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Can Having Too Much Stuff Stress You Out?

Aug 9, 2012

by Chappell Ellison handmade and vintage goods

It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke: in 2005, two archaeologists, a linguistic anthropologist and a photographer walk into an average American home. Yet this scenario played out when a unique group of UCLA-affiliated researchers were welcomed into the homes of 32 middle-class families. For one week, the research team analyzed and documented each family’s life, looking at how they lived their lives.  After years of research, their findings have been released in a book called Life at Home in the Twenty-first Century.

Their data points to a troubling trend: according to their findings, the average family is drowning in clutter. “What we have is a time capsule of America,” says Jeanne E. Arnold, lead author and anthropologist for the research team. “No other study has been done like this.” Photographs in the book reveal garages filled to the ceiling with boxes, old toys, lawn equipment and housewares. In fact, the researchers found that 75% of the houses surveyed had garages so chock-full of stuff, there was no room for a car.

In a article about the study, stay-at-home-mom Jessica Pohl admits to being completely overwhelmed by the toys her children have outgrown. According to the researchers, that’s not surprising: managing ever-growing volumes of family possessions is actually elevating mothers’ stress hormone levels. When it comes to dealing with stuff overflow, most families admit to giving up, a situation that the researchers could only describe as “disheartening.”

The families in the study will strike a chord with many. Sometimes, it feels like the items in our closets, garages and storage rooms multiply when our backs are turned. It’s easier than ever to buy in bulk, or to simply bring home more than intended. One of the greatest challenges of this fast-paced consumer era is to slow down and practice conscious consumption by filling our homes with meaningful items that we love.

Are you stressed by clutter?

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  • fivechapter

    Cara Leckenby from LeckenbyCo said 8 years ago Featured

    Yes. Yes and yes. I help other people to manage their spaces (both organizing and redesign) and find this issue to be a hidden epidemic. It's a really difficult one, and sometimes (often times) counselling is required in order to really address the issues. Financial counselling and well-being counselling. Organizing a space, and decluttering is like putting a bandaid on a deeper issue, when the underlying causes of the clutter and lack of organization aren't addressed.

  • CreativeTherapy

    Stefanie van den Brandt from CreativeTherapy said 8 years ago Featured

    I'm also prone to collecting, I guess I inherited that from my mother, I always think something might be useful one day, or some things may have memories attached. I always got hand-me-downs from other family members. My boyfriend is the complete opposite and is happy to get rid of things, so we're trying to find the happy medium, which was hard when we moved in together! Of course as soon as I did get rid of stuff, which in all fairness I hadn't used in a very long time, I did feel a lot better and I do it a lot more regularly now!

  • greengrass2

    Liz from greengrass2 said 8 years ago Featured

    I can completely identify with this! We moved from South Africa to the UK about 6 years ago, and put our possessions in long-term storage for the first 3 years. We started living a very spartan lifestyle when we arrived in the UK. But when we finally got a permanent home we had our container shipped over and delivered to our home - the number of boxes was completely and utterly overwhelming! After living with so little for three years, all I wanted to do was find the box that had my wedding photos in it, and throw the rest out without even unpacking.

  • CelesteCraft

    Celeste from CelesteCraft said 8 years ago Featured

    A bunch of my local friends have started doing Clothing Exhchanges a couple times a year. Everyone cleans out their closet of things they aren't realistically going to wear any time soon... for whatever reason. We bring our bags together in somebody's house and try things on. We all end up with re-energized wardrobes, things that we are excited about, and whatever doesn't get claimed goes to charity. Of course, if you take an item and really don't wear it, bring it back next time and let someone else have a try! I find I purge my closet MUCH better if I think my stuff is going to friends next weekend, instead of strangers after Goodwill sorts it.


  • StringBeardCraftery

    Stephanie from StringBeardCraftery said 8 years ago

    I get very stressed out by clutter. We're closing ourselves in to an ever-shrinking world. The frame of mind to solve this problem is usually more and more space, but really we need less and less stuff. I know that one of my goals for this year is to get back to basics and get rid of the great pile of stuff that's been weighing me down. I think everyone as a whole would be much calmer and more relaxed if we all stopped caring about and collecting so much corporeal "stuff".

  • silviaberrios1

    Silvia Berrios from DesignsbySilvia said 8 years ago

    Fascinating topic. I am a minimalist, so I don't relate to the story at all... but still interesting!!!

  • Tzunuum

    Raphaëla Cornut from Tzunuum said 8 years ago

    Clutter is visual noise. And definitely stressful! I learned after many years of collecting too many things, that being selective is the key to collecting with a clear mind. I started thinking that the objects I accumulated in boxes were probably gonna be a lot more useful in other people's home, and got rid of about a quarter of my possessions. Many trips to the charity shop later, I could actually display and enjoy the possessions I had. Less dusting, more storage space and a massive weight I didn't even realize was there in the back of my mind, lifted off all of a sudden! It's also a good occasion to file, repair, smile at old memories and find solutions to never let that happen again. A clear space is a clear mind, without a doubt!

  • PennyBirchWilliams

    Penny Birch-Williams from PennyBirchWilliams said 8 years ago

    Too much stuff definitely stresses me out. We have a small house and it can quickly get cluttered with mail, receipts, books, clothes, etc on a weekly basis. When my kids were young we regularly went through their rooms and weeded out unwanted,outgrown toys and clothes to donate...there was no other way to manage it all! One of our choices has been to keep a car in our one-car garage, but the walls are lined with boxes and tools and stuff. I get overwhelmed trying to keep the stuff of 5 people in some order and hope that as the kids leave home I can start to reduce the clutter. I honestly don't know how hoarders don't go insane, I know I would. The world is all about consumerism. I agree that only keeping what is truly useful and/or meaningful, and caring for what we have, is a challenge worth taking on. There is peacefulness in simplicity.

  • MegansMenagerie

    Megan from MegansMenagerie said 8 years ago

    Great post!

  • sakizome

    sakizome from sakizome said 8 years ago

    Absolutely. Clean uncluttered spaces make for peace and calm, clear thinking and creating. The challenge is not just to de-clutter but to avoid buying and bringing clutter home. Oh well.....

  • fivechapter

    Cara Leckenby from LeckenbyCo said 8 years ago Featured

    Yes. Yes and yes. I help other people to manage their spaces (both organizing and redesign) and find this issue to be a hidden epidemic. It's a really difficult one, and sometimes (often times) counselling is required in order to really address the issues. Financial counselling and well-being counselling. Organizing a space, and decluttering is like putting a bandaid on a deeper issue, when the underlying causes of the clutter and lack of organization aren't addressed.

  • shawnstpeter

    Shawn St.Peter from shawnstpeter said 8 years ago

    I agree keep it simple

  • TossedTreasures

    Amber Lee from TossedTreasures said 8 years ago

    Clutter is defintetly unhealthy not only for people but also on animals. I find it funny you look at the average size of a three bedroom home in 1950s and its a lot smaller then the new three bedroom homes that are being built today, to probably accommodate for all this additional "stuff". I recently went to a yard sale and the lady and her husband, look to be in their 80's, were selling so many nice things. I asked them why. They said, its the stuff that does not matter. We need to focus more on us, travel the world a little, and get rid of some of these chains that keep us home bound. I agree whole-heartenly

  • Ryanplz

    Ryan Wyrick from rareattitude said 8 years ago

    interesting! always trying to purge my studio of old stuff. :)

  • mattyhandmadecrafts

    Matejka Max from NattyMatty said 8 years ago

    Nice article!

  • justgivemepeace

    justgivemepeace from justgivemepeace said 8 years ago

    Reminds me of George Carlin's comedy on "Stuff" ...... Hysterical! And oh so, stressfully true....

  • LivingVintage

    LivingVintage from LivingVintage said 8 years ago

    Interesting! I ty to throw something out everyday. Books have been written about this, we are drowning in useless crap.

  • tadalyn2006

    Kelie from tadalyndesign said 8 years ago

    Made me ponder my belongings, Yes, too many. Time to free up some space in the home and in the mind!

  • maggiesraggedyinn

    Mary Robertson from MaggiesInn said 8 years ago

    Okay who has been checking into my thoughts and life. Yes we have too mucg stuff and yes it can definitely stress you out. It holds you back, it loads you down, it fills up your live making it hard to get ahead. This year has been the year I have put my life on pause. I have gotten rid of so much stuff from my past, from my house and I still have more to go. I think creative people are extremely fragile as we fill our lives with creative stuff, only to realize that we cannot do it all. We buy and buy more stuff to make stuff and fill our heads with ideas to use our stuff and clutter our lives even more leaving no time to use our stuff. What a trap that we went into with such inocence. We filled up on stuff to fill parts of our lives and trap ourselves into the ever growing stress of knowing we can no longer breathe.... burdened under the fact that what we basically want and need is freedom and space. As humans ew are so complicated!!!!

  • CarawayCache

    Cindy Caraway from CarawayCache said 8 years ago

    We chose to live in a smaller home (1/3 the size of our previous home) to decrease our footprint and increase our personal well-being. This was 5 years ago and we are still trying to fit in the space. It is a constant struggle! We always have a box near the front door into which unwanted/unnecessary items go and when the box is full, it goes out the door to be donated. Like Cara Leckenby, I also help people clear out clutter from their homes and often find it to be a symptom of deeper problems. For many of my clients I think "Stuff is Love" - which is a BIG problem! The main way these people find love and/or security is through the accumulation of things but they are smothering themselves, both physically and spiritually, with it. Even though I was brought in to help hoe-out and re-organize - getting the mountains of crap out of some of these homes is nearly impossible because they are so attached to it. I'm not talking about family heirlooms - I'm talking about flotsam, junk, and, in extreme cases, trash. And even if you do manage to remove stuff from the premises, they manage to fill the space up with MORE stuff in pretty short order. It's a sickness, an addiction, with roots in our disposable, consumer culture...

  • LittleWrenPottery

    Victoria Baker from LittleWrenPottery said 8 years ago

    I dont really feel like Im burdened with clutter in my everyday life, I tend to only buy things when I need and want them. I part ways with things every now and then but that's just how life goes!

  • missantique

    Rita from MissAntique said 8 years ago

    justgivemepeace thank you so much for sharing George Carlin's work, I just watched it thanks you and it was so fun and...insightful!

  • KMalinka

    Natalia from KMalinkaVintage said 8 years ago

    Great article!

  • BigRockPaperCo

    Melissa Cyrenne from BigRockWeddingFavors said 8 years ago

    Clean the clutter from your home and you'll clean the clutter from your mind.....

  • quaintcreationsbouti

    Tiffany from OMGthatBOW said 8 years ago

    This totally apply to me. My house has to be very organized. Great article!

  • sadiedesignsca

    Sarah from CAMPandQUARRY said 8 years ago

    Yes! I totally feel stressed by clutter! My husband and I try really hard to regularly declutter here and there on a regular basis. Spending five minutes going through a drawer can produce a small pile of stuff that we CAN live without! One of the biggest challenges to our decluttering has been asking others (especially our parents) not to bring us things. Thanks for this article! I'm inspired to go home and declutter a bit after work.

  • OuterKnits

    OuterKnits from OuterKnits said 8 years ago

    Can you say One man's junk is another man's treasure. It's one solution to the problem.

  • dschlichte01

    Deborah Taylor Schlichte from TaylorTrinkets said 8 years ago

    How true that rings for me as well. Periodically I get rid of alot of clutter but it takes me some time to get to that point. And in the meantime I get so overwhelmed I can't think clearly. I try to live by the rule if "I haven't used it in a year - get rid of it" but I find myself trying to justify holding on to things. And if I'm going through a stressful period in my life or depressed you can definately tell by looking at my clutter. I don't know why I do this because I feel so much lighter when I'm not surrounded by my own clutter. My mind is clearer and my energy level greater. Great article.

  • PamelasDesertRocks

    Pamela Morris from PamelasDesertRocks said 8 years ago

    As an artist, I find reinventing the style of my surroundings often keeps my mind clear and gives me an opportunity to clear out "stuff" and donate to others who really need and want my "stuff". My mom volunteers at a local food bank and other than food which the people there desperately need, they also need toys and other things that we take for granted. For example, for Mother's Day the food bank put together donated handbags and filled them with toiletries - a great gift for someone who might otherwise not get a gift. What a nice way to make someone smile. So when you are stressed by that full garage - donate - someone else will love the stuff that is stressing you out!

  • wildfireatheart

    Courtney from Run2theWild said 8 years ago

    Wonderful topic! I am currently in the process of evaluating all the stuff I have. Determining what really means something to me. I have noticed that I don't go into my studio because it's soooo cluttered. My little sister actually gave me some good advice... take everything off the walls and put it in boxes... Then see how you feel. I tell you it has made a tremendous difference! Thanks for a great post!

  • StarTribe

    Penelope Neil from StarTribe said 8 years ago

    I ADORE throwing out clutter. Nothing makes me happier than to go through anything from a bedside drawer to a whole room and thin out the crap. I used to be a mad collector, until one day when I thought I'd do 'just one cupboard' (well the door wouldn't shut). I was hooked- a month later my house was practically a minimalist's dream and my life was SO unburdened! Unfortunately, my current housemates are polar opposites- they are knee-deep in stuff (literally in some rooms) and are probably the most stressed people I've ever met. I'm in the midst of helping them release it but boy is it an uphill journey! I'm hoping to teach them the peace and sense of freedom and lightness that comes from cleaning a room like this - cluttered homes are cluttered souls. Clearing it up can not only reduce your stress but it can also help you lose weight. Yup- clutter makes you fat!

  • TreadleLady

    Donna Kohler from TreadleLady said 8 years ago

    It's true, there is an underlying reason we save, I've been working on the underlying reason of my saving, it is from my childhood of all hand me downs and having very little. It's interesting that my sister, just two years younger, doesn't have the problem. Her home is beautifully decorated semi-shabby chic, organized and peaceful because everything is in its place and soft pleasing color. My home is interesting, lots of art and color, antique sewing machine collection and teapots but the bedroom, office and studio are off limits with stacked boxes and things. Yesterday I cleared the laundry room and re-organized, it was pleasant to talk in and open full length cupboards to store linens and do laundry this morning. Sadly, the boxes are in the hall, waiting to be sorted. :) Thank you for a great article to think about.

  • TheCottageCheese

    Marsi from TheCottageCheese said 8 years ago

    Argh...yes! I do get stressed by clutter, am definitely less productive in a cluttered environment, and have trouble relaxing. I try to keep my home as clutter-free as possible, but as every Etsy seller knows, this is tough when running a shop out of one's home. We have a yard sale every 2 years, and clean-out and send stuff to charity about once a year to try to keep our "stuff issues" in check.

  • oldish

    oldish from oldish said 8 years ago

    Definetly a big YES, pls help!!!

  • AllUsedUp

    Cindy Carrillo from SimpleChaosLab said 8 years ago

    I am so guilty of having and keeping way tooo much stuff. I am always thinking I can give it to someone who wants it. Then I realized, someone could be using it NOW. Someone could be wearing that jacket now, or using that baby blanket now, better than waiting for the "maybe" person to come along. I am so guilty of being a keeper and working at changing that part of me. Happy to give it away, I just need to move it along faster! Thanks for the article!

  • tararie

    Tara from tararie said 8 years ago

    My husband is a record and book and "other" hoarder. It drives me crazy. His "good stuff" is relegated to his one room in the house, and the rest spills over into the attic and basement. I'm the one that had to spend three days organizing and cleaning it after years of piling on more and more this past spring. I used to be a hoarder. I have totally cut out going to flea markets and antique malls other than to sell. And I have gotten rid of at least twenty tubs just this year of stuff I don't "love" anymore. I am trying to get a handle on it and it is VERY stressful. We rent and you never know when the landlady will make an appearance and have something to say about the amount of stuff we have. It's hard to clean when you have too much stuff and I find, as I've gotten older, I would love to embrace minimalism just to keep the stress level down. It's so nice to see empty space now. I keep striving!!

  • SewCraftsbySAM

    Sue from SewCraftsbySAM said 8 years ago

    I need to tell my hubby that our garage is not the only one that has never seen the car. I try to de-clutter but the keep pile is way bigger than the donate because I haven't seen this stuff for so long it's like Christmas for me. After this article the stuff, I mean crap, will be going out not coming back in.

  • laurastark

    Laura Stark from laurastark said 8 years ago

    I round up a donation pile to my local charity every two months. My husband says I give too much away, but i find It cathartic to go through the house and pair down what I don't need.

  • barkrock

    Colleen from barkrock said 8 years ago

    After cleaning out family members life-time accumulations of "stuff", I have to agree. But isn't this a rather curious topic on a website whose function is to sell "stuff"??

  • TheDedicationCompany

    Rebecca Tollefsen from TheDedicationCompany said 8 years ago

    The answer is yes! Last week we just made the decision to put all of my 2 year old son's things away or get rid of what he doesn't use. This week has been much more blissful, easy to manage and stress has been lower. The overall house has been easier to clean. However, the most important thing I noticed was that my son was far less overwhelmed by all of the choices. He has a select few things to choose from and he played by himself far longer because there wasn't just a huge bin of chaos to choose from. Next up? My things! I want to have the freedom of less to choose from and being too overwhelmed by tons of things/choices as well.

  • ArtyDidact

    Sharon Parker from ArtyDidact said 8 years ago

    Several years ago when our home-based business went belly up and we went through foreclosure and bankruptcy, we moved from a 4 bedroom, 2000sf house to a 2 bedroom, 800sf house that we rented from friends. Wow, did we declutter! And, perhaps not surprisingly after all, we did not find the overall experience all that stressful in the end, but, in fact, it was kind of exhilarating to let it all go -- the business, the house, the car (we even rented the movie Repo Man and watched it with the kids!), and so much stuff. Now that hubby has a great job and we are homeowners again (happy medium: about 1300sf), we find that we view the space in our home in a different way than we used to — as something to preserve rather than to fill up.

  • Hookedonhoney

    Hooked On Honey Vintage from Hookedonhoney said 8 years ago

    its tough to have clutter in NYC since the majority of us live in shoebox apartments, I'm sure I would have more than 2 closets full of 80s prom dresses if i had the room!!! :)

  • hodgepodgeia

    Sheila Alfonso from HodgePodgeia said 8 years ago

    That George Carlin thing is hilarious! If anyone want the link - here it is: It's all so true - I always say I don't own my house - it owns me. I've been cutting down, though. I want every cupboard and drawer to have extra room in it (and leave it that way).

  • makepienotwar

    Alana Little from makepienotwar said 8 years ago

    heck yes clutter stresses me out! it feels so good to go through it all and release yourself from things you don't need and to give them to families who really need things that i am not using or haven't at all! what a silly society we live in!

  • TheWindowArtisan

    Susan Spurr from InSpurations said 8 years ago

    Y E S ! ! ! The older I get the more I edit.. I have to admit my sewing supply scraps NEED TO BE TURNED INTO SOMETHING SOOOOOOOONNNNNN

  • amlloyddesigns

    A.M. Lloyd from AMLloydDesigns said 8 years ago

    I do feel like someone has been riding in my back pocket the last 3 months. Once I started my own business, the clutter in my house became more of a challenge than ever. Yesterday I even took the 8x10 rug out of a room because it just made the room look "busy". I read the tip a few years ago, but never thought about the toll of the mental stress of our surroundings until recently. I quit my day job to start a new chapter in my life. Being home all the time opened my eyes and many trips to friends, neighbors, and thrift shops later, feel like I am regaining space AND sanity. I still have tendancies toward the baroque, but now I choose the best of the best of my over the top decor items and really give them a place to shine. Thanks for the confirmation of my own revelation!

  • CreativeTherapy

    Stefanie van den Brandt from CreativeTherapy said 8 years ago Featured

    I'm also prone to collecting, I guess I inherited that from my mother, I always think something might be useful one day, or some things may have memories attached. I always got hand-me-downs from other family members. My boyfriend is the complete opposite and is happy to get rid of things, so we're trying to find the happy medium, which was hard when we moved in together! Of course as soon as I did get rid of stuff, which in all fairness I hadn't used in a very long time, I did feel a lot better and I do it a lot more regularly now!

  • SBuss

    Sherri from BurninLoveJewelry said 8 years ago

    Absolutely it stresses me out! Especially in my work space where i create. If it's a total mess there is no way I can dream of making something! I get overwhelmed and can't concentrate! But boy do I make a mess when I get going!

  • Iammie

    iammie from iammie said 8 years ago

    I don't as long as those stuffs make me happy. :)

  • accentonvintage

    accentonvintage from accentonvintage said 8 years ago

    Reading about clutter stresses me! This article hits home!

  • dannylion

    Lauryn Quinn from thefrolickingfrog said 8 years ago

    Oh but Etsy there's so much stuff I want on here!!!

  • EarthlyArtz

    Linda from EarthlyArtz said 8 years ago

    Stuff Stuff and more stuff. I've been de-cluttering since the kids left for college a few years ago. It's amazing how much 'stuff' we accumulate. My biggest downfall is clothing no one wears anymore. I still have items in my closet that I have not worn in 25 years but they have such wonderful memories who can part with them or fit into them for that matter. Thanks for reminding us to de-clutter our lives.

  • priya123

    Priya from amuandpri said 8 years ago

    Great article !! Less luggage more comfort ! it is so true that memories r attached to the things which lead to emotional baggage. Life will be much happier by decluttering the space as well as the mind ..

  • LittleWeeShop

    Jennifer from LittleWeeShop said 8 years ago

    The trending Hoarding show always lights a fire under mean to de-clutter. *** I've made a point of now photographing our families cherised baby clothes, toys, kids drawing and projects to keep as 'digital album' memories rather then physical ones. We hold 1 to 2 garage sales every summer with the kids full participation including making signs and sorting through old clothes/toys. The greatest part.. quite frequently now my 5 year old now often says 'Mommy I'm ready to sell this toy.. I think another boy would really like it." Now that's a lesson getting through to the next generation.

  • Ni4Dsign

    Pam from Ni4Dsign said 8 years ago

    I'm an avid collector of useful things. :P Not that I need them all. One year for Lent instead of giving up something I loved for a period of time, I decided to give away something everyday. I think Lent lasts about a month and a half, but I felt so good about helping out others, even strangers, that I continued giving something away everyday for over 3 years. Strangely, I never seemed to miss any of that stuff. And since I had picked it up dirt cheap here and there, it didn't effect my pocket book much. Also,I think it bought me a lot of good Karma. My friends always know to ask me before buying something, especially for crafting or the unusual. We usually barter, or I just give them the item, as I know the good deed will come back to me in time. It makes for a happy coexistence. :)

  • elettrarossa

    Elettra from elettrarossa said 8 years ago

    I cleaned up my life (and house), and I actually miss my clutter!

  • Yarns

    Liz from Liliyu said 8 years ago

    I like to donate to charity shops - which helps them and me too.

  • maggacanino

    Magga Canino from BrushWaterPaper said 8 years ago

    My kids and I had a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. They each made $75.00 which is pretty good...for 6 hours... but...I look around my house and it still has a cluttered-collage-look and feel to it....we trully do have too much stuff... need to have another one...and soon. All I need is my yoga mat, budda face and a nice cup of tea...But on occasion it is fun to go through the cluttered book stores and antique shops.....

  • EmSewCrazy

    Emily from EmSewCrazy said 8 years ago

    Clutter does stress me although everyone's definition of clutter is different. :) I have had to clean out several crafters stuff and as thankful as I am to receive it it reminds me to use it or move it because I am not guaranteed tomorrow. It also helps when I really want to buy out the whole fabric store. :)

  • LitKnits

    Laura Sparks from LitKnits said 8 years ago

    I love that you brought this to our attention - I completely agree, and I always enjoy a good purge... However, I would also have liked a suggestion or two on how to best get rid of clutter. Donating unused items is always a good move, for starters. Also, since this is a blog on a site specifically intended to sell people things, a little more reflection might be necessary on what to buy, when, and from whom.

  • genisepark

    Genise Park from genisepark said 8 years ago

    Everything goes except what speaks to my soul, all else is a distraction from our self and others. So little is really needed to live from one day to the next.

  • PaperKittten

    Adva Ringle from MyPaperKittens said 8 years ago

    Clutter is horrible. The worst, I find, is the basement! I constantly attempt to have it sorted and not made into a junk yard. It's so easy to just say "sure, lets put it in the basement", as you have all this non utilized space down there. But I find the best cure is simply buy what you need, and nothing more. Donate the rest!

  • greengrass2

    Liz from greengrass2 said 8 years ago Featured

    I can completely identify with this! We moved from South Africa to the UK about 6 years ago, and put our possessions in long-term storage for the first 3 years. We started living a very spartan lifestyle when we arrived in the UK. But when we finally got a permanent home we had our container shipped over and delivered to our home - the number of boxes was completely and utterly overwhelming! After living with so little for three years, all I wanted to do was find the box that had my wedding photos in it, and throw the rest out without even unpacking.

  • CelesteCraft

    Celeste from CelesteCraft said 8 years ago Featured

    A bunch of my local friends have started doing Clothing Exhchanges a couple times a year. Everyone cleans out their closet of things they aren't realistically going to wear any time soon... for whatever reason. We bring our bags together in somebody's house and try things on. We all end up with re-energized wardrobes, things that we are excited about, and whatever doesn't get claimed goes to charity. Of course, if you take an item and really don't wear it, bring it back next time and let someone else have a try! I find I purge my closet MUCH better if I think my stuff is going to friends next weekend, instead of strangers after Goodwill sorts it.

  • FatCatBieds

    FatCatBieds said 8 years ago

    I am a collector ... of ... things. If one is good, then ten must be better. It is something I have learned (fairly lately) to think about before I purchase "x". I have been going through things a bit at a time, and my local Hospice is very happy to see me. My issue is my husband. He doesn't want to get rid of ANYTHING. Yet, he complains about the clutter. True, I'm the one who brings most of it into the house, but I'm also the one more willing to clean out and purge. I have literally seen him go through the "donations" and ask why I am giving "x" away. I try to do it when he isn't around, but that is hard because he's ALWAYS around. I feel overwhelmed and like I am fighting an uphill battle. I guess all I can do is react to the circumstances I have control over, and try to leave the rest alone. Just writing this is cathartic; maybe I'll go home early and get a head start.

  • DancingMooney

    Janell from DancingMooney said 8 years ago

    One word answer. YES!!! and I love the very last line... "slow down and practice conscious consumption by filling our homes with meaningful items that we love."

  • zenakire

    Zen Akire from ZenAkire said 8 years ago

    Yes, it can..... I think its the feeling of being enclosed in our stuff. We all need a little room to move around, breathe, or just dance around. I am sometimes too busy going about my day and accumulating materials for my shop and items for my future house. I forget about my life right now and how much better I feel when everything is in order and there is space to do what ever I want without running into things. " The things you own end up owning you" - Chuck Palahniuk

  • nerinet

    Angela from FlowerCityThreads said 8 years ago

    I'm probably going to be one of the few people here who doesn't mind clutter. I grew up with clutter-my father was a hoarder-so I guess I'm just used to it. It never occurred to me as a child, that a double garage was for parking cars; or that the 'pathways' in the basement were meant to be able to walk through without knocking something down. But according to the article above, we aren't the only ones-clutter is a common problem.

  • ChaseNorway

    Matt from ChaseNorway said 8 years ago

    This is such a relevant topic of conversation, especially as many people on Etsy are selling items that might inevitably end up as part of someone's collection of clutter in their home. Unfortunately, I've had to deal with this process first-hand as my own mother has dealt with hoarding issues after the death of my father. On the other hand, I think that for older generations, they also have to deal with their children's stuff too. Adult children are remaining at home past high school and college and there is also a big trend towards renting spaces instead of owning. So I can only imagine the train of thought going, "Well, my 1200 square foot apartment only fits so much. I could probably store my exercise bike, a few boxes of old jeans that I still want to fit into and my collection of stuffed animals in Mom and Dad's garage."

  • ErikaPrice

    Erika from ErikaPrice said 8 years ago

    Ha ha! I'm a natural hoarder, so no wonder I'm stressed :)

  • artwink

    Paula from artwinkjewelry said 8 years ago

    I have definitely taken the act of slowing down and minding my consumption habits to a new level after my last move. Moving to a new dwelling (after 12 years) is a great motivator. It's a reminder to never amass too much stuff again! I try to keep in mind that a loved one may end up dealing with the over whelming task of dealing with all of it.

  • destroymodernart

    Ana Louis from destroymodernart said 8 years ago

    I collect junk just in case. I inherited that from my grandmother who liked to keep stuff just in case the second world war (SIngapore) happened again...then I inherited a lot of her stuff when she died. I'm trying to incorporate bits of my junk and hers into my future designs, most of what I got from her was sewing related- that way the junk has a a few more lives left in it, and gets to leave the bag its been in for the last 40 years whilst helping me out financially:)

  • StagVintageGoods

    Jessica Beebe from StagVintageGoods said 8 years ago

    So true. I have, since January, cleared a ton of stuff out of my house and it's a relief. And I wouldn't say my house was even cluttered to begin with! But, having a few meaningful things truly is where I want to end up soon. We become slaves to the maintenance of and payment on all of our stuff. Each item I relinquish frees me up a bit.

  • buenobookshop

    Jo and David from buenobookshop said 8 years ago

    viva marfa, texas! ;)

  • CarpetShopPrincess

    Katie Koshy from carpetshopprincess said 8 years ago

    Stuff can add multiple layers of stress because you're stressed if you keep it, and you're sad if you throw it away. Also, most of us are trained to not waste anything, even if it means filling your garage. However, I think sites like Etsy can help quite a bit with this type of stress because you can sell all those things you've accumulated to like-minded individuals who will appreciate them. Funnily enough, this quote from Fight Club helps keep me in check when I want to clutter up my life: "The things you own end up owning you!"

  • lauraprentice

    Laura Wennstrom from laurawennstrom said 8 years ago

    The best de-clutter-ing advice I have is to move often. I've moved about 10 times in the past 5 years and it has really made me reconsider what is necessary and important to save.

  • gilstrapdesigns

    Debra Gilstrap from gilstrapdesigns said 8 years ago

    Yea a bunch of stuff makes me nervous and irritable. We will be cleaning out the garage and a lot of other stuff very very soon. My daughter is moving and she will either have to take all of her stuff with her or get rid of it. Momma can't keep it for her.

  • PariDesign

    Iveta from PariDesign said 8 years ago

    I have always tried to stay away from clutter and I though I did very well. The reality check came few months ago. Our family of three had to move overseas after 8 years of living in one place. After a huge "apartment detox" we kept 5 cubic metes of stuff, including sports gear, clothing, books, craft supplies, kitchen stuff and toys. I believe the same amount went to our friends, salvation army or garbage. I took photographs of some precious things and said goodbye. It felt really good to let things go, but to be honest I still miss some stuff that I liked, but just could not take it all. Choose wisely! :)

  • stoneheartdesigns

    Lyndie from LyndieGirl said 8 years ago

    I had this problem too, but have been turning it around. This last year I decided to start minimizing my possessions. I have removed 37 boxes of stuff (donated most of it). These are my strategies: -I created a "place" for everything. If it has no "place" I evaluate whether it is needed or even wanted. -I keep a plastic bin for "donations" that gets emptied (donated) once a month. -I use the "one in, one out rule" when I purchase something. -when I am sorting through things and find something I "can't live without" but have no use for, I put it in a bin. If after 6 months the item is not used or has no "place" it is donated. -I operate on a cash basis, so no mindless buying on credit!! -I used to use shopping to "feel better", now I try to think of things on a "per hour" basis. How many hours do I have to labor to pay for this item? When you think of things in these terms, suddenly you don't "need" near as much! -I have informed friends and family that they are not to buy me "nic nacs" or "collectibles as gifts. If they do, they know they will be donated. I will be down-sizing my living space next year and plan, over the next 8 months to cut my possessions again by 1/3 to 1/2!

  • Leocardia

    Ulli Wenzel from Leocardia said 8 years ago

    I found out, that hoarding loads of art supply gives me the illusion, my life might be eternal and there could possibly be enough time to use up all the different things in my countless projects. I am afraid, it is sort of wishful and magic thinking...

  • rachelungerjewelry

    Rachel Unger from RachelUngerJewelry said 8 years ago

    I can't stand clutter. I have a rule, if I haven't looked at it, used it, or worn it in the last year it gets donated, period!

  • 1944ruth

    Ruth anderson said 8 years ago

    Sooooooo many great informative suggestions and ideas for me. I couldn't select one person to thank. I'm in a major dead end to get rid of STUFF. This goes to YOU ALL....I will give our stuff to chariety for so many there persons may have a smile. I've had my share of them. Here in East Texas, families are still recovering from the vast number of fires last summer.

  • Briole

    Heather Green from Briole said 8 years ago

    I can't handle lots of clutter. I go through the house several times a year making piles of things to give away or donate.

  • SassySashadoxie

    SassySashadoxie from SassySashadoxie said 8 years ago

    Interesting article. It makes you wonder how much "stuff" does one really need.

  • karenanne

    Karen Anne Glick from KarenAnneGlick said 8 years ago

    Seems like a turning point in our relationship with "stuff" might have been when we started embracing the walk-in closet. It begs to be filled - but who can really wear all that - let alone find anything in them? They are a retailer's dream. My goal, that I am slowly accomplishing, is to have a well-edited wardrobe that will work in all seasons AND fit in a small closet like my mother and grandmothers managed so well with. My mantra: Quality not Quantity!

  • TheMillineryShop

    Marcia Lacher from TheMillineryShop said 8 years ago

    There is no question that a cluttered space reflects a cluttered mind. Of course, this works for so many of us. As artists, we know (better than anyone) that a cluttered mind is also a creative mind.since ours are filled with thoughts of beautiful things. So for most of us, our work spaces are loaded with tons of stuff that have the potential to be something so wonderful that someone wants it and is willing to pay for it. It's what we do! Having said that, it is also true that cleaning up and cleaning out definitely paves the way for clearer more direct creating.

  • LittleAppleNY

    Dione from LittleAppleNY said 8 years ago

    The NYT reported on this study awhile back, and the article noted that the researchers had noted a correlation between the number of refrigerator magnets and general household clutter. My refrigerator isn't magnetic, and I like it that way. ;)

  • JenEcklundDesigns

    Jen Ecklund from JenEcklundDesigns said 8 years ago

    I love my home and work space to be free of clutter, but especially my kitchen. My whole like works best when I don't hold on to things and make do with what I have. I love a peaceful uncluttered home. It's the environment I thrive in most.

  • ScienceKitty

    ScienceKitty from ScienceKitty said 8 years ago

    I love to make things but I hate owning too much stuff. This is why I love having a store on Etsy. Thank you Etsy community! ^..^

  • silke5763

    Silke Jordan from howcroftjordanwork said 8 years ago

    My question and feelings about the 'clutter' situation is always: what could I not live without?? It soon comes to just a few items - result is that I love them all !!! Moving with just a few pieces: This is luck !!!

  • ValerieGalloway

    Valerie Galloway from ValerieGalloway said 8 years ago

    It's a constant process, and it feels great to get rid of stuff that is no longer needed. I've kept a few select toys and clothes from when my son was small, but now that he's older it's easier to keep things in check, as he no longer wants a ton of toys. I really believe in the saying "Less is More".

  • cberez

    CB DESIGN'S from CBDesignsPR said 8 years ago

    My dream is to create, but I don't have enough space to keep everything, thanks to Etsy I can continue creating.

  • LoveButtons

    Julia K Walton from FireHorseVintageHQ said 8 years ago

    Not just in the US ... here in the UK a lot of houses are filled with clutter too, including my own! Books are a particular thing that I like to own - but I am trying to operate a 'one in, one out' policy (for every book I buy, I have to sell or donate one). I can recommend the Miss Minimalist blog for more ideas about decluttering.

  • PattiTrostle

    Patti Trostle from PattiTrostle said 8 years ago

    I hate clutter. I am a minimalist, but for your own good...just don't open my closet doors!

  • liddysopretty

    liddy sopretty from liddysopretty said 8 years ago

    Great article and great reminder to get rid of excess!

  • AMSkrafts

    AMSkrafts from AMSkrafts said 8 years ago

    Really interesting article. Sad to say that I am guilty of having too much clutter in my work area, and I admit I stress out frequently (that can't be healthy). Hopefully towards the end of summer I will have time to de-clutter the whole house to help organize my thoughts easier.

  • scal12

    Payson A from SecondStarDesignCo said 8 years ago

    What an interesting article! I definitely find myself becoming consumed by clutter... I'm always tucking things away in my closet or under the bed to avoid throwing them out, even though I really don't need them anymore. This will definitely give me something to think about next time I'm insisting that I "need" to keep some trinket or another! The opening sentence was really funny by the way-- I really enjoyed that! Thanks for sharing :)

  • UniqueNecks

    Angi from UniqueNecks said 8 years ago

    What a striking topic! I'm in the just say no to clutter camp. I enjoy being minimalist. I like having visual cleanliness, and use baskets for toy organization and have plants. Other than that, the necessities and pictures in the right spots, there is nothing on top of counters or stuff anywhere. I abhore trinkets. There is something to be said about buying quality vs. quantity. The mental weight that comes with quantity is hard to carry. When my husband and I bought our first house we accepted all hand me downs from friends and family. We became overwhelmed with the crap that noone wanted- and it was just that-crap. Handmade beds and makeshift couches; we soon discovered that we should just invest in nice pieces of furniture instead of the cheap stuff because it does matter. I will definitely check out that book, juicy!! :D

  • BigBabyHammock

    Tsahallah Dror from BigBabyHammock said 8 years ago

    Aren't we all collectors here? We like beautiful thins don't we? Unfortunately, we are not minimalists (not me anyway). I think that the thing is to make nice good looking order from all of this stuff and very important: set something free when something new comes in. Don't let it stay in the closet until you can't even give it to someone for free. Just let things go free and make someone else happy. Here in Israel the simplest thing would be to put it next to the garbage. If no one took it before the garbage car that means it's a real garbage, not recyclable. Must say, it's very comfortable. Of course the wisest thing would be to buy less. I think the greatest waste is done with gifts. As a mother of 3 adorable daughters, I get plenty of gifts. Took me a long time to educate the major gift bringers (grandparents from both sides) About what do we need/like etc. Otherwise you find yourself buried in piles of games you'll never play and puzzles you'll never make. Thank god someone invented the wishlists:) Tsahallah

  • rivahside

    rivahside said 8 years ago

    I have cleaned houses and organized closets for over 20 years and the one comment I hear most often, especially after a closet purge is, " I feel so much better now." Clutter is mentally exhausting.

  • prettystardesigns

    Pretty Star Designs from prettystardesigns said 8 years ago

    Brilliant article. I've been getting rid of and donating items and clothes for the last three years. I am creating a minimalist household for my family, it is so relaxing to get rid of unneccessary things. If it's in a box, and has been for years, then it isn't needed. It's shameful really when there are so many people in the world with nothing and we have such big houses, with so much space, filled with so much rubbish we can't even use rooms for their designed purposes, like the 75% not being able to park their car in their garages.

  • claudetteherman

    claudette from ZNextDesigns said 8 years ago

    Getting rid of clutter can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. And it is absolutely no fun at all. For the past few years my daughters and I have gotten in the habit of decluttering one small space once every month. For example one month we concentrate on the closet, the next month it may be two or three dresser drawers etc. The gentle use or new unwanted items are bagged and taken to our local thrift store right away. This way we are not overwhelmed with trying to clean an entire roomful of clutter.

  • hoarderrehab

    Kennedy Miranda from HoarderRehab said 8 years ago

    Thank you Etsy for helping me organize and part with my visual noise.

  • katelynsphipps

    Katelyn Phipps from katelynphippsphoto said 8 years ago

    I hate clutter! I need to declutter my garage.

  • furniply

    Ingus Jākobsons from Furniply said 7 years ago

    An interesting story. I have noticed here in Latvia(EU) same problem, but with slight difference. Here people have and had less room(most of citizens live in small apartments) where collect stuff like toys from childhood is difficult, but scars left from soviet era still reflect in modern life. Back in the days in Soviet era shops were empty(called 'deficit'), and people bought things because they were available, not because needed! Even 20 years after collapse of Soviet Union, closets are filled with stuff(blankets,towels, dishes) that will never be needed. I found that trying to change thees habits of older people is very hard and sometimes unnecessary. Just my 2 cents.

  • Keikeaux

    Keikeaux from Keikeaux said 7 years ago

    I really appreciate this article. Apartment living has given me the opportunity to clear out a lot of stuff with each move. I think I should go through my old clothes and magazines now...

  • leelove1

    Lee Love said 7 years ago

    Stressed? Oh yeah. I am in the just say no to clutter camp, married to a man with OCD who hoards. I made him buy a building to put his stuff in, so he just goes out and collects new stuff. Some days I have to go in my room (organized), shut the door and deep breathe, or leave the house for a few hours. If I throw anything of his out, somehow he just knows!

  • LaughLand

    Anne Fraser from LaughLand said 7 years ago

    I had an aunt who hoarded absolutely everything; she would generally be regarded as mentally ill. My mother also tends to hoard - for example, food and grocery items 'on special' that cannot possibly be eaten, more fabric than can possibly be sewn in the next twenty years. This isn't collecting. I think it is a symptom of anxiety and a search for security of some sort. Perhaps similar to what Ingus says about Soviet-era Latvia. I think that consumerism makes it easy to accumulate too much stuff, but it isn't the reason why we have too much stuff. Deeper societal anxieties and displacement are more likely to be the root cause. Maybe it's not too much stuff that causes stress but stress that causes too much stuff.

  • paperfromheaven

    Katie from paperfromheaven said 7 years ago

    Very interesting topic. We actually live pretty clutter free. The only things that I store is my boys clothing, since we pass in onto all 3. Once it's outgrown its gone and passed on to someone who can use it. I strive for all of my decorations to be useful (ie the kitchen, knives, pots, etc out where they can be used and seen). If I'm not using something then I pass it on to someone who will. Although I do blame my husband, who would be perfectly happy living in a 100 sq ft house with our 3 children and dog.


    Jennifer and jeN from BRANDED said 7 years ago

    sometimes i feel like i live in utter chaos. more is just MORE. i am guilty of collecting (hoarding) craft supplies & fabric. i often go crazy and want to get rid of everything. i live with someone who saves everything...just in case. i will say that with all of it, it's organized. thank you OCD,

  • xxloublouxx

    Louisa May Crompton from LoopyBirdsBoutique said 7 years ago

    Very interesting! I definatley get too stressed out if a room feels cluttered!

  • ArleenDesign

    ArleenDesign from ArleenDesign said 7 years ago

    So much clutter stressed me out so bad that i normally ended throwing everything thats just taking space in the garbage.My kids are all starting collecting so much from clothes,toys etc.holidays,birthdays and just people who happened to think they're really cute! My husband love to collect stuff especially something really antique and unique and one of a kind items. We normally end up cleaning and redecorating the house!

  • UmlautGraphics

    UmlautGraphics from UmlautGraphics said 7 years ago

    They did a show on this, its called Hoarders.

  • gossamer531

    Gossamer Tearoom from TheGossamerTearoom said 7 years ago

    It absolutely is stress-making and crazy-making and guilt-making....on and on and on. We moved into my elderly parents' house to try and help them. They were both very ill and ended up going to homes. Most people are thinking of "Hoarders" when they think of too many possessions, but my parents packed everything very neatly, very efficiently in big blanket boxes in the basement. There were 250 of them when we moved in. After my parents were gone, we went through them all, donated a lot, sold a lot, had garage sales for 18 weekends last summer (and are still having some this year) and the rest...well, that's what I sell in my vintage shop here on Etsy and use as craft supplies here in this shop! But it was so emotionally draining to go through it all. My mother had Parkinson's Disease AND Alzheimer's both and had terrible bouts of rage and depression. But, one calm day, in a moment of a mix of forgetfulness and clarity, she said to me, "Whose stuff is all this and why would someone keep all this and not use it?!?" Wow. I don't know, Mommy. Why would someone do it? She didn't remember it was all hers.

  • rosyblu

    Michelle Urbick from RosyBluVintage said 7 years ago

    I am fascinated by the theme of clutter in homes. It's actually one of the core themes behind both of my shops, Rosy Blu Handmade and Rosy Blu Vintage. The "Blu" in my name stands for "Beautiful, loved and useful", from the mantra that you should own nothing that is not beautiful, loved or useful. It's a learning process in a society where cheap stuff is everywhere and we're encouraged to buy all of it, but I'm making a conscious decision to clear out the clutter and focus on things I truly love and use. It's so refreshing to live in a home that's less cluttered (although I still have a long way to go!)

  • EmsGemsBeading

    Judy from EmsSparklinGems said 7 years ago

    It took me two years to eliminate about 18 years of clutter in our house. We were nowhere near what you see on Hoarders but it bothered me just the same. Ours was hidden clutter - in closets, under beds, in the basement. My 2010 New Year's resolution was to declutter the house. I had very little help from the other residents in my house but I still managed to clear out a lot on my own. We had three or four yard sales. I donated a lot and I threw a lot out. It seems like everytime I turn around there's a new collection of something building in the basement (usually empty boxes) but I tackle the issue every couple of months to keep it under control. I still purge as often as possible. I no save stuff to deal with later. When I want to get rid of something I either A) put it in a donate box B) throw it out. I got tired of yard sales - they're a lot of work and if you don't have a ton to sell it's not worth the little bit of money you take in. I rarely buy anything in bulk unless it's something I'll use within a few months time. Just because it's cheap or on sale doesn't mean I have to take it home! Just watch one episode of Hoarders and it'll make you want to clean your house. LOL

  • cherrymargarita

    Sarah said 7 years ago

    I had a fire in my apartment a couple years ago and lost basically everything. It really gave me perspective on what is important. So many of the items I had moved with me from place to place to place seemed so pointless after I lost them. Since then I've been very conscious of what I have, and only hold onto the things I find worth the space they take up.

  • sarahwilson792

    Sarah Wilson said 7 years ago

    I have the reverse problem. I am a compulsive de-clutterer. Sounds like it shouldn't be a problem, but it drives my family nuts. I am so scared to become bogged down with things that I obsessively need to get rid of stuff. Just so people know... grass isn't always greener....

  • loopyboopy

    loopy from loopyboopy said 7 years ago

    The etsy blog team and the etsy merchandising team need to get on the same page. Valued purchases and not spur of the moment trendy buying is the only thing that is going to change this problem. It doesn't take a research team to figure out the more consumer oriented we become the more shit that is going to pile up. Changing perceptions about the items we buy and the value they have to us is the only thing that is going to change this trend. I thought that is what Etsy set out to do.

  • kalyxcraftopia

    kalyxcraftopia from kalyxcraftopia said 7 years ago

    I find that there is a breaking point for me when it comes to clutter. I love being surrounded by visually interesting objects and having a large variety of options to choose from when I want to make something, but I also find that all that stuff can be too much of a good thing. Some of my best innovations come from a lack of bounty. But then again, some of my other best innovations came from being able to pick and choose from all the stuff I have accumulated. The passage of time usually fixes my bipolar sense of acquisition. Once I have owned something for long enough, it is usually easier to declutter. So that I may live to acquire more again.

  • MagpieQuilts

    Ann from MagpieQuilts said 7 years ago

    I love to collect and I hate throwing good, usable objects out, and paper is a never-ending struggle for me. But we recently went through my parents stuff when my dad passed away and my mom moved into a much smaller home and there really wasn't much that was worth saving. My mother-in-law's house was also her parents house and is so full of brick-a-brack, that I'm dreading the day(s) that we will have to sort through it! So at our house, I'm working at cleaning and de-cluttering one shelf at a time, one room at a time and it's amazing how good it feels to even clear out a small space!

  • ka1231

    Kari from ThoughtofYouFabricAc said 7 years ago

    I have the opposite problem. I am too quick to get rid of things and find I want them back or need them soon after. This has caused lots of stress for me. So, I started putting my give-away pile in a closet for a month. Usually within that month I will pull things out that I've decided to keep. If after a month, it is still on the closet...I feel fairly comfortable that I won't miss it.

  • underthewire

    Cyndie Miles from underthewire said 7 years ago

    Another way to look at it: If no one kept anything "cluttering" their barn, garage or attic we wouldn't have anything antique, vintage or historic left today.

  • underthewire

    Cyndie Miles from underthewire said 7 years ago

    There's also a VERY BIG difference between some having some project supplies, some family mementos and vintage items neatly stored and what's known as a hoarder. I find it a little frustrating when people lump them all together...

  • creativepigpen

    gigi from creativepigpen said 7 years ago

    I am also totally overwhelmed by having too much stuff! (hence the name "Creative Pigpen"!). I like having lots of different glass and frit to work with, but I get overwhelmed by having too much beading supplies (like commercial beads, clasps, wire, etc.).

  • DressyDollsCompany

    Leila from DressyDollsCompany said 7 years ago

    I love the term CONSCIOUS CONSUMPTION. I had to laugh at the Etsy store called HOARDERREHAB....cheers to you whoever you are. What a good way to part with things :)

  • Elizabeth1975

    Elizabeth1975 said 7 years ago

    I've been forcing myself to de-clutter lately due to a need to actually use my space, and I've noticed that most of the stuff I take to thrift stores and clothing swaps came from thrift stores and clothing swaps -- stuff accumulated en masse that has little emotional value. Now I'm trying to retrain my shopping impulses to focus on items I genuinely need or that are associated with trips and events and other life experiences. Stuff purchased "just 'cause" has so much less value, and ends up being clutter.

  • QuirkMuseum

    Michael Quirk from QuirkMuseum said 7 years ago

    I can't really comment on this right now cus I'm half buried under a mountain of stuff.

  • TayFox

    Taylor Hollander from GoGoHypnotica said 7 years ago

    i love having things little things everywhere, but displayed in rows on countertops or organized in a display presenting way, not everywhere on the floor where i cant walk. ppl would say i have to much clutter and mistaken it for messy but messy to be is food and trash wrappers on the floor and dirty socks everywhere . which i just simple had lots of things of the same orgin (makeup on my dresser) (figurines on the shelf) dvds on a table) i feel very uneasy in a room with nothing in it it feels to stressing in the way i dont know where to look for anything i could possibley need and makes me feel if its a room that fuctions or a display set at ikea. so too much stuff is comfortable to me seeing and enjoying all my things but only with organization .i guess is that possible

  • hoarderrehab

    Kennedy Miranda from HoarderRehab said 7 years ago

    That's funny, Mr. Quirk! I'm with you! Is getting out from under the mountain any easier than getting to the top? And I can't keep repeating this collect and purge life. I'm working hard this time to make this my last purge! Thank you etsy for making it less painful and more thoughtful.

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