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Writing for an Online Audience: How-To

Feb 25, 2008

by FancyFreeMe handmade and vintage goods

Hi! My name is Deanna Roux, aka FancyFreeMe on Etsy. My last job was for a corporate communications department, in employee communications. I was assistant editor for an employee magazine and online publisher for an employee intranet.  My experience granted me some valuable knowledge on the difference between writing for a print publication and an online audience. I have some helpful information to share that I think you can use for writing up shop listings and on your blog.

Let me begin by saying this – I’m not done learning.  Times change, technology changes, and people’s needs change. Things are always evolving and you have to keep up if you want to stand out.

With that said, here’s where we were last I checked.

What’s in it for me?
People have little time and even less patience.  Readers want to know “what’s in it for me?” in the first few seconds, otherwise they’ll move on. Potential customers want to connect with you through your writing. Wow them with your art, but grab them with your voice first.  And don’t wait until the end of your blog post to present a call to action (e.g. sign up, join, visit me, etc.).

[bowl by vesselsandwares]

Headlines and Titles

  •  Shorter is better
    • Susie’s Sassy Salsa NOT Sue Roberts Homemade Recipes Hot and Spicy Salsa – Hot
  • Words that pop
    • Mohair Harry’s Skullcap NOT Black Hat With Hair-Like Fringe Around the Edge
  • Assign attributes
    • Juicy Gemstone Choker NOT Watermelon Tourmaline, Ruby, Peridot, 14K Gold Filled 16” Necklace
  • Work a rhyme
    • October 25, Blossoms Alive NOT My Garden is Still Blooming on October 25

KISS – Keep it Simple and Short
Yes, you need details, but don’t overwhelm the reader right to the nearest exit.  Reserve space for sharing your personal views, techniques and inspirations.  Go back and read what you wrote.  Remove big words only used to impress and redundant information.  Don’t drown your clever cut of meat with too much gravy.

[exemplary description by

Speed Bumps
It’s your job to slow the online eye.  Give your reader something to stumble upon.  Instead of using a large block of text, break it up.  Use bullets to make a list easier to read.  Use caps and/or boldface to make subtitles in your post pop.  The use of whitespace will give the eye a break and it’ll make your blurb easier to read.

Write As If Your Audience Doesn’t Know Anything
You are the expert of what you create.  You know the size, length, and dimensions.  You know the materials and components.  Your words should tell the story your photos can’t.  Don’t make them search.  A shopper wants to know if it’s sterling silver or plated; cotton or rayon; and porcelain or ceramic.

Things You Need

  • Word Processing Application: Type up your entries in Word or another application — it just helps to have an active spellchecker.
  • Camera: a digital camera is best for an easy snap and post.
  • Time: Don’t fake it — if you don’t have the time just put down the basics in a draft and fill it out later.

Things That Would Help

  • PFF (Proofreading Friend Forever): Have someone you trust take a peek for typos and general comprehension.
  • Photo Editor: Photoshop, Google’s free Picasa, or something like it — make your photos go from sloppy snapshots to pretty pics.

Ultimately, the challenge is not “writing.”  The challenge is “taming the writer within.”  So here’s your whip and here’s your chair. Now go tame!

So what do you think? Are you up for the challenge?  Comment below with any tips you have to share!

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  • PoPkO

    PoPkO said 11 years ago

    deanna, this is helpful to me. i find that i want to write in my blog and love advice on how to grab people right away. i will definately be reading and re-reading this when i make my new postings! heres the blog that i will be improving thanks to you!

  • heidiburton

    heidiburton said 11 years ago

    This is fantastic! Will refer your advice when blogging, and describing items in my shop. Thanks a lot Deanna!

  • bombalurina

    bombalurina said 11 years ago

    In terms of blogging and general communications, this is unbeatable advice everyone should heed -- I just don't totally agree with the titling aspect based on my experience with Google, not based on any experience as someone who reads copy. I hate to be a contrarian pain, but one issue that I know I struggle with is the issue of good writing versus good SEO. SE's like all the ugly descriptors like "14K gold fill, watermelon tourmaline chain necklace" more than "Julie necklace" and they really like them in titles and headlines, which forces me to do some icky things I don't like with my titles.

  • SabreStash

    SabreStash said 11 years ago

    Thanks for doing this, it should help a lot of people including me. :o)

  • TwoObsessed

    TwoObsessed said 11 years ago

    Great article! Thanks for sharing your tips! :o)

  • artesprit

    artesprit said 11 years ago

    nice article deanna! nice to see you popping up here!

  • BettysJewelry

    BettysJewelry said 11 years ago

    Thanks for your help - it was informative, friendly and gave me a sense of who you are. You told me upfront 'what's in it for me.' Wonderful use of my time.

  • papapots

    papapots said 11 years ago

    Ditto what bombalurina said.

  • Corpseknit

    Corpseknit said 11 years ago

    Fabulous article! This is useful information for every seller.

  • Glory2727

    Glory2727 said 11 years ago

    Taking the time to write this article is a blessing for those who read each.Thank you for sharing. Good work always shows through and you will be blessed for it.

  • wishupon

    wishupon said 11 years ago

    Fantastic! Thank you.

  • wittyworkshop

    wittyworkshop said 11 years ago

    terrific article, thanks!!

  • crazyfunkycool

    crazyfunkycool said 11 years ago

    congrats! some great advice here too. i'm gonna check out picassa... my photos look like snapshot sometimes, I'd really like to improve them for a better presentation. :c ) Thanks!

  • candypegram

    candypegram said 11 years ago

    totally believe in keeping it short..takes the pressure off of the writer as well... not having to sit down and write an article everyday.

  • waterfall

    waterfall said 11 years ago

    Darn good! Now I gotta rewrite it all....whaaa

  • FluffyFlowers

    FluffyFlowers said 11 years ago

    Good tips. I've had an article published in the Storque and I used a few of these :)

  • tnkgrl

    tnkgrl said 11 years ago

    Thanks so much!! It truly helped me :)

  • StartsandFits

    StartsandFits said 11 years ago


  • tinnaeik

    tinnaeik said 11 years ago

    This is great advice! I actually started naming all my paintings after the color they are. Like White, White I and White II since they aren't really of anything. But then I started thinking and came up with actual names that I think make them more interesting. I have to check on my descriptions though, they still aren't good:S

  • TaraTaraTara

    TaraTaraTara said 11 years ago

    I love Microsoft's Picture It Platinum Edition Home publishing software! It's super user friendly.

  • TaraTaraTara

    TaraTaraTara said 11 years ago

    I also use the FREE WORLD WIDE DOWNLOAD called Irfanview... it's got a squished red teddy bear Icon. You can open your oversized images, go to REDUCE and the SHARPED and resave! It takes only SECONDS to do!!! I reduce all my digitals with Irfanview!!

  • karabu

    karabu said 11 years ago

    These are great tips for grabbing and keeping your reader once you have them, but I have to agree with bombalurina on her points too. A bla, keyword rich title will help your readers find you better in the first place. As far as titles go, we need to remember that we're writing those not just for the client, but also for the search engines (in and off of Etsy).

  • Studio410

    Studio410 said 11 years ago

    Thanks! I find writing about what I make the hardest.

  • barbjensen

    barbjensen said 11 years ago

    Keywords in the tags can cover the search engine issue. I agree that appealing titles are really useful. the example, 'darn cute pink bowl' is just great! Simple and expressive of the character of the piece and the maker. The 'ugly' descriptions can go at the end of the appealing description to help buyers getr all the info they may need.

  • lindsaykristine

    lindsaykristine said 11 years ago

    Thanks, Deanna! Excellent advice, especially for a newbie like myself. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.

  • susyluxe

    susyluxe said 11 years ago

    thank you!! this was a really well-written article, and i have learned a lot. i'll definitely use this info next time i'm writing my descriptions. xx susy

  • BeanersBandanas

    BeanersBandanas said 11 years ago

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    silkbagsntreasures said 11 years ago

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    JulieWebb said 11 years ago

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    temno said 11 years ago

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  • RokGear

    RokGear said 10 years ago

    here is a fyi tip for spellcheck if you do not have a PFF or Word Processing Application and you use OE Windows mail box. you can lay out your post in e.mail and e.mail it to yourself Outlook has a spell checker to correct what it sends.

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    MonasMane said 10 years ago

    I really have to go back and do some major housecleaning. These articles are so helpful!

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    Sun2Create said 10 years ago

    Great article. I will need to re-write some things in my shop.

  • banyantreeclothing

    banyantreeclothing said 10 years ago

    This is very helpful. I know that people are impatient (myself included) when it come to being online. I think a good balance is what's important. I am on the other end and feel I don't describe my items enough, so I will be working on that. Thanks!

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    craftsbyposie said 10 years ago

    Very helpful! Thanks Deanna!

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    JunoArt said 10 years ago

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    ArtbyCarolSweetwood said 10 years ago

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    smilingbluedog said 10 years ago

    This article is so helpful! I appreciate the tips. I waste a lot of time trying to write descriptions, and touching up my bio. Thanks for taking the time to help your fellow Etsy neighbours. :)

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    Hatdiva said 10 years ago

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    jcgrace said 10 years ago

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    magicmuse said 10 years ago

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  • artworksbycathyj

    artworksbycathyj said 10 years ago

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    AnuraDesignStudio said 10 years ago

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  • knottysleeves

    knottysleeves said 10 years ago

    Great article. As a writer/editor in my "day job" I can't emphasize enough how important it is to spellcheck AND proofread your listings! It's all about putting forth a professional image. When I see a listing with multiple typos and grammatical errors, it makes me wonder how "detail-oriented" the seller is when making their items. ;-)

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    artnomadix said 10 years ago

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    butterflykissforyou said 10 years ago

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  • ideasthatbloom

    ideasthatbloom said 10 years ago

    Great advice! I'll be renaming some of my items with catchy short titles. You can tell the sellers who have sold at other online sites, because they basically use "tags" in their titles. I like the short and sweet ones. Thanks!

  • esmeraldadesigns

    esmeraldadesigns said 10 years ago

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  • copperlilly

    copperlilly said 10 years ago

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  • amandarobbins

    amandarobbins said 10 years ago

    Awesome article, but I have to definitely disagree with the title suggestions. You're not going to sell at all if people don't find you through search engines, including Etsy's. Those titles are prime real estate for search engine optimization (SEO), especially because the title of the item becomes part the page title tag AND is marked with the h1 tag in the page. The title and h1 tags are so important, probably one of the most important considerations in SEO right now. Considering etsy embeds the CSS in the pages and uses tables, its even more important to take advantage of those crucial tags since the extra code makes it harder for the search engines to find the relevant content in the page. I always like to put the user's (or in this case, buyer's) needs first when possible, so I agree about keeping things short and clear, but you can't fulfill their needs if they can't find your product. As a buyer I like cute names for products as well, but you shouldn't skip describing the item entirely. There is no reason you can't say "The Juliet - peridot & 14k gold bridal necklace" which would be a lot more helpful to a buyer searching for and scanning your pages for items they want. Etsy is unique in that the search default ranks by "most recent" listings, which is why relisting is important since it keeps your items higher in the list, but outside search engines are more likely to rank by relevancy than by what's recent. Balance is the key!

  • yaffaknit

    yaffaknit said 10 years ago

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    Gwendolynsdesign said 10 years ago

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  • pinkiekinch

    pinkiekinch said 10 years ago

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  • particlesofstone

    particlesofstone said 10 years ago

    amandarobbins has it exactly right--a short catchy title is nice, but functionally we must use words that people will put into search engines to find things like ours. The trick is to find balance so that the titles will be caught by search engines but don't sound like search-engine word-strings. I also don't like that "exemplary description" because it leaves out the exact dimensions of the bowl. I'm a stickler for dimensions. :-) Otherwise, a most helpful article. Thanks!

  • kindregards

    kindregards said 10 years ago

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  • SEOWebDesign

    SEOWebDesign said 10 years ago

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  • ReluctantChameleon

    ReluctantChameleon said 10 years ago

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    BewilderknitsGwynne said 10 years ago

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    KempGhaniClothing said 10 years ago

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    JKistlerStudios said 10 years ago

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  • BelladonnasJoy

    BelladonnasJoy said 10 years ago

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    reTroReVUE said 10 years ago

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    JackieMello said 10 years ago

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  • shepherdsgrove

    shepherdsgrove said 10 years ago

    I'm new to Etsy and appreciate the advice. Making my descriptions and titles catchy is one of my biggest challenges. Having written a lot of scientific reports in graduate school, where my professors took a red pen to anything other than the facts, makes it difficult now to "flower" up my words. But I shall prevail.

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    anothertimeantiques said 10 years ago

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    MartaWeaverJewelry said 10 years ago

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    grannyssquare said 10 years ago

    I agree with most of what you said, but, like many others, have questions about the ability of people to find items that just have a cute name vs. key word descriptive titles. Everything else you addressed was great and very helpful.

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    jenningspiper said 10 years ago

    This article was so very helpful. Sadly I am guilty of many of the do nots. Writing is not my strong suite but I am hopeful that I will improve and this article has brought me just a little bit closer :)

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    EcoInspired said 10 years ago

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    BeadedJewelryBySusan said 10 years ago

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  • CreationsdeFlorence

    CreationsdeFlorence said 10 years ago

    Lots of great advice. I see so many Etsyans who have wonderful, short, witty listings. Now need to apply all this to my listings :). Also, getting Photoshop Elements 7 to improve my pix.

  • SewSpecials

    SewSpecials said 10 years ago

    Thanks. I tend to be wordy, and I'm still not really up and running because I don't know how to do the pictures. Wish I could afford those Photoshop things! I am a Mac 10.4.11 user.

  • yasmintoo

    yasmintoo said 10 years ago

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    BigGirlJewelry said 10 years ago

    I spent 20 years in retail, so the last place I want to go EVER is the mall. I do virtually all of my shopping (even groceries) online. My biggest pet peeves as a buyer are spelling errors and poor grammar. These mistakes make sellers look unprofessional and uncaring. I figure if a seller doesn't pay attention to those details, what else are they ignoring?

  • DalkullanJewelry

    DalkullanJewelry said 10 years ago

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    MeAndBoo said 9 years ago

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    sacredjewelry said 9 years ago

    Great advice. I usually give my designs names that evoke what the specific jewelry piece makes me feel like (or can make the customer feel like), while keeping in mind the search engines, too. Not an easy task!

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    NanLawson said 9 years ago

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    SEOWebDesign said 9 years ago

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    lavendarblue said 9 years ago

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    You ROCK! I need words that POP and sometimes, when inspired I will establish a listing of words in WORD of terms that might be useful in future listings. The bullet points could be helpful rather then a paragraph of a description. I will attempt this on my next listing. I am getting so excited about all of these great suggestions. One that I may want to add: I feel that one needs to allow time to write the proper listing, take the best photographs, ( I still remain in a critical area in this segment) and spend the time doing research if there are any materials that you are using in which you are unfamiliar, educate yourself as to what they are. I guess I would have to say that you cannot just make a great product. Half of it is the photos, description, and the POP, I should know, I have sold six items since inception. . Thanks for listening/reading anyway! Happy New Year!

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    betwigsandbetrees said 9 years ago

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    danceswithclay said 9 years ago

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    WishesAndSpells said 9 years ago

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    coritwss said 9 years ago

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    paintingpam said 9 years ago

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    DestinysTreasures said 9 years ago

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    glassali said 9 years ago

    I love reading descriptions that are well-written and fun and show the seller's personality. I have friends who claim they always check out my descriptions just for the fun of reading them. Or maybe they just feel sorry for me. Either way, they need to buy something. :)

  • BeelightfulCreations

    BeelightfulCreations said 9 years ago

    Your article has inspired me to returnto all my descriptions and proof them for brevity and interest. Thanks!

  • BeelightfulCreations

    BeelightfulCreations said 9 years ago

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    HazyDaisy said 9 years ago

    Great tips! I didn't know you could create live links in item descriptions, I've started already. I'm going to try for more punchy titles for my items too. Oh yes,and proof read my descriptions too-my typing is atrocious! Thanks so much!

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    chikahisastudio said 9 years ago

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    MommyTyme said 9 years ago

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    JacquelineJewelry said 8 years ago

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  • thePieceDeResistance

    thePieceDeResistance said 8 years ago

    Speed Bumps = Pure Genius! Applying that ASAP!

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    larrysleatherwork said 8 years ago

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    FantasyJewelryGoddes said 8 years ago

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    BucksCountyImages said 7 years ago

    My shop name changed to Gina Waltersdorff Art. I took notes, I read somewhere never write in the first person with I, I will take your advice and go to my 90 items and rewrite in the first person. It was very time consuming to rewrite titles and tags. It took me three weeks at this busy time of the year. As I did this unwanted task, I realized it was badly needed. Thanks for the helpful advise. I hope things will change. I sold two small items in ten months. My art photography sells well at craft/art shows. I know I am buried under 900,000 other Etsy Shops. I don't give up easily.

  • BettysBeadSoup

    Betty Winslow from BettysBeadSoup said 7 years ago

    Good advice! As a professional freelance writer, I wince whenever I see words spelled or used incorrectly and read copy that is blah or confusing. I second the comments about wondering what other details have been overlooked. I would be happy to barter copy edit/spellcheck/grammar tips, if anyone's interested. I'm also up for any comments y'all might have about my shop....

  • customheirloomart1

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