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Woody Allen: Man of Style

May 1, 2012

by Gabriella Cetrulo handmade and vintage goods

Love is too weak a word for how I feel about Woody Allen’s films –  I’d have to say I “luff” them. There’s no other man alive who could draw from classic literature, psychology, and organized religion, and make it all seem funnier than Buster Keaton fashioning a suit out of asbestos to “protect himself” in 1922’s The Paleface.

His influence on comedy is undeniable.  But his inadvertent impact on the fashion world is equally apparent (who else could make a trend out of glasses dispensed by the National Health Service?). From the menswear-inspired pantsuits famously worn by Diane Keaton in Annie Hall to his own collection of oatmeal cardigans, Allen immortalized the style of New York’s ’70s intellectual scene. And his endearing self-deprecating humor made its own contribution to his conservative look as well.

I think he summed up his look when he said, “Eternal nothingness is fine if you happen to be dressed for it.” It’s no wonder the man never wore anything but brown.

[1. ’60s Woody Allen Frames from WillaminaVintage; 2. Mens’ Pinpoint Oxford from Brooklyn Tailors; 3. Mens’ Leather Belt from Etsplace; 4. ‘Woody Allen as Zelig’ Original Pen and Inkby zhexi; 5. Vintage Mens’ Deco Cotton Socks from YesUms; 6. ’60s Mens’ Pendleton Cardigan from StopTheClock;  7. ’50s Saddle Shoes from RockAndRollVintage; 8. Vintage Mens’ Wool V-Neck Cardigan from TomTomVintage.]

[1. Bowie Habana Vintage Round Eyeglasses from MODvintageshop; 2. Vintage Pastel Shirt from Louisa Clothing; 3. Vintage Bow Tie from Vintalier; 4. Vintage Suspender Trousers from HoneyCombVintage; 5. ’70s Arlin Wool Fedora from OiseauVintage; 6. Houndstooth Neckerchief from Equeglitz; 7. Cognac Leather Heirloom Tote by ribandhull.]

[1. Quilted Chain Bag by matchesk; 2. ’80s Liz Claiborne Pork Pie Hat from storybookvintage; 3. MOTE Necklace by pollenjewellery; 4. ’50s Faux Mink Coat from nbdg; 5. Vintage ’80s Dot Pussy Bow Blouse from DazedFox; 6. Gem Faceted Solid Gold Earrings by arosha.]

[1. Sheen—Metallic Leather Bow Tie by ouloudo; 2. Aegir Sheer Hooded Silk Vest by Ovate; 3. Futuristic Wedge Oxfords from VintageReBelle; 4. Coin Purse by BlackbirdAndTheOwl; 5. Tin Man Top from HatchetAndDagger; 6. iPhone 4 Case Gray Colortone by BlissfulCASE; 7. Black Shimmer Turtleneck Top from alacloth; 8. Tie Up Headscarf by ChiChiDee.]

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  • everythingok

    everythingok from everythingok said 6 years ago Featured

    Seriously, Woody Allen's world is a world I want to inhabit. He's one of the biggest reasons I want to get more into filmmaking. Plus I totally wish I could pull off dressing like Annie Hall, even if I'd clearly be Alvy if I were living that movie.


  • magalerie

    magalerie from magalerie said 6 years ago

    Wonderful selections! I'm a big fan of Woody Allen. This article is a great tribute!

  • ArtsyFlair

    Michaela Bowles from ArtsyFlair said 6 years ago

    Love your choices! :) Great article! :)

  • uswatsons

    Sylvie Liv from SylvieLiv said 6 years ago

    Ooo! Very fun and stylish picks!

  • funktionslust

    Mara from FunktionLust said 6 years ago

    Not a big fan of Woody Allen, but can appreciate him. Love Diane Keaton however =)

  • HaroldandMod

    HaroldandMod from HaroldandMod said 6 years ago

    I Lurve it!

  • mattyhandmadecrafts

    Matejka Max from NattyMatty said 6 years ago

    The one and only!

  • chattiezz

    Lawrence Lo from LawrenceSupplies said 6 years ago

    like the dotted item!!!

  • MegansMenagerie

    Megan from MegansMenagerie said 6 years ago

    Great picks!

  • happybdaytome

    happybdaytome from happybdaytome said 6 years ago

    Cool article !

  • volkerwandering

    Jess from volkerwandering said 6 years ago

    I love all of the featured items! They rock!

  • jpgphotography

    Julie from BokehEverAfter said 6 years ago

    Gotta love someone who can rock the 50s' saddle shoes ^_^

  • atelierpompadour

    paola from atelierpompadour said 6 years ago

    Funny and cool!!

  • afc4life

    Catherine Cetrulo from afc4life said 6 years ago

    I love that man, for so many reasons.....never really thought about his undeniable influence on fashion....just another reason to love him!

  • ChezMargot

    ChezMargot from ChezMargotVintage said 6 years ago

    This is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. I really love Woody Allen, and I love all his muses, their simple, yet so elegant, attitude and their unique style, both in their personal interpretation of beauty and acting. Really interesting article, thankyou for sharing this!

  • dogchasetail

    dogchasetail from usedthings said 6 years ago

    do not like woody allen but love diane keaton..still i have watched many of his movies.

  • DecadesOfVintage

    DecadesOfVintage from DecadesOfVintage said 6 years ago

    his individuality defines his originality is style and taste great article

  • mstrf

    mstrf from MSTRF said 6 years ago

    I luff it

  • Blingup1

    Hatsuna from Blingup1 said 6 years ago

    Great collection of styles!! i love the sleeper A LOT!!! Thank you for sharing these ideas.

  • samsnatural

    Sam's Natural from SamsNatural said 6 years ago

    Nicely curated collection

  • VintageMarketPlace

    VintageMarketPlace from VintageMarketPlace said 6 years ago

    I can appreciate the fashion history but I am not a Woody fan at all.

  • threecuteflowers

    Nata from threecuteflowers said 6 years ago

    wow! so coooooool!!!

  • FlaxenHairedGirl

    Nichole Williamson from FlaxenHairedGirl said 6 years ago

    Ohhh how fun! I lurve it! ;)

  • guziks

    Stephanie from Phylogeny said 6 years ago

    Great selections! and a very fun topic :)

  • LadyInTheWood

    LadyInTheWood from LadyInTheWood said 6 years ago

    The red hat reminds me of Kid Creole, love it.

  • VoleedeMoineaux
  • HuellaHuella

    Fabiola Friedman from HuellaHuella said 6 years ago

    Love this blog post!

  • TheSewingGin

    TheSewingGin from TheSewingGin said 6 years ago

    What a hoot. Neat article.

  • Parachute425

    Terry from Parachute425 said 6 years ago

    Not a big Woody fan but the collections are fun.

  • flintandspark

    Amy from flintandspark said 6 years ago

    Love Woody Allen! Great finds too!

  • PopLoveCouture

    Shai Wallach from PopLoveCouture said 6 years ago

    It's true - if there is anyone who inspired the whole hipster look it would have to be Woody Allen. The ultimate hipster - HE did it before it was cool!

  • oldish

    oldish from oldish said 6 years ago

    Yess, a REALLY big fan here. I do really love to go to the cinema and see his new films, every year there is one now, sometimes better, sometimes worse. I loved the one before the last one, "Whatever works", it was hillarious, funny and witty and just great. My mother who is almost 80 said she loved it too, we went together, we do it every year. I love the music, I love the fonts (always the same). He gets the best people to act in them too. I even went to his concert here in Oslo, not bad either. Woody is a OOAK guy, brilliant. Nice post, congrats!

  • LaCravate

    Carol from LaCravate said 6 years ago

    I loved the Annie Hall thing - wore it all the time - knicked my brother's tweed jacket, even though it was too big. Woody Allen - the first geek to inspire a whole new look...

  • KaiceJoy

    Kirsti Joy from KaiceJoy said 6 years ago


  • AeridesDesigns

    AeridesDesigns from AeridesDesigns said 6 years ago

    His personal...."choices"... overshadow his cinematic accomplishments for me, but I do love the homage to Diane Keaton/Annie Hall (hey how about a feature on Diane as a woman of such classic yet individual style!)

  • TwinkleStarCrafts

    Judith and Raymond from AnnaOliveDesigns said 6 years ago

    Woody Allen's first movie, 'Take the Money and Run' was by far one of his most enjoyable. It is the first time I can recall being completely hysterical with laughter while watching a movie. Although I am not a fan of his personal choices, the subjects he covered in his movies, as well as the intelligent dialogue are completely original, fun (though sometimes serious), and thought-provoking. Interesting article.

  • heirloomsbylaurie

    Laurie Olson Williams from heirloomsbylaurie said 6 years ago

    Funny thing -- I always loved the "Annie Hall" look, even before I *knew* that's where it came from. :) Something timeless about men's wear worn by women.

  • TwinkleStarCrafts

    Judith and Raymond from AnnaOliveDesigns said 6 years ago

    I second Aerides Designs suggestion re a tribute to Diane Keaton...she is an icon. I believe the classic look of her wardrobe in 'Annie Hall' was her idea. From her time on Broadway understudying a main character in the original production of 'Hair' to 'the Godfather' to 'Baby Boom' (my personal favorite) to 'Something's Gotta Give' her performances have been powerfully understated. I just love how she has evolved as an actress. She was pretty amazing in 'Reds,' too!

  • blmcdaniel

    Blake McDaniel from blmcdaniel said 6 years ago

    I like some clothes from the 70s but i would not bring of them back. Every decade has it own uniqueness.

  • AnatomyVintage

    Amber Zaragoza from AnatomyVintage said 6 years ago

    LOVE! I've been describing things as "so Annie Hall" so much lately. It's nice to see shared enthusiasm for the style :) Viva la Nerdy Chic!

  • thenosuchdisco

    Dave from thenosuchdisco said 6 years ago

    Cool blog and something different from what I'd normally expect. I can't say I'm a fan of Mr Allen, each to their own, I still respect him mind! I love 70's fashion. I wish there was more of it around today. Can't we all just dress like Led Zeppelin?

  • rosebudshome

    rosebudshome from rosebudshome said 6 years ago

    Love Diane Keaton not so much Woody Allen!

  • thecottagemarket

    andrea cammarata from thecottagemarket said 6 years ago

    Love everything Woody Allen! just about the funniest man in the world! so glad to see so much appreciation for all that he has accomplished -- Keaton is still rockin that style and really well I am add! thanks for such a great article!

  • iktomi

    Denise from Iktomi said 6 years ago

    Sorry, but he creeps me out. The guy married his stepdaughter. Way, way out of the norm and apparently that's okay with some people. I don't think he's all that funny, either. Maybe its a New York thing.

  • FireIslandSoap

    Billy Bubbles from FireIslandSoap said 6 years ago

    Clean & Classic - the best way to define his style, slightly mute - slightly edgy.

  • LivingVintage

    LivingVintage from LivingVintage said 6 years ago

    Great picks!

  • tararie

    Tara from tararie said 6 years ago

    I agree with Diane up there...he is pretty skeevy. The only movie I must admit he did that I do love is Interiors. That has the best style for the time. Interior design and fashion. There's some thing hanging on the wall in the background of the first apartment they show. I want it and I can't even tell what it is!! :P Great fashion post! It's all timeless~

  • SavonsFrais

    Susann Weinberg from SavonsFrais said 6 years ago

    Love his movies. Have just about seen all of them. Don't love the man, though. But he has definitely left his mark.

  • sandstormcreations

    sandstormcreations from sandstormcreations said 6 years ago

    Nice picks, thanks for sharing.

  • marsia

    MARSIA from marsia said 6 years ago

    The only influence on style connected with Woody Allen was Diane Keaton, who wore her own clothes in ANNIE HALL (1976) and started a major fashion trend for women. The clothes Allen wore were typical conservative style of his heyday, the early-through-mid 1960s, and many, many college boys dressed this way before Woody was well known. (If you're red-headed, which he was then, you look good in brown tones.) The difference is that Woody just kept on wearing what he wore in the '60s--and his attitudes, reflected in his movies, are the same now as they were then too. His is a case of what is known as ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, not an influence on style. Back in the '60s, he was unusual and sometimes quite funny in a self-deprecating way. Looking back on his early career, it is clear that he didn't think much of women--unless they were less experienced or younger than he. I was a big fan of his in the '60s and '70s, but it was clear to me in his movie MANHATTAN that he was much too interested in young girls, when he cast teen-age Mariel Hemingway as his love interest (1979).

  • hmmills

    Helen Mills from 1820BagCo said 6 years ago

    Oh I loved woody Allen films....great post!

  • AzimuthVintage

    Traci McKnight from AzimuthVintage said 6 years ago

    Diane Keaton gave a great interview on the Colbert Report last night! Wonderful woman- extraordinary trendsetter:) LOVE THIS POST!

  • ClaudiaLord

    Claudia Lord from ClaudiaLord said 6 years ago

    Love his films!

  • baconsquarefarm

    baconsquarefarm from baconsquarefarm said 6 years ago

    Sweet looks in here and I enjoyed the read as well, thank you for posting this one. :)

  • HeyHarriet

    Tracy from HeyHarriet said 6 years ago

    Big fan of Woody Allen and Annie Hall is one of my fave films! Thanks for a most enjoyable post!

  • thevicagirl

    VaLon Frandsen from thevicagirl said 6 years ago

    Such a fun classic fashion post. Love the works.

  • Musclesandcrafts

    Melanie from merVazi said 6 years ago

    Interesting post

  • lunaclaydesign

    Diana Cundall from OnceTattered said 6 years ago

    ewwww! Woody Allen I think I feel the need to go scrub with a wire brush..

  • VintageChichibean

    Carolann from VintageChichibean said 6 years ago

    Woody Allen? Not so much. Read "What falls Away" by Mia Farrow. He is/was not a good person.

  • myvintagecrush

    Kathleen from myvintagecrush said 6 years ago

    Awesome! Looove Annie Hall!

  • katrinaalana

    Katrina Alana from KatrinaAlana said 6 years ago

    Great picks! Very stylish!

  • Mclovebuddy

    Mr. Sal Phan, Bichon Frise from Mclovebuddy said 6 years ago


  • lhorwitch

    lhorwitch said 6 years ago

    I love Woody's movies. Diane Weist in "Hannah and Her Sisters" was a major early fashion influence for me. She and Carrie Fisher are epitome of cool vintage, downtown New York in that movie.

  • SheCountsCrows

    melissa saint from SheCountsCrows said 6 years ago

    Oh man, speaking of Diane Keaton! Her interview on Colbert was funny, but also...really weird. Oddly unfocused. Like, not her usual "quirky" persona, more....I don't know. Just ...weird. To me. Maybe it's just me.

  • animalfarmlady

    animalfarmlady said 6 years ago

    What a fun post! I greatly enjoyed it - from the Woody Allen quotes to the etsy fashion finds. This is the highlight of my day!

  • VintageReBelle

    Devon ReBelle from VintageReBelle said 6 years ago

    HA! This is crazy because I was just dreaming of making an Annie Hall Treasury! And then I see this post and my shoes are featured in the Sleeper collection! I am over the moon right now. I am a lover of Sleeper, Annie, Manhattan, Hannah, Man. Murder Mystery, Bananas and even Vicki Christina... Thanks so much, Gabriella!

  • grammagramma

    grammagramma from grammagramma said 6 years ago

    Diane Keaton is on the cover and is the featured interview in this latest issue of the AARP Magazine... Yes..she is 66!! and... she has two children aged 11 and 16... Woody is, in fact, still amazing ..also.

  • grammagramma

    grammagramma from grammagramma said 6 years ago

    PS: love the post...(;-)

  • ktreasures

    Kia from ktreasures said 6 years ago

    I love Woody Allen works! Thank you for this post!

  • HomeStudio

    Stef and Mark from HomeStudio said 6 years ago

    ah yes, love sleeper. Thanks for including that one.

  • annafabo

    anna fabó from annafabo said 6 years ago

    Fantastic films !! Allen is a genius!

  • beliz82

    Beliz from beliz82 said 6 years ago

    Great Post and Great finds Thank you very much for sharing !!

  • DottyandAlice

    Dotty and Alice from DottyandAlice said 6 years ago

    Excellent blog! I watched Annie Hall just the other night and had been loving that look. Some great finds here thank you for sharing!

  • ErikaPrice

    Erika from ErikaPrice said 6 years ago

    Sorry, but as far as I'm concerned Woody Allen is a total nerd and a complete turn off for me, and I don't find him in the least bit funny.. And if my DH comes back from SpecSavers with a pair of thick black rimmed glasses today, I'm off! But Diane Keaton is another matter, a great trend setter and fashion icon since wearing her own clothes in Annie Hall (a great film, by the way!) Having said all that, there are some great choices here - thanks for the thought-provoking article!

  • anney33

    Anney TaZanney from AnneyTaZanney said 6 years ago

    Love it, Love him!! Thanks~ Anney

  • TechnoChic

    Natasha Dzurny from TechnoChic said 6 years ago

    Well this is just plain awesome. Love the magazine style layout :o)

  • scattered

    scattered from scattered said 6 years ago

    Diane Keaton wore her own clothes playing Annie Hall as it was the fashion of the time...not Woody's sense of fashion

  • TheIDconnection

    TheIDConnection from TheIDconnection said 6 years ago

    Love the selection of items but can't stand Woody Allen!

  • LineaLina

    Susanne Major from LineaLina said 6 years ago

    Never looked at Woody Allen this way! Lovely post!

  • L2Country

    L2Country from L2Country said 6 years ago

    Txs Hedy!....."Annie Hall", ...."Sleeper"...., (not to mention Manhattan, Hannah's Sisters, and even the older ones like Bananas).....Fun movies to watch....I love the way you put together those picks that refer back to Woody and some of his movies....Well done....TXS..."L"

  • FullCircleRetro

    Piegota from FullCircleRetro said 6 years ago

    Well done mix..! =)

  • Popogirl

    Mary Dixon from Popogirl said 6 years ago

    Nice article! Wish people actually dressed like this in the 70's. I was in Jr High/high school during this period and we wore silky acetate printed shirts, fake turquoise or pooka shell necklaces and tight colored flared Levi's, then the blue denim striped Levi's. Then orange painter pants, gingham shirts and of course, turquoise and fuschia sweaters. And tall boots and cowboy boots.

  • FreakyPeas

    FreakyPeas from FreakyPeas said 6 years ago

    Yes, Woody Allen has talent...but, his personal life. That is just creepy!

  • PinkCheetahVintage

    PinkCheetahVintage from PinkCheetahVintage said 6 years ago

    Woody is a total freak, but I do find him and his movies smart and funny. Fun article :)

  • worksofwhimsy

    worksofwhimsy from worksofwhimsy said 6 years ago

    Please give costume designers their due!!! They are the creative force behind these looks.

  • accentonvintage

    accentonvintage from accentonvintage said 6 years ago

    Great choices! Love Woody!

  • bagladybooty

    bagladybooty from bagladybooty said 6 years ago

    Perhaps, Woody is a frumpy fashionista. He'll never strut his cerebral self down the catwalk - but he has his own sorta style.

  • LittleWrenPottery

    Victoria Baker from LittleWrenPottery said 6 years ago

    You know I've never really seen many woody allen films, hes such a cult figure though! I wonder where to start....

  • jmayoriginals

    jean from jmayoriginals said 6 years ago

    fun article & great picks.

  • everythingok

    everythingok from everythingok said 6 years ago Featured

    Seriously, Woody Allen's world is a world I want to inhabit. He's one of the biggest reasons I want to get more into filmmaking. Plus I totally wish I could pull off dressing like Annie Hall, even if I'd clearly be Alvy if I were living that movie.

  • Namaz

    Nazima Banka from nazimabanka said 6 years ago

    cool article! the items are wonderfully suited!

  • recycledwares

    Nerrissa W from RecycledWares said 6 years ago

    Yeah!! Another Woody Allen fan. I "luff" him too. You've picked some great items to represent the characters. Thanks so much for this post.

  • BambuEarth

    Amber from BambuEarth said 6 years ago


  • MikeOncley

    Mike Oncley from MikeOncley said 6 years ago

    Thanks for the photo love!

  • EqueGlitz

    Lyn L. Han from Equeglitz said 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for introducing our product in this post!

  • bedouin

    Nicole from Crackerjackarma said 6 years ago

    Viva la Woody and his fantastic Orgasmatron voyage ~*~

  • misponko

    Liudmila Rosario Ponko from PonkoWorld said 6 years ago

    great picks!

  • arosha

    Arosha Luigi Taglia from arosha said 6 years ago

    Great article! Woody Allen is one of my favorite directors. And thank you for choosing my gold earrings!

  • windycitynovelties

    Windy City Novelties said 6 years ago

    Great Article!!!

  • MamaRobot

    Amanda Baehr Fuller from MamaRobot said 6 years ago

    Love the nod to Sleeper!

  • quinnknits

    Jess Quinn from JessQuinnSmallArt said 6 years ago

    Love, I'm off to rent Annie Hall now, haven't seen it for years!

  • skrynka

    Natalka from skrynka said 6 years ago

    Wow! you knew I LOVE his movies!!!

  • modernimpressionist

    Christine Parker from modernimpressionist said 6 years ago

    We just watched Annie Hall last night and it will always be funny. I love Diane Keaton's clothing in that movie, too! Thanks for a great article.

  • JessyBullock

    Jessica Bullock from BeniFemme said 6 years ago

    Ah so sophisticated, I LOVE IT!

  • xZOUix

    Zoui from XZOUIX said 6 years ago

    this is INCREDIBLE :) everybody loves Woody!

  • debcarvalho

    Debra from VintageCharmPlace said 6 years ago

    great article!

  • afc4life

    Catherine Cetrulo from afc4life said 6 years ago

    So interesting how Woody Allen seems to bring out such emotional responses from our Etsy Family!" What really surprises me is how much moral judgement has been expressed. Guess what guys, please show me a gifted influential talent with such influence is pure and above reproach ...... Let's just appreciate the gifts we all contribute and all just try to get along. If you feel that strongly, it is your right but I would just avoid wearing brown cardigans .

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