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Etsy Statistics: Dog Days of July?

Aug 4, 2008

by winenutnyc handmade and vintage goods

…Not at Etsy! We had a fantastic July, even with the July 4th holiday slowing everyone down a bit.  July 31st was the biggest day we’ve ever had: 18,291 items sold for a total of $267,195!   

Here are July’s key numbers, all of which represent the highest total ever for their categories:

    * $7.0 million of goods sold — a 9.8% increase over June.  
    * That represents 487,000 items sold, a 10% increase from June’s stats.
    * 813,000 new items were listed, up from 742,000 items last month, a 9.5% increase.  
    * 87,000 new members joined the Etsy community, including 16,000 new sellers, both increases from last month.  
    * 324,000,000 page views were recorded on the site — a 7.6% increase.  

Thanks to everyone in the Etsy community for all of their hard work in July!

Curious about how other months compare? Check out our past Weather Reports for more statistics. 

SUPER 8 Steampunk Vintage Pin Brooch Pendant by 19 Moons MOVING PARTS Oaak
SUPER 8 Steampunk Vintage Pin Brooch Pendant by 19 Moons MOVING PARTS Oaak


  • Hatdiva

    Hatdiva said 13 years ago

    Awesome, as a seller I love to see these sstatistcis. I joined ayear ago, as a buyer. I recently set up shop here in June. I had 18 sales from 6/11/08 to present! 87,000 new member says something is definately working! Yay Etsy!! Thanks winenutnyc, keep these types of reposts coming!

  • staceyrebecca

    staceyrebecca said 13 years ago

    How awesome is it to see SO many more buyers than sellers signing up! WOW Way to kick fantastic, Etsy!

  • sandcookies

    sandcookies said 13 years ago

    Thanks for sharing those stats! Etsy rocks!

  • karenkayartworks

    karenkayartworks said 13 years ago

    But of course, there's no better place to shop than etsy!

  • boundto

    boundto said 13 years ago

    Thanks for the stats, that's great news! Love that picture :)

  • Diffraction

    Diffraction said 13 years ago

    Very interesting. Thanks for the stats and all the new growth!

  • BPyarns

    BPyarns said 13 years ago

    nice article - and like the dog collection

  • Vanessa Admin

    Vanessa said 13 years ago

    Good choice with the main image, Chas!

  • mpaperarts

    mpaperarts said 13 years ago

    I had no idea these numbers were so HUGE! So glad to be a part of it...Go Etsy, GO!

  • DeborahVoizin

    DeborahVoizin said 13 years ago

    Wow! That is exciting news!

  • ClaudiaLord

    ClaudiaLord said 13 years ago

    Love the dog photo!!

  • BayRaysGirl

    BayRaysGirl said 13 years ago

    I love etsy~I love the stats, and I am spreading the word! I am establishing an Internet clientele Yea ! I am very happy.

  • GloriousGirlJewelry

    GloriousGirlJewelry said 13 years ago

    I just set up shop on the 31st, I'm a Newbie!!! These #'s are staggering! I can't wait to tell my friends & I have concrete facts to back up my excitement! They think I'm crazy! Love you ETSY!

  • dragonhouseofyuen

    dragonhouseofyuen said 13 years ago

    great news Etsy!!! I am proud to be a part of all this. Etsy for animals donates all it's store proceeds to charity (did you know that?) - so lots of money out there being spent in a great place. Love the dog!

  • westcorinthstudio

    westcorinthstudio said 13 years ago

    I think Christmas in July sales helped; I know it did for us!

  • DoSiDough

    DoSiDough said 13 years ago

    WooHoo for Etsy!

  • MsTerry

    MsTerry said 13 years ago

    Every thing sounds good to me.

  • Sewelsonwoodcraft

    Sewelsonwoodcraft said 13 years ago

    wow! wow! great news and I know it will only get better because this is an awesome community!

  • dangerousmezzo

    dangerousmezzo said 13 years ago

    That's good news for Etsy. How about sharing your statistics with your sellers -- please give your sellers access to their own stats so they can run their businesses like businesses. Thanks!

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