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Which May Flowers Bloom the Brightest? Vote!

May 19, 2009

by Vanessa Bertozzi handmade and vintage goods

We asked our readers to nominate their favorite flower items in the comments of this post — and boy, did you ever! There were over 140 comments. We could not include all of the nominations, but you can see some of the overflow in the related items below. Amazing blossoms blooming everywhere!

Now it’s time to hear from our voters. We want to know which flower item you love the most.

Next Monday we’ll announce the winner. The top picks will be featured in the Gift Guides and here on the Etsy blog, so show your favorite sellers some love and get out the vote!

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P.S. Get involved in next week’s round and nominate items that would make excellent Father’s Day gifts. Post item links in the comments below.

BLOOM - sterling pendant SALE
BLOOM - sterling pendant SALE
Cherry blossom in Valentine - Recycled Gift wrap
Cherry blossom in Valentine - Recycled Gift wrap
Daisy, daisy
Daisy, daisy


  • lovelygifts

    lovelygifts said 8 years ago

    Just voted. Nice selections! p.s. thanks to whoever nominated my rose heart pillow!!

  • SusanFaye

    SusanFaye said 8 years ago

    I voted for the lace doily ikebana vase by Ken Dahlquist--so elegant and beautiful, and I happen to own one!!! Ken is a very talented ceramic artist!

  • blynkenandnod

    blynkenandnod said 8 years ago

    How could I not vote for the poppies- I have some of the same hanging over my own desk! I love Crafterall!

  • BlueBettyShop

    BlueBettyShop said 8 years ago

    Lovely, lovely, lovely, how am I suppose to choose.

  • maiziedesigns

    maiziedesigns said 8 years ago

    So many beautiful choices! Off to vote!

  • Zygopsyche

    Zygopsyche said 8 years ago

    A great collection of flowers here:) It was so hard to choose just one! As for Father's Day gifts...I would have to nominate Sofa Garden's cigar pillows Birds on Things Iron Warbler Print Unemployed Designer's leather bookends

  • Morado

    Morado said 8 years ago

    All the pieces are gorgeous! I'm having a tuff time.

  • tinahdee

    tinahdee said 8 years ago

    I love flowers. :)

  • arsazaria

    arsazaria said 8 years ago

    Voted!! :)

  • JessicaPoundstone

    JessicaPoundstone said 8 years ago

    So much flowery goodness!

  • IcingOnTheCupcake

    IcingOnTheCupcake said 8 years ago

    The table lamp at the top is so pretty! Just voted.

  • fionachapman

    fionachapman said 8 years ago

    So many beautiful flowers on etsy. We're spoiled for choice.

  • 4TheSparrowsNest

    4TheSparrowsNest said 8 years ago

    REALLY pretty nominations! Again, I enjoy Etsy letting us in on helping pick items to be featured. Thanks for including my felt photo frame too!

  • buttercupbloom

    buttercupbloom said 8 years ago

    That "bloom" pendant up there is soo cute! Cool gifts 4 Dad? These, but only if he'll share: Love this, too: These cards r great 4 Dad's that love Urban Legends: Love these votes, they are so fun on a Tuesday!

  • asundrynotion

    asundrynotion said 8 years ago

    I'm writing here from my Etsy vintage shop but am delighted to discover my BreadandRoses Garden Party Frock included in your selections! I'm honored to be in such great company. Thank you so much!

  • MyissaG

    MyissaG said 8 years ago

    Alot of great nominations :)

  • babook

    babook said 8 years ago

    i love the Cherry blossom in V... favorite things ; )

  • worksofwhimsy

    worksofwhimsy said 8 years ago

    Just voted. I love seeing the running totals, what a great addition. I just bought this for my husband for Father's Day. It arrived yesterday, and I love it!

  • AlloverArt

    AlloverArt said 8 years ago

    Hooray for Spring! Here are a few one-of-a-kind items that would make for a unique Father's Day gift:

  • adoreneko

    adoreneko said 8 years ago

    Beautiful creations. I am delighted to be among the nominations. Thank you!

  • bobnstitch

    bobnstitch said 8 years ago

    Love Ohmay's flower!

  • DalkullanJewelry

    DalkullanJewelry said 8 years ago

    I voted, but there were so many lovely things it was difficult to pick just one. Good luck to everyone!

  • PipingHotPapers

    PipingHotPapers said 8 years ago

    Cufflinks featuring hawks:

  • MademoiselleG

    MademoiselleG said 8 years ago

    Voted :)

  • smidgebox

    smidgebox said 8 years ago

    wow, i'm honoured to have my sunshine daisies tote included here! thankyou!!

  • VedaArts

    VedaArts said 8 years ago

    what lovely items! good luck, bon chance to everyone!

  • bijougirldesigns

    bijougirldesigns said 8 years ago

    yay! I love flowers - they're definitely my aesthetic!

  • PipocaHandmade

    PipocaHandmade said 8 years ago

    So nice and springy!

  • IlluminatedPerfume

    IlluminatedPerfume said 8 years ago

    Thank you so much for including me in this lovely bouquet! The first eight in this shop are perfect for the dads: Of course I'm partial. :-)

  • ilovehearts

    ilovehearts said 8 years ago

    I love flowers too... x

  • rosycloudfairyland

    rosycloudfairyland said 8 years ago

    Very hard to choose. Vote for Daisy, daisy.

  • buffalump

    buffalump said 8 years ago

    So great to be included- and with many other lovely items! Thanks again...

  • amerrymishap

    amerrymishap said 8 years ago

    Going to vote right now!

  • RhondasTreasures

    RhondasTreasures said 8 years ago

    That was fun, I liked seeing the numbers change.

  • foxmulderfbi

    foxmulderfbi said 8 years ago

    I nominate this: Before he would give his consent to marry his daughter my grandfather asked my father if he was prepared to protect and defend his little girl. This ring reminds me of that.

  • moonovermaize

    moonovermaize said 8 years ago

    Lovely flowery pieces! I like these for for Father's day gifts:[]=tags&includes[]=title[]=tags&includes[]=title

  • twoknit

    twoknit said 8 years ago

    Thank you for including our flower Choker!!!!!!! You can check out the poll here:

  • ArtoftheMoment

    ArtoftheMoment said 8 years ago

    So many beauties to check out! Love the Bloom one!:)

  • KBShimmer

    KBShimmer said 8 years ago

    I think my Bad Boy soap would make a great gift! A sexy scent for that favorite man in your life! Or for the hunter, check out our Camo soap: Last, for the dad that wants some time to unwind, check out our Relax Man bath bombs, a staple for the men in my life!

  • SewnNatural

    SewnNatural said 8 years ago

    Lovely - thanks for including my eco tulip quilt in the voting items... wonderful to be included.

  • aBreathofFrenchair

    aBreathofFrenchair said 8 years ago

    I voted! Lovely collection!!!

  • DvoraSchleffer

    DvoraSchleffer said 8 years ago

    I love flowers. Hard to choose from so many beatiful flowers.

  • TwistedCrystals

    TwistedCrystals said 8 years ago

    great selections :)

  • ArtoftheMoment

    ArtoftheMoment said 8 years ago

    For the coolest of dads check out this vintage tie... I nominate

  • ElenaMary

    ElenaMary said 8 years ago

    For Super Dad...a multicultural (Mexican loteria card image and Chinese cutout head) Superman original collage card:

  • FluffyFlowers

    FluffyFlowers said 8 years ago

    Um, can I vote for Fluffy Flowers? :)

  • RubyStudios

    RubyStudios said 8 years ago

    For all those daddy and granddaddy HEROS out there!!!..... to smell the flowers!

  • NewDuds

    NewDuds said 8 years ago

    Flowers are so lovely!! We have some great tee's for fathers day, original designs and limited edition batches make sure hes got a unique item!§ion_id=5850698 and what dad doesn't need a funky vest to layer Thanks Etsy!!

  • visionquest

    visionquest said 8 years ago

    thanks for the "nod". happy Spring to all!!

  • BetaBoutique

    BetaBoutique said 8 years ago

    Beautiful items, very hard to choose!

  • visionquest

    visionquest said 8 years ago

    this is cool, from KisforCalligraphy and this from TheLoudLion, would look awesome on any "hip" dad.

  • JulieWebb

    JulieWebb said 8 years ago

    I voted! So many beautiful flowers to choose from. For the fathers who enjoy a quiet day of fishing on a remote lake or at least like to dream about it: :)

  • JaneBoFelt

    JaneBoFelt said 8 years ago

    Beautiful flowers, voted) Funny felted hat for Dad with humor -

  • OldeTymeNotions

    OldeTymeNotions said 8 years ago

    I love this cute mug by for Fathers Day Or this cool jasper necklace for a hip dad by

  • greenTdesigns

    greenTdesigns said 8 years ago

    I nominate a Bookwormz book mark for Father's Day. The baseball one in their sold section is so awesome, but this one comes in 2nd!

  • CutieDynamite

    CutieDynamite said 8 years ago

    Cute! Tons of flowers in my shop!

  • TheDailyPincushion

    TheDailyPincushion said 8 years ago

    Wow! Wonderful stuff! So happy to have my Red Zinnia pincushion included! Thank You!!

  • ohmay

    ohmay said 8 years ago

    woot!!....excited to be included in the flower pack... here's a cute idea for Father's Day....recycled too!![]=tags&includes[]=title for cleaniness...[]=tags&includes[]=title and the stylish Dad[]=tags&includes[]=title all from talented peeps...

  • LaughingBird

    LaughingBird said 8 years ago

    Can I vote for everyone ? :) Pretty pretty pretty things !

  • wiccked

    wiccked said 8 years ago

    for dad:

  • truLuxe

    truLuxe said 8 years ago

    So happy to see Hannahnunn here... She's divine!!!! Beautiful shop... if you get a chance, take a look at her site at for more lovely pictures!

  • truLuxe

    truLuxe said 8 years ago

    Oh gosh, NiftyKnits is there, too!!! That daffodil is precious and clever and beautifully done!!! Her blog has pictures that will make you melt...

  • flappergirl

    flappergirl said 8 years ago

    Any of these manly embroidered ties would make excellent Father's Day gifts:

  • pocketcarnival

    pocketcarnival said 8 years ago

    So lovely, I love flowers!

  • ScarletteRoseFairy

    ScarletteRoseFairy said 8 years ago

    gorgeous itms! so pretty & fresh! Always greatto see some stunning peices by Australain Etsy stores!

  • giggleberry

    giggleberry said 8 years ago

    Love them - blooming great - lol!

  • shimmerjewels

    shimmerjewels said 8 years ago

    Sooo pretty. Thanks for including my necklace, I feel so special! :) I like any of Able & Games father's day cards:§ion_id=5930531

  • realisationcreations

    realisationcreations said 8 years ago

    Oh thanks for including my flower above ^^ I've just voted - a wonderful selection! I recently bought my Dad a wonderful silver bookmark from lisahopkins: and my husband this FABULOUS gangster wallet from sewlutionsbyamo - he loves it and gets comments on it all the time:

  • realisationcreations

    realisationcreations said 8 years ago

    Oh and I forgot that I have bought my husband ties from both rabbitstop: and quite a few silk ties from toybreaker - including this great one (perfect for meetings! hehe)

  • percivalroad

    percivalroad said 8 years ago

    such great items!!

  • leahkl

    leahkl said 8 years ago

    beautiful, I'm unsure which to vote for!!

  • chinadoodle

    chinadoodle said 8 years ago

    Loved the Tulip Lady. Check out the reworked china plate for fathers day:

  • wiccked

    wiccked said 8 years ago

    a couple more gorgeous gifts for dad!

  • Hannahnunn

    Hannahnunn said 8 years ago

    THANKS Etsy for using my picture! very chuffed! I have placed my vote...

  • littlemoandfriends

    littlemoandfriends said 8 years ago

    Whee! Super sweet! Thanks etsy for featuring my Cherry blossom wrapping paper with all these lovelies!

  • zombuki

    zombuki said 8 years ago

    Thank you so much for featuring my ring!

  • lyptis

    lyptis said 8 years ago

    Great items!:) Love the blooms!

  • lucidjewelry

    lucidjewelry said 8 years ago

    I have some great jewelry items for Father's Day gifts... Hill Tribe Sterling Silver Bracelet Hill Tribe SIlver Drop Pendant Necklace Orange and Brown Coral Necklace Copper and Silver Bracelet Mens Bronze Wood and Bone Necklace

  • DanceInMyGarden

    DanceInMyGarden said 8 years ago

    Dad would like this I'm sure;

  • lovelygifts

    lovelygifts said 8 years ago

    Thanks so much for including my red rose hart pillow!!!! Such lovely selections!

  • CollectionObsession

    CollectionObsession said 8 years ago

    Thank you for including my dress pattern. I am unworthly - so many beautiful and creative choices. Also, thanks for including the Zinnia pincusion from The Daily Pincushion that I nominated.

  • CombustionGlassworks

    CombustionGlassworks said 8 years ago

    I have a lovely Fathers day item for the Dad who loves wine and cooking! A gorgeous set of two re-purposed wine bottles, in a perfectly manly shade of Forest Green, sure to appeal to the manliest of men! Thanks for doing this in advance!

  • That70sShoppe

    That70sShoppe said 8 years ago

    Some great items. I voted. Here is a Father's Day idea.

  • deusprovidebit

    deusprovidebit said 8 years ago

    thanks sooo much for including our boutique newsboy hat! s

  • Vanessa Admin

    Vanessa said 8 years ago

    We still have some room in the Voter I'm putting together, so more more more mens items please!

  • MyLittleBirdie

    MyLittleBirdie said 8 years ago

    Love all the flowers!

  • PrudenceOctavia

    PrudenceOctavia said 8 years ago

    they are lovely flowers! I just voted!

  • Billysabadkitty

    Billysabadkitty said 8 years ago

    Just voted! It was so hard to choose just one! And may I suggest (If there's still room): or

  • NHWoodscreations

    NHWoodscreations said 8 years ago

    I voted! If you still have room, men seem to get a kick out of my Nature themed floral designs.

  • psarokokalo

    psarokokalo said 8 years ago

    i voted too! there is my father gift proposal! or

  • TheNightjar

    TheNightjar said 8 years ago

    really hard to make a choice, all so different and all so lovely, how fun to pick flowers this way!

  • poesia

    poesia said 8 years ago

    Support!We need father's gift!!!:Dthank you so much including my flower ring.and thank you all for voted my "little flower smart ring"!:)

  • AurorasTreasure

    AurorasTreasure said 8 years ago

    This was a hard choice,they were all lovely and unusual,but loving the imaginative side of life I had to say the butterfly fairy and Flowers,you could just walk into this or just spend hours looking at it,what imagination this could evoke.

  • FashionFauxPas

    FashionFauxPas said 8 years ago

    Lovely flowers! :] Everyone needs some flowers in their life! A vintage inspired Father's Day card:

  • vilte

    vilte said 8 years ago

    lovely picks

  • feltmeupdesigns

    feltmeupdesigns said 8 years ago

    i love the flowers, was hard but i cast my vote i reckon this would make a good father's day gift... since my dad's getting on of thesefrom me!

  • breadandroses

    breadandroses said 8 years ago

    Thanks again for selecting my Garden Party Frock! All picks are so lovely.

  • birribe

    birribe said 8 years ago

    So many lovely flowers. I think a tray could be a great gift for father.

  • asundrynotion

    asundrynotion said 8 years ago

    Here are some swell Father's Day gift suggestions, from very affordable to a bit more:

  • folkartvision

    folkartvision said 8 years ago

    Here's some word tags that will look great at Dad's office !! Here's a big comfy sofas for dad to take a load off

  • peylu

    peylu said 8 years ago

    xoxo heart for dad,

  • chinadoodle

    chinadoodle said 8 years ago

    This is a good father's day gift also:

  • ElenaMary

    ElenaMary said 8 years ago

    OUR UNIVERSE would make a super Dad's Day gift for that "spacey" dad...this print is by outsider artist Noah Erenberg:

  • LilandLota

    LilandLota said 8 years ago

    Hey I have great book abgs for Dad affordable and FREE post..Great for the book LOVER...

  • happyhourcn

    happyhourcn said 8 years ago

    the light is so nice!

  • unkamengifts

    unkamengifts said 8 years ago

    I think this necklace captureds the essence of Fatherhood:

  • favmoongirl

    favmoongirl said 8 years ago

    This looks sturdy like my Dad:

  • ArtoftheMoment

    ArtoftheMoment said 8 years ago

    A custom made key chain how cool is that :)

  • mulberrymoose

    mulberrymoose said 8 years ago

    For the Dad who loves to cook

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