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About Us: Sinohe aka sinoheterrero handmade and vintage goods

Etsy’s accountant Sinohe Terrero, aka sinoheterrero, balances our books and runs a tight ship over here at the Etsy offices in Brooklyn, NY. He’s a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and loves spreadsheets.




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This native of the Dominican Republic moved to the Bronx at the age of 7 and — besides his love of crunching numbers — loves the Red Sox, despite living around the corner from Yankee Stadium. For Sinohe, accounting and baseball stats go hand in hand.  Sinohe also has two kids and proudly talks about his little ones.

He’s a great member of the Etsy Admin Team and we’re lucky to have him. You can see some of his previous posts on the Storque here.

Sinohe Fun Facts:

  • The name “Sinohe” was his aunt’s idea. She saw a movie with an Egyptian doctor named Sinohe and loved it.
  • His full name is Sinohe Kenny Terrero and his twin brother is Kenny Sinohe Terrero.
  • Twins do not run in Sinohe’s family. He and his brother are “special.”
  • According to the Biz Ops Team, “He likes frappuccinos and other sweet and frilly drinks.”
  • He and Etsy lawyer SarahSays have a running contest of who can eat more M&Ms.
  • When he was younger, he and his brother wanted to be big time music producers. Now he’s an accountant and his brother is a lawyer.
  • When he got the job at Etsy, his twin took all his suits.

Did his twin get his fedoras too? Sinohe can’t remember which one he is.

Darling Sinohe and Kenny, pumped about their new toys.

Etsy has had quite a growth spurt in the past year, and we have the awkward pictures to prove it. We are posting a series of About Us pieces to help you get to know the Etsy admin (and since many of us work remotely, for the admin to get to know each other!). You’ve seen the admin badge, and maybe you’re a bit curious about the person behind it. For more on Etsy’s mission and about the company, please see our About page (the link is in the little blue footer of every Etsy page).

Below you will find some of Sinohe’s favorites.