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Etsy in the Press: Austin Chronicle handmade and vintage goods

Nora Ankrum of the Austin Chronicle has nice things to say about Etsy in her her entertainly written article.

She describes the awe-inspiring DIY culture at Austin Maker Faire.  A custom order by Tinaseamonster, a very cool seller who has written articles on marketing and branding for The Storque, was Ms. Ankrum’s first purchase. uniqueboutiquey‘s Edward Scissorhands costume entry in the Halloween Costume Contest got a nice plug too.  

Etsy admin Julieincharge and Adam also attended the Austin Maker Faire and wrote a Storque piece about it here.

  • Knotgypsy

    Knotgypsy says:

    Wow! I was quite happy to read this. I used to live in Austin and read "The Austin Chronicle" every week! Everyone I knew read it. It is a great publication. Etsy is moving up in the world!

    8 years ago

  • Vanessa Admin

    Vanessa says:

    Good to hear Knotgypsy!

    8 years ago