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Etsy in Virginia: We Love the South

Oct 24, 2007

by EtsyStore handmade and vintage goods

Well, we packed up the Labs and headed down to Richmond, VA this past weekend to represent Etsy at the Centerville Pumpkin Festival!  What an eventful day it was with so many familiar talented Etsy sellers, a pumpkin patch, hay maze, alpacas in their finest costumes, bounce house, fire truck tours, festival food, and some of the cutest kids we’d ever seen!  I would say it took about 8 hours total to stuff all 200 Etsy swag bags full of your goodies and samples that were sent in, but it was well worth it when we saw people rushing to get their hands on them!

Etsy Booth: setting up 

Glass pumpkins

Strawberry Street Cafe

Pumpkin Patch 

Sea of 200 orange Etsy swag bags 

Alpacas in costumes 


A huge thank you to all of you that came out, said hello, and introduced yourselves.  One of our favorite parts about working for Etsy is getting to match faces with shop names and avatars.  It is such a treat getting to see more and more Etsians setting up shop at so many craft shows all over, and this weekend, boy did we get to see a lot!  I always love getting to see shop displays in person and recognizing so many pieces from the Etsy website that I see everyday.

The weather couldn’t have been any better, and we even got to get off our feet and eat lunch picnic style.  I’ll say yes to that anytime!

Etsy Lunch picnic 

See you next year Centerville Pumpkin Festival!


  • marymary Admin

    marymary said 9 years ago

    So much fun!!!

  • appalachia

    appalachia said 9 years ago

    Mary, check out my blog. There is a picture of you and your mom on there:)

  • aekeith

    aekeith said 9 years ago

    great article! it was a lot of fun! (except for the mad wind!)

  • PippsPurses

    PippsPurses said 8 years ago

    That was a lot of fun with perfect weather. I hope to do it again this year!

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