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What’s Your Bedroom Style? Find It With Homepolish

Oct 10, 2016

by Ariel Feldman handmade and vintage goods

Your nightstand — and what you put in it — is arguably the most personal aspect of your home (and certainly of your bedroom decor). Whether your top drawer is streamlined and spare or stuffed to the brim (no judgment!), it’s a quintessentially you territory. Yet, when outfitting your personal sanctuary, the nightstand is often overlooked in favor of statement pieces like the bed or armoire. Well, not anymore!

Today, Homepolish West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria employs three chic decor themes to breathe new life into every bedroom’s shouldn’t-be-boring staple. Using tools like a gorgeous vase, an eye-catching lamp, or a collection of beloved travel souvenirs, styling your bed’s best friend should be fun. Let’s get started.

Bohemian Blues

Large Woven Wall Hanging by Fernweh Supply Company, $140; Hand-Dyed Indigo Bedspread by Anna Joyce, $120; Vintage Batik Throw from MINIMalist2015, similar from $85; Spotted Batik Pillow Cover from MINIMalist2015, from $100; Retrofitted Two Sided Wine Box Nightstand by Think Without the Box, $185.

This bedroom look is earthy and soothing, not unlike a visit to Canyon Ranch. Combining indigo and shibori-dyed fabrics, rustic wood accents, and natural stone and concrete objects creates a scene that is warm, inviting, and on-trend all at once. The mostly-indigo palette is punctuated by pops of white and grey, for just enough contrast to prevent an oversaturated feeling. Orlando notes, “To create an effortless, ‘real’ look, it’s important to include personal items, such as a framed photo, a tiny figurine you found on vacation, or a collection of smooth rocks from your favorite beach. It makes the styling look more natural and less stuffy.”

Memphis Brights

Mid-Century Style White Bedside Table by Habitables, $560; Zigzag Mudcloth Throw by MINIMalist2015, $100; Arrow Lamp by Worsley’s Lighting, $149; Pink Moroccan Pom Pom Blanket by ANTEVASINS, $300; Geometric Linen Pillow by Flax and Symbol, $39; Triangle Wall Decal Set by Just the Frosting, $5 for a set of 120.

Inspired by the postmodern Memphis design movement, Orlando assembled geometric wall decals, brightly hued textiles, and angular lighting to build an energetic composition of bold colors and shapes. For those who are wary of bringing such a stimulating style into their sleeping quarters, Orlando admits, “Memphis style is loud and not for the faint of heart — but it’s a very playful, inventive way of bringing color and pattern into the bedroom. To keep it from being too crazy, opt for a limited palette; that helps create a more sophisticated look.”

Beachy Neutrals

Contemporary End Table by Hunt and Lane, $160; Linen Sheet Set by Linen Studio RG, $239; Chunky Wool Pillow Cover by Broadwick Fibers, $120; Linen Throw Blanket by Always Piper, $115; Chunky Knit Blanket by Lily and Peabody, $275; Bird Watercolor Print Set by Lyon Reed, $43.

Hello, beach vibes! Working in a color palette inspired by sand and sea, Orlando combined stonewashed linens, chunky knit throws, and natural woods — along with a couple of casually clipped watercolors of wading birds — to create a serene and relaxed retreat. And while the hues in this room are indeed muted, the style statement comes across loud and clear. “Just because something is soft and neutral doesn’t mean it has to be boring,” Orlando adds. “By adding in a variety of textures and materials, you’ll increase visual interest — and still maintain the calming tone.”

Photos courtesy of Amy Bartlam.

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