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Etsy in the Press: Bay Area, Steampunk and Teched Out

May 29, 2008

by Vanessa Bertozzi handmade and vintage goods

Here’s a tasty tidbit from my hometown press, the San Francisco Chronicle! Ms. Macmillan came to visit us a little while back, and you can read all about it here. She also wrote a companion story featuring local seller BirdNerd. A bit of California sun shines on Etsy.

Gizmodo, a popular gadget blog, posted about Steampunk jewelry and edmdesigns‘ cufflinks get a nod.

Techy folks, you might be interested in following the buzz about Etsy’s use of "Force10 Networks®, deploying the TeraScale E-Series® family of switch/routers and the S-Series family of access switches," to which we say Hooray! Our very own Dusten Splan, on the Sys Ops Team, provides some interesting quotes about the inner workings of and the internet, what we non-engineers like to refer to as a "series of tubes."

"Having everything at full line rate is a significant plus because in the last six months, we’ve grown more than 50 percent and in the next six months we could easily grow another 50 percent if not more. Knowing my network infrastructure is not going to start dropping packets as soon as we start reaching certain thresholds is something that will enable me to sleep better at night," Splan says.

This gives us some insight into what the engineers are working on and how they’re planning for growth. Dusten refers to our network as the foundation for Etsy, and sellers and buyers and admin can attest to that. We’re glad you can sleep better at night, Dusten!  Haim is not spontaneously combusting as often either.

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  • visualcreatures

    visualcreatures said 7 years ago

    Dethpsun has some really cool pieces in their shop, you can always find such amazing art on etsy!

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