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Jul 28, 2007

by Rokali handmade and vintage goods

Total # of items sold on Etsy. We just passed 1,000,000!

On June 18th in the year 2005, a little over two years ago, Etsy was born. Chris, Haim and I worked for two months in my Brooklyn apartment building the site, and as soon as it launched we headed out to dinner.

That first night, while we ate sushi, two people joined. On the second day three items were listed, and on the fourth day the first item sold. At first it was just three people, then grew to four when Jared jumped on board right after we finished our dinner.

Looking at Etsy right now, 1,000,000 items have been sold, 300,000 people have joined as members, and the company itself has grown from four to forty-two. (You can see everyone here, in this screen-grab from our internal wiki.)

It is very important to me that Etsy keeps it core values of community and being human even as we grow. It’s certainly more of a challenge, and we’re conducting our education in public. There is a lot to balance, from engineering tasks to budgeting to making sure people do their dishes in the Labs.

I’ll be writing a more detailed overview of what we’re working on; we’ll be updating our About page to show more of who we are; we’d like to send out a new survey to learn more about what’s on everyone’s minds.

As for the first item mentioned above, we will increase transparency with regular updates from every team. I’ll begin with a lengthy confessional on Monday evening. I’ve been so busy juggling that I’ve been missing out on the forums, another thing I hope to remedy.

– Rob aka Rokali

Note: This was originally posted in the Etsy Garden.


  • junkprints

    junkprints said 13 years ago

    Etsy is such an inspiration. I luv yer story. Love all the possibilities and am thrilled for the forum. You rock!

  • elsita

    elsita said 13 years ago

    Congratulations! I am so proud to be part of Etsy. Etsy is doing a lot for the world. Step by step looooong way. Mil gracias!

  • suchin

    suchin said 13 years ago

    i spread the word on etsy like it's a plague

  • pukapuka

    pukapuka said 13 years ago

    Etsy has opened up my world. Its awesome, congratulations on 1,000,000 sales! Here's to another big year ahead for Etsy!

  • sheilascrafts

    sheilascrafts said 13 years ago

    I think you all are doing a great job with etsy. I spread the word about etsy to anyone I come across. Hope etsy will stay around for a long time. I have met alot of nice people on here.

  • waltersbeads

    waltersbeads said 12 years ago

    i just hope etsy stays on the ground and does not become the monster like some others - you know what i mean

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