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Virginia Tech: MacheteConfetti Organizes Donations

Apr 24, 2007

by Vanessa Bertozzi handmade and vintage goods

Johnna aka MacheteConfetti, an Etsy seller and a student at Virginia Tech, contacted customer support. She told us about her efforts to organize donations to the families of Virginia Tech victims. MacheteConfetti had been on campus — two buildings away — when the shootings happened. She lost friends in the tragedy.

“I have to say that I took it pretty hard at first, but one of the things that assisted me in recovery was etsy itself. It allowed me to make a tribute using a treasury, and while it was happening I actually got on etsy. I didn’t have my phone, and my mom is on etsy a lot. I figured she would be on. She wasn’t but the etsy communtiy was soooo supportive in the matter. ” In fact, Etsians had already been on the forums that day looking for MacheteConfetti and hoping she was not hurt.

Johnna’s efforts have resulted in a pool of items tagged with VT4162007. The money from these items will go towards the Hokie Spirt Memorial Fund, which supports the families of the victims. To find out more and get involved, please see this forum thread.

Her mother CornerstoneLAE, also an Etsy seller, made the above piece which depicts Burrus Hall on the Virginia Tech campus. She uses the technique of burning an image into a wooden panel.

Also of note, Sojournquilts has been working on raising awareness about sexual abuse issues and has been involved in raising money during April (Rape Awareness month) for Rape Response Services. Sojournquilts has been helping us Admins develop the ways we’ll be covering charities and other social issue causes in the coming Storque newspaper. There, we’ll have a Craftivism section. If you’re interested in the RRS project, please do a search for tag hopeandhealing.


This was originally posted on the Etsy Garden blog