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Introducing Our New Geolocator

Aug 27, 2007

by jared handmade and vintage goods

Update: Geolocator has since settled into retirement. Read more about our move away from Flash code in this Tech Update.

It is our pleasure to introduce to the Etsy community the latest Geolocator.

We’ve also updated your Public Profile page with an interactive Google Map. Use this map to position your shop in the world. This way you can guarantee exactly where you would like to appear in Geolocator search results. If you’re a seller, you should update this data as soon as possible.

New Features!

We’ve been working really hard to bring you the best features in the shortest amount of time possible, however if there a new feature you’d like to see, please let us know!

Some of the new features in Geolocator 3 include:

Place Search
Now besides being able to search by tags, materials or seller names, you can finally search by place! The way it works is by pulling your location information from your Public profile. Be sure you log in into your Etsy account and update that information. Select your country in the drop down and do a quick search for your City by typing it in and pressing the lookup button. The location data you provide here is the data we’ll be using within Geolocator.

Result Clustering
The number of Etsy Sellers has grown exponentially during the last year so we needed to somehow simplify results when plotting them on a map. Through Clustering we are now able to group users according to their location and current zoom level, creating this way an *approximation* of where the users are.

Deep linking, Browser History
You can now deep link directly into any specific search. Simply grab the URL (web address) currently being displayed in your browser and voila. The back button is also now enabled within the flash application.

Paging Through Results
Of course you can probably imagine the incredibly large number of results we get for any search. To be able to cope with this, you can now page through results the exact same way you’d do in most websites, by using paging. The difference here is that these results get plotted on the globe.

Maximized View
To fully appreciate this new application in all its full screen glory, be sure to check the [ maximize view ] link on the top right of the application.

The Geolocator 3 was built by Marcos Weskamp for Etsy. Marcos is truly a world class developer and a wonderful human being. It is a joy for us to be working with him. Curious about what he is working on next?

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vintage travel Pan Am book 1964
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GLOBE GUY original art photo print 8x10
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Mount Shasta Journey


  • LondonParticulars

    LondonParticulars said 6 years ago

    This is such a great feature, with sellers all over the country (and world), it is nice to be able to see so quickly and concisely where your treasures are coming from.

  • imaginationjewel

    imaginationjewel said 6 years ago

    My profile shows my shop in Maryland but I looked at all sites and it is not there

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