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Your Etsy Bill’s Reminder System handmade and vintage goods

We’ve just implemented our reminder system about paying your bill. You’ll now see an alert bar just below the header and, if you have fees more than 3 months overdue, an interstitial screen letting you know.

Until the end of this year, reminders are the only consequence of having overdue fees. Starting on January 15 of 2008, accounts with fees that are 2 months overdue will not be able to list new items, and having fees 3 months overdue (or greater) will have their accounts suspended. We’ll always contact anyone with overdue fees several times beforehand to make sure things are OK and see what we can work out.

Once again, until the end of this year, reminders are the only consequence of having overdue fees.

This article was edited to comply with the Billing FAQ.

  • crazyartdolls

    crazyartdolls says:

    What happens when everything is paid and you still get the message about overdue, will you be cut off even though bills are paid to date?

    8 years ago

  • RevolvingDork

    RevolvingDork says:

    If you're all paid up, you shouldn't be getting the message about being overdue. If you continue to receive the message and you have paid off your balance completely, let us know.

    8 years ago

  • jared Admin

    jared says:

    Even I was 3 months late. Thanks for the reminder. All paid up!

    8 years ago

  • DustandClay

    DustandClay says:

    I sure hope you go back to automatic deductions. I was not aware I owed anything. I was also not aware of this change. I guess I just missed it. Anyway, I just paid my bill which was 3 months over due and am really embarrised and sorry it happened. Please let me know I am square with billing. Thanks, Bettye (DustandClay)

    7 years ago

  • thebeadingtree

    thebeadingtree says:

    Great job on explaining this!! :)

    7 years ago

  • staceyrebecca

    staceyrebecca says:

    I'm sad that kittens were not a contributor of this article.

    7 years ago

  • strumpfkunst

    strumpfkunst says:

    I'm sure it was hard finding "related items" for this. :)

    7 years ago

  • craftmanor

    craftmanor says:

    How about if you owe less than a dollar. In August I got a bill for my August payment and a notice that I was overdue and I needed to pay by my due date or I would not be able to list anymore items. The previous two months were somewhat slow for me (enjoying the summer months), so I owed less than a dollar both months. My understanding was, you can't make a payment of less than a dollar. How will this work after January?

    7 years ago