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What’s in Your Bag?

Sep 4, 2014

by Mallory McInnis handmade and vintage goods

What’s in Your Bag?” articles have always been a staple in the magazine and blog world, and for good reason: everyone loves to take part in a bit of innocent peeping. You’re not covertly sneaking a peek of someone’s medicine cabinet during a party: this is invited nosing around.

Now I’m inviting you to take a gander at what’s inside five imaginary Etsy shoppers’ bags — let’s see what we can learn about their owners (were they to exist). What are their stories?

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Zee the Aesthete: Zee gets a great deal of satisfaction from opening the top of her pretty leather backpack and seeing all the equally pretty objects inside. It’s not like her things are useless — quite the opposite! From her perfectly distressed copy of Rebecca to her adorable illustrated pouch and attractive pot of lip balm, Zee’s items are practical and pleasing to the eye.

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Seth the Bus Traveler: Seth is taking the bus from Boston to New York to visit his girlfriend and he’s not very happy about it. Well, he’s happy about seeing his girlfriend, but he isn’t so psyched about the journey to get there. Ever since the Great Bus Breakdown of ’12, he’s learned to keep his beloved duffel bag — and all its time-passing contents — within arms’ reach, instead of in the luggage compartment beneath. Now, no matter what happens, he’ll be able to easily access his things: take a drink of water from his thermos, use his Kindle, listen to some music, or just put on his sunglasses and try to sleep through any delays.

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Fiona the Well-Prepared Mom: Fiona and her one-year-old daughter Lindy are on an airplane en route to London (the lucky ducks). She’s filled her carry-on bag with a variety of things to keep Lindy occupied: a board book, a teether and some coloring supplies. Lindy may barely be able to hold the crayons, but she sure loves to try. Fiona bought a new passport case in honor of the trip; she’d never bothered with one before. She plans to use her cool vintage camera to take pictures once they land, but for now she’ll take a few snapshots of Lindy using her cell phone camera.

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Claire the Collegiate Animal Lover: Almost everything Claire owns has an animal on it: her tote, her phone case, even the thermos where she keeps her favorite tea. She hopes to get an internship with the local zoo for the fall semester — one of many goals inscribed in her illustrated notebook. She always keeps a brush and some hair clips on hand, in case she needs to tame her own wild mane on the go. Her grandfather used to read her The White Deer before bed when he visited, and she’s decided to read it herself for the first time now. She likes the bottle opener her brother gave her when she turned 21, but it keeps clanking up against her phone and she doesn’t want it to get scraped, so sometimes she tucks it inside her makeup bag for safe keeping.

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Tyra the Dog-Owning Mycology Enthusiast: Tyra loaded up her tote for a day at the park. She came prepared with a bag of cookies to munch on, as well as some treats for her Italian greyhound, Whisp (who just got a beautiful new leash). She plans to read her fungi guide in the shade of a tree, maybe taking a few notes as she goes: she’s thinking about starting a mushroom terrarium.

What are the must-haves you always keep in your bag? Tell us in the comments.

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3 Featured Comments

  • edieandglo

    kelly hickey from edieandglo said 5 years ago Featured

    Being a Bag Maker here on Etsy ...I LOVE THIS!! So fun to imagine what might be in someone's bag as your walking down the street, sitting side by side at the beach or cafe or even waiting a turn style of the airport. Very, Very fun way to spend some imaginative time.

  • SusanFaye

    Susan Faye from SusanFayePetProjects said 5 years ago Featured

    The most important thing in my bag is a pen and a notebook. I always have the most brilliant ideas when I am driving around and if I don't write them down they have usually vaporized by the time I get home!

  • ebkriley

    EBK Riley from DeeAndFee said 5 years ago Featured

    As a mom (with a daughter named Fiona) who never feels fully prepared, I love the full selection of stuff to tote around, and totes to tote it in. Thanks for the leads on great products.


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