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Texas Does New York

Sep 18, 2007

by EtsyStore handmade and vintage goods

The Texas street team is coming out this month to sell their wares and teach us how to square dance! (Even though its more than probable that none of them actually know how to square dance.  But we here at the Labs are intent on square dancing this month!) 

If you’re in the neighborhood come on by EtsyLabs (325 Gold St., Brooklyn, NY) for some fresh Texas goods!  Friday Sept. 28 from 6pm-8pm and Saturday Sept. 29 from 1pm-9pm. The Texas Street Team is giving away door prizes and representing over 40 Etsy sellers from Texas!

Sellers you already know and love like:


We know a lot of you can’t make it but might like to join in our excitement so we’re holding a little giveaway.  Check out the forum post to see how you can win a big bag of Etsy junk merch!

Twin Peaks-- original painting
Twin Peaks-- original painting


  • lavenderlizard

    lavenderlizard said 10 years ago

    Yahoo! Etsy Labs will never be the same after "Tex and the City"!!!

  • EtsyTexasCrafters

    EtsyTexasCrafters said 10 years ago

    Don't know about that sqare dancing, but there will be some awesome swag bags for the first 25 folks to come by Friday night, door prize drawings every half hour both Friday & Saturday, major sales in ETC members' shops all weekend (Fri - Mon), and an online treasure hunt! For more details, and a full list of participants, please see our website at

  • artbyjc

    artbyjc said 10 years ago

    YeeHaw ! Go , Texas !

  • scribbles

    scribbles said 10 years ago

    I'd be down for teaching the Cotton-Eyed Joe! You don't need a specific # of people like square dancing, which I haven't done since elementary school PE anyways :) I'm really excited, and I can't wait to see the Labs!

  • rhradcliffedesigns

    rhradcliffedesigns said 10 years ago

    I just want to be a fly on the wall. Go Texas, Go ETC. Can't think of a better place to be from......and wait til ya'll see the Art and the goodies, Texas size.

  • pinuppixie

    pinuppixie said 10 years ago

    YA'll are in for some Texas Sized Fun!!

  • Bijoujuju

    Bijoujuju said 10 years ago

    Woohoo! Yall have a great time and take plenty of pictures!!! :)

  • elephantdreams

    elephantdreams said 10 years ago

    Which is bigger? Texas or New York? Just know New York will never be the same.

  • doubleddesign

    doubleddesign said 10 years ago

    TEXAS! New York just has more people...we have more blue skies! Yeah Guys! Have a Great Time!!!!! ;-D

  • HeyMichelle

    HeyMichelle said 10 years ago

    Woohoo! Can't wait to see you all here (and in the workshop)!

  • kjoo

    kjoo said 9 years ago


  • LondonParticulars

    LondonParticulars said 7 years ago

    Love the armadillo, I found a vintage armadillo purse this weekend but pass it up as the clasp was broken :(

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