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Tips from RevolvingDork: Image Loading Troubleshooting

Sep 6, 2007

by Alison Feldmann handmade and vintage goods

RevolvingDork has some tips for those dealing with problems uploading images. From the forum thread:

"Hi all,

There are a few threads about difficulty uploading images, so here’s a guide to troubleshooting this issue.

**A BIG NOTE FOR EVERYONE: If your images do not meet these specifications they will most likely NOT work. Even if you successfully did things differently in the past, that is no guarantee that it will work now. We’ve always suggested that you adhere to these guidelines for your images.**

1. Do *not* upload untouched files pulled directly from your digital camera. First re-save them using image editing software, such as Photoshop or Paint.

Reason: Many cameras save their images in non-standard jpeg formats that don’t work with Internet applications. If you save them for the web using image editing software, they’ll be put in standard jpeg format.

2. Ensure that your image filesize is 500kb or less. If it is larger than 500kb, resize the image or save it using a lower quality setting. Remember, 1mb = 1024kb. If your image filesize is being measured in mb, it’s too big!

Reason: As a security and bandwidth precaution, our image forms are written to throttle uploaded files to 2mb. There is also a timeout built into the servers themselves that will stop taking upload data if it takes over a certain number of minutes to be sent. Since bandwidth upstream speeds vary, we recommended that broadband users keep their images under 500kb and dialup users keep their images under 250kb.

3. Check your firewall settings. Many users are behind firewalls without even knowing it. You may have a firewall built into your operating system, or as a piece of software running on your computer, or built into your router or modem. Since changing the settings for firewalls varies wildly from one setup to the next, you’ll have to consult the firewall provider’s documentation for instructions.

Reason: Firewalls are sometimes set to throttle upstream traffic by default. This is basically the equivalent of your system blocking your own traffic to the internet.

Hope that helps!"

For troubleshooting on your image loading problems, please visit the forum thread.