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Muncie’s Rising Star: Myword handmade and vintage goods

We did a local festival this weekend, the Washington Street Festival in Muncie, IN: The 31st Annual Old Washington Street Festival. There were three Etsy sellers from the IN Crowd there. Later we found out there were actually other Etsy sellers there from Muncie that didn’t know about the IN Crowd but they will be joining us now.

The big news is, won the award for best new artist at the festival. We are all so very proud of her. They brought around a huge purple ribbon and placed it on her canopy. It was hard to get a good photo because of all the traffic going through her tent!

Everyone was very impressed with her unique jewelry and stylish booth set up, including the jewelry seller set up next to her. It was actually funny, I watched her booth for her for a few minutes and he came over asking all kinds of questions. Of course I am clueless on how she does her one-of-a-kind paper jewelry so I just told him it was amazing and she had invented the process after years of research!!