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Wedding Accessories to Watch

Mar 26, 2015

by Nicole Smith handmade and vintage goods

In weddings, as in life, details matter. The little private moments you’ll share with your beloved on the big day (plus the quirky favors and the inside-joke-filled toasts) will stick with you just as much as the big-picture stuff like the venue and the food. Similarly, how you style your hair and accessorize your dress, and the special pieces of jewelry you choose for the event, all contribute to the magic. As part of Etsy’s Merch team, I love seeing how Etsy shops innovate, experiment, and reinvent the small-scale elements that make each couple’s day unique. From chic coverups to the most romantic hair jewelry, here are a few inspiring accessories trends we’re following in the Etsy marketplace.

Trending Topper: Hair Chains

The perfect embellishment for a ‘do that’s up or down, head chains come in styles from Art Deco to boho to minimal. The best part? Even the glitziest ones still highlight your sweetest feature — your face.

Key Jewelry Item: Unconventional Earrings

Whether you gravitate toward classic pearl studs or ornate crystal chandeliers, there’s a new earring twist out there for you. Expand your horizons by searching terms like ear pin, earring jacket, double-sided earrings, and ear cuffs (which you can wear solo or in a pair).

One to Watch: Shoulder Jewelry

The next big thing in wedding jewelry does statement necklaces one better, spreading the sparkle around your shoulders and across your back. It’s also a high-impact way to enhance a basic dress — or transition into party mode for the reception.

This Year’s Finishing Touch: Capes

Thanks to the wide range of fabric options, from the sheerest silk to faux-fur-lined winter wear, there’s a wedding cape for every location (and every season). Plus: no sleeves means they’re an easy fit over any dress.

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