleep again?

  • ArtMind

    ArtMind said 8 years ago

    Hmm, I miss my EST friends... Today was actually the only day this week I could REALLY hang around in the forum :( At least it's for a good cause... :)

  • strawberryanarchy

    strawberryanarchy said 8 years ago

    i forgot about the chat rooms DOH! i have been watching lot's of craft tutorials on you tube so i hav learned quite a lot today but i haven't made anything ooops

  • strawberryanarchy

    strawberryanarchy said 8 years ago

    another thing i wonder what they are actually doing with the forums?? anyone have any ideas? i thought maybe they are changing the promo section and making a separate area for the games

  • loosewirestudio

    loosewirestudio said 8 years ago

    *getting the shakes with a cold sweat*

  • SeeBooKnit

    SeeBooKnit said 8 years ago

    dear etsy forums- i love you!! please get well soon! love, boo

  • nodinsnest

    nodinsnest said 8 years ago

    Oh mannnn, I guess I'll just go creat!

  • MidwestieLady

    MidwestieLady said 8 years ago

    Dear forums, I miss you, your voice, your giggles, your breath of fresh air. I think I am addicted to you....... Love, me

  • etrelles

    etrelles said 8 years ago

    that little guy with a wrench makes me laugh! so cute!

  • blestbeads

    blestbeads said 8 years ago

    *twitching....trembling....shaking...* OH THE HUMANITY!!!! (insert hysterical laughter - tinged eversoslightly with mania- here)

  • suchprettycolors

    suchprettycolors said 8 years ago

    wahhh! are we going to have "Networking" and "BnR" sections when they come back? ;D

  • pinupchick

    pinupchick said 8 years ago

    Augh! I can't think of anything else to do to avoid being productive! Don't make me be productive! Come back forums, I need you for your time-sucking abilities!

  • hookitup

    hookitup said 8 years ago

    bored...bored...bored.... I updated my website, added notes to my listings, check all my e-mails.... Now what? I guess I could go!

  • squedual

    squedual said 8 years ago

    its nearly 1pm... thats 12 hours!

  • DarlingBri

    DarlingBri said 8 years ago

    Dear Forums: Please come back. If you do not return soon, I will be forced to shop and that would be bad because Etsy is already bankrupting me. Won't someone think of the children? Here, have a hankie and a nice, steaming cup of hot SQL injection and get better soon. xoxoxo

  • KarmaRox

    KarmaRox said 8 years ago

    it's 1:00.

  • bijoutery

    bijoutery said 8 years ago


  • ThreeFrenchHens

    ThreeFrenchHens said 8 years ago

    Ahem. It is officially 12 hours now. Tick-tock Tickie-tock. *looks at watch*

  • cdosehn

    cdosehn said 8 years ago

    ok so we are all missing the forums hurry up already!

  • AuntDsHandcrafts

    AuntDsHandcrafts said 8 years ago

    It's 1:15 and I am totally freaking out!!!!

  • CombustionGlassworks

    CombustionGlassworks said 8 years ago

    eeeek! the forums are like coffee, i need them BOTH when i wake up!! love the wire photo though~!

  • youmeyou

    youmeyou said 8 years ago

    looking forward to it...xo...

  • ChippewaCharm

    ChippewaCharm said 8 years ago

    1:43 and counting!!!!

  • tangerined

    tangerined said 8 years ago

    awesome, would you mind taking them down more often? I'm going to eat breakfast, photograph new earrings and go outside! I hope the work is going well. Thanks guys.

  • LSKcrochet

    LSKcrochet said 8 years ago

    I miss you etsy forums!

  • MoonDawnDesigns

    MoonDawnDesigns said 8 years ago

    Not much longer now! :)

  • hookitup

    hookitup said 8 years ago

    i'm just curious how many hours is just a few more?

  • ragqueen

    ragqueen said 8 years ago


  • Starwaves

    Starwaves said 8 years ago

    where?? they aren't here

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